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April 16, 2024 | 4 minute read
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Fans love their teams and get a thrill from feeling close to the action.  Sports data helps them engage with their favorite players and teams, getting them closer to the action – even  when they’re not at the game. As fans become more engaged with sports data, they feel more connected to the success of the players and teams they support.

The Premier League, one of Oracle's principal sports partners and a leader in digital transformation for their industry, had an innovative view of this as a significant opportunity to showcase player achievements using data and analytics.  To celebrate players' career milestones, the Premier League is providing fans with analytics for all the shots, goals, penalties, and more that make up players’ career achievement.  These milestones celebrate players who have reached 50, 100, and even 200 career goals.

Premier League Stats Centre Milestones Page
Premier League Stats Centre Milestones Page

By using interactive embedded Oracle Analytics dashboards, the Premier League offers fans a third dimension of engagement, enabling them to celebrate milestone achievements and be more invested in the players’ success.  This project showcases insightful metrics that are easy to understand, thanks to Oracle Analytics data visualizations, and highlights Oracle’s collaborative partnership with the Premier League.

Player milestones are accessible directly from the Premier League's Stats Centre and are promoted via social media channels, driving tens of thousands of fans to view these live dashboards simultaneously.  To support both high concurrent web traffic and a wide variety of devices, the solution leverages the scalability of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and responsive web design for embedding Oracle Analytics visualizations.  This gives users an optimum viewing experience, whether they access it from their mobile device, tablet, or computer, and means the Premier League can drive their fans to Oracle Analytics-powered insights from social media with confidence.

Erling Haaland Milestone Insights Celebrating 50 Premier League Goals
Erling Haaland Milestone Insights Celebrating 50 Premier League Goals

Embedded analytics are essential in a variety of industries. One example is online banking: financial clients want to be able to explore and interact with their data, and embedded analytics ensures a secure, interactive, and filterable access point. Visualizing their spending habits helps customers meet their financial goals and enables them to be more hands-on in managing their investments. Embedded analytics places insights at the point where decisions are made, decreasing friction, and increasing productivity.

Oracle Analytics Semantic Modeler Showing Data Model for Premier League Milestone Insights
Oracle Analytics Semantic Modeler Showing Data Model for Premier League Milestone Insights

Like a blueprint to build a house, data models are the instructions and guiding principles that support information systems.  Models establish relationships within the data and ensure accurate results.  Oracle Analytic Cloud's Semantic Modeling tools provide strong modeling capabilities, including a presentation layer that allows data modelers to define which attributes and measures should be exposed to end users.

Once the data model for the Premier League’s sports analytics project was completed, visualizations were created in Oracle Analytics.

The Premier League milestone experience in the Stats Centre was built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Oracle Analytics provides a JavaScript embedding framework that was combined with Bootstrap 5 to provide the overall end user experience that looks good and works well no matter what device is used to access the website. This includes both viewing the data and enabling user interactivity on the embedded website.  Users can right click on a specific visualization and select an attribute they would like to drill to and explore the data in greater depth and detail. This type of interactivity allows everyone to have a unique experience, following their own interests and getting answers for their individual questions by exploring the data.

Mohamed Salah Milestone Insights Goals Page Showcasing the Ability to Drill into Data
Mohamed Salah Milestone Insights Goals Page Showcasing the Ability to Drill into Data

Seeing data visualized and presented this way can spark curiosity, act as a conversation starter, create inflection points, and ultimately present opportunities for decision points.

Oracle Analytics allows users to embed their dashboards and visualizations into websites or create custom analytic application experiences. Embedded analytics offer customers a solution that is easily shareable with all their stakeholders and creates an interactive, engaging experience that’s a world away from static content.  For the Premier League, working with Oracle Analytics helps them meet their goals of thrilling and informing their fans.





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