Augmented Analytics is the Future, and It is Everywhere

December 9, 2019 | 2 minute read
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We're at that time of year when many of us make predictions for the future. Over the past few months, I've been writing about what I see going on in the data and analytics market, and where it's likely headed. I'm going to double down on one topic—AUGMENTED ANALYTICS—as the leading driver of future growth in both numbers of users and buying motivation.

AI is not just one or two things. I believe that augmented capabilities streamline collaboration across multiple personas, including:

  • The business user
  • The business analyst
  • The citizen data scientist
  • The IT administrator

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As well, these personas must have access to all data they need to achieve and exceed their goals and expected outcomes. And Augmented is EVERYWHERE! Read this to see how I expect Augmented will evolve in most organizations.

Four key areas are quickly apparent:

Visual ML for Citizen Data Scientists

For citizen data scientists, visual ML functionality should be part and parcel of any analytics platform. Before visualization and reporting begins, citizen data scientists can leverage models and make them understandable and usable—without having to subscribe to additional products or different vendors.

Augmented Enrichment Recommendations

In the data preparation process, AI must assist the analyst to clean, prepare and enhance data so that it's much easier to leverage better content to build the best analytic applications.

Natural Language Search and Response

Ask a question, get an answer.  Have the application intuit what data is needed to answer the question. Don't require me to find the data source before I ask a question—that defeats the purpose of free-form search. First, the application should return a range of visuals to answer your question. Second, natural language needs to be accessible to everyone—from line of business users to executives—not just the privileged few.  Read here how natural language will evolve to be the key to expanding the number of people

Mobile for the Future

Finally, I believe that work styles are changing, and changing quickly. For years, analytics platforms have been investing in a mobile experience—often just to tick the box that they have it. The majority of providers think about mobile simply as a consumption of existing reports built on the web and viewed on the desktop. We know that people want to interact using voice, and the application builds visualizations on the fly to crystalize their understanding of data.

Let me know what you think. Augmented is the future, and Augmented is Everywhere!

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John Hagerty

A veteran of nearly 30 years in the business intelligence and analytics market, John is part of the outbound product management team for Oracle Analytics. A former business user and industry analyst, he works with customers, prospects, and industry influencers on anything analytics.

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