Configuring a Redirect to OAC OM and OAC OM on OCI URL using Vanity URL

April 27, 2020 | 2 minute read
Veera Raghavendra Rao Koka
Consulting Member of Technical Staff
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Configuring a Redirect to OAC OM and OAC OM on OCI URL using Vanity URL


OAC – Classic (Customer Managed) with and without LBaaS, we know how to setup a Vanity URL

OAC-Classic : What are the Steps to setup custom SSL certificates for Oracle Analytics Cloud-Classic (OAC-Classic) (Doc ID 2334800.1)

OAC-Classic : How to Setup Vanity URL and Custom SSL Certificate for OAC-Classic Instance Using LBaaS (Doc ID 2551524.1)


OAC (Oracle Managed) and OAC (Oracle Managed) on OCI we know that this feature is not yet supported and cannot setup a vanity URL to OAC

OAC - OM - How To Setup Vanity URL For Oracle Managed Instance (Doc ID 2606790.1)

There is an Enhancement request raised for this requirement.


Since the requirement is an Enhancement and does not exists as of now, what we discuss here in this document is a workaround that is a partial solution.


We cannot create a Vanity URL like ( for OAC that can be used as an alias URL for the Oracle provided OAC URL like


Even though you setup a DNS name and point to the existing Oracle Given URL hostname’s IP address, there will be no are to setup the supported SSL Certificate and so upon accessing the DNS URL the browser throws certificate error.

In addition, the cloudgate at IDCS will not understand the custom Vanity URL’s hostname and it will challenge for Authentication (401 Error) since it loses the session.


Therefore, we are proposing a workaround to setup an Apache HTTP Server either in Customer’s network or in OCI Compute (Create an Oracle Linux Instance and install Apache) and configure through that Apache HTTP Server.


Important Note:

If we configure Apache as a Proxy/Reverse proxy Server, the same cloudgate issue will encounter since the cloudgate will not understand the new Vanity URL’s hostname.


What will work?

Configure Apache Server as a WebServer on top of OAC and use Redirect using mod_rewrite module.

Upon End User entering the vanity URLin the browser it will redirect to IDCS for Login (If any External SAML IdP exists it will get redirected to External SAML SSO IdP) and after a successful authentication it gets redirected to the Oracle provided default OAC URL it will not stay on the vanity URL for further communication.


The Vanity URL is as if a link to the Oracle provided OAC URL, it is not a complete replacement for the Oracle provided OAC URL.


Who can apply this solution?

There are many end users who got used to the old OAC-Classic Vanity URL’s and upon migration to OAC-Oracle Managed (OAC on OCI or OCI Native), it will be very difficult for the customer’s Administrators to make their end users update the new OAC URL, then they can continue the same old vanity URL’s  pointing to the new OAC URL’s using this solution.


Steps to setup the solution is documented in this attachment.


Veera Raghavendra Rao Koka

Consulting Member of Technical Staff

Oracle Analytics Service Excellence, CEAL Team

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