Enable drill back from Oracle Analytics to Oracle Enterprise Performance Management

October 4, 2023 | 6 minute read
Pavan Kasetty
Principal Technology Specialist
Gautam Pisharam
Analytics Technical Specialist
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Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) provides a complete set of capabilities for exploring and performing collaborative analytics, and Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is a cloud-based platform that provides a complete set of EPM capabilities such as financial planning, analysis, and reporting.

This blog describes how you can drill back from OAC to EPM, thus enabling users to seamlessly navigate to the source system to understand their data better. This example in this post  describes using Oracle Planning & Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) to drill back from OAC.


  • Working OAC instance
  • Working EPM instance
  • Network connection between OAC and EPM instances

Get EPM Web Form Details

  1. Log in to the EPM Cloud application and navigate to the web form to which the OAC user should drill back. Copy the URL of the web form. Also, note the number of selectable members in Point of View (PoV) that this web form accepts.

In the example below, the web form has 2 selectable members in PoV – Version View and Entity.


Create Data Actions in OAC

  1. Log in to Oracle Analytics Cloud.

If an EPM connection is not created in OAC, click ‘Create’ and select ‘Connection’ to create a new connection to ‘EPM Cloud’.

  1. On the Connection window, enter the required details such as Connection Name, EPM Cloud Instance URL, Username, and Password. Click Save to save the connection.

  1. To create a data set from a new connection created, click the ‘Create’ button and select ‘Dataset’.
  2. From the list of connections available, select the connection created for EPM Cloud.

  1. Select a Cube required to create insights and click Add.

  1. Create an OAC workbook using the dataset created. Ensure you add filters in the workbook to filter data for required members. Below is a sample workbook created.

  1. Drill back to EPM can be enabled using data actions in OAC. To create a data action, click the  icon and select ‘Data Actions’

  1. In the Data Actions window, provide a name for the data action, and select ‘URL Navigation’ as Type.  Provide the EPM web form details in the below format.

https://epm.oracle.com/HyperionPlanning/faces/LogOn?Direct=True&ObjectType=FORM&ObjectName=Sales+Forecast+-+Products&POV=Working,${keyValuesForColumn:Entity.Entity Name Gen 5}




URL with values for fields Direct and ObjectType that will be used to drill back to the EPM cloud


Name of the object to drill back to. Please replace spaces in the object name with ‘+’

&POV=Working,${keyValuesForColumn:Entity.Entity Name Gen 5}


Dynamic members passed from OA to EPM. Since my EPM webform accepts two selectable members (refer to step 1), I am including below two members in the URL.

  1. Fixed value ‘Working’ for Version View
  2. Dynamic value Entity.Entity Name Gen 5 for Entity


  1. To drill back to EPM Cloud from OAC, select a value on visualization, right click and select the data action created. The OAC visualization below shows data for the ‘Sales East’ entity. Click the ‘EPM Cloud’ data action created to drill back to the EPM instance

Notice how a user gets navigated to the ‘Sales Forecast – Products’ webform with ‘Sales East’ as an Entity member.