Announcing the next generation of Oracle Fusion Analytics – Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence

September 20, 2023 | 5 minute read
James Richardson
Vice President, Product Strategy, Oracle Analytics
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Today we announced the Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence platform, the next generation data, analytics, and AI platform for Fusion Cloud Applications customers. Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence will provide users with curated data, ready-to-use analytics, and AI-powered intelligent applications that enable smart decisions and directed actions for optimal business outcomes. It is an evolution of the existing Fusion Analytics Warehouse offering, with a dramatically increased scope and vision.

Industry analysts agree—the adoption of analytic tools has plateaued at somewhere between 25% and 35% of people that could get value from using analytics. Modern, self-service analytics tools (like Oracle Analytics Cloud) are great—powerful, intuitive, accessible—if you’re the kind of person whose job revolves around data (say a financial analyst) or who has the time to use data as part of their role (say a Sales team leader). But that’s not everyone. There are many people in roles where they need analytics to better perform their everyday job. Back in 2019, Oracle Analytics recognized this issue by launching Oracle Fusion Analytics, a prebuilt data and analytics suite initially for people who perform ERP-centric tasks—subsequently adding versions for HCM, SCM and CX professionals.

Fusion Analytics has been hugely successful—one of the fastest growing SaaS products in Oracle’s portfolio. This is no mean feat when you understand the speed at which our cloud apps business is growing. Now it's the turn of data intelligence platforms

The Vision for Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence

Our vision for Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence is to help people make smart, laser- focused decisions and to enact them in a seamless flow. In doing this we are going beyond dashboards to deliver role- and task-specific predictive and prescriptive analytics. Designed for the context of their jobs and in the process of daily workflows, applications based on Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence will provide AI-powered recommendations and suggest prescribed actions so that organizations can intelligently and efficiently achieve optimal business outcomes. In short, our aim is to make analytics accessible for the 65% to 75% of people that it doesn’t reach today.

The Fusion Data Intelligence Platform
Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence

Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence Capabilities

Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence consists of the following capabilities:

  • An OCI Data Lakehouse built on Autonomous Data Warehouse, Exadata Database or MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse containing data from Fusion Cloud Applications and other data sources.
  • Lights-out data pipelines for Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications and other data sources that manages populates the data lakehouse and keeps the data up-to-date.
  • Data models that provide 360-degree views into key business entities such as customers, products, employees, accounts, suppliers and more.
  • AI and machine learning models that enable predictive and prescriptive insights and recommendations.
  • Rich interactive analytics enabled by a curated semantic model in Oracle Analytics Cloud along with a large collection of out-of-box KPIs, reports, and dashboards.
  • Intelligent applications that leverage the underlying data models, ML models, and analytics in FDIP to offer tailored experiences that facilitate insightful decisions and actions.
  • A rich extensibility framework that brings external data into the lakehouse and extends the out-of-box capabilities at all layers.

A key aspect of Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence is that it is not limited to Fusion Cloud Applications. The same underlying platform will be offered for NetSuite and for all our industry applications such as Health, Financial Services, Utilities, and more. The most important implication of this is that all your data from these applications will be stored in a single data lakehouse with an integrated semantic data model and a single analytics pane-of-glass, thereby facilitating cross-domain insights that were virtually impossible to achieve before.

For example, by combining clinical data from Oracle Health and HR data from Fusion HCM, we can improve quality-of-care in a hospital while reducing costs with intelligent staffing And for the Utilities industry, we can combine data from Fusion ERP and Oracle Utilities to optimize resource planning and ensure timely maintenance of equipment.

Don't take it from us! Here's what the industry experts say.


“With Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence, Oracle introduces a true convergence of analytics, data and AI. This platform’s prebuilt intelligent applications, data models and AI capabilities offer a forward-looking strategy for enterprises aiming to thrive in the data-driven landscape. It’s the perfect complement to Oracle Fusion Applications such as ERP, HCM, CX and more.”

Holger Mueller, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research


“Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence represents a rather unique strategy in the industry. In stark contrast to some other vendors that just offer empty data platforms and vacuous promises for building analytics on, Oracle is the only company that can provide a complete data intelligence platform with turnkey data, analytics, and AI/ML content by domain—with full-blown extensibility for custom development where needed. Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence merges Oracle’s Fusion SaaS applications and OCI together to change how data and analytics delivers results to organizations of all sizes.”

Steve McDowell, Principal Analyst and Founding Partner, NAND Research


“The Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence platform represents a significant leap forward for the intuitive use of data, analytics, and AI. This integration of prebuilt intelligent applications, data models, and AI capabilities provides customers with a simplified and accelerated time-to-actionable-insights, time-to-market, and time-to-revenues. Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence makes it intuitive for customers to broadly leverage their business data and quickly go from data to insights to actions with a meaningful return on investment.”

Marc Staimer, Senior Analyst, Wikibon


“Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence, as the evolution of Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse, represents the forefront of application-centric data analytics solutions for the future. Its integration of AI-driven features signifies a strategic shift towards the development of intelligent applications. Designed for the context of specific jobs and integrated in the process of daily workflows, Fusion Data Intelligence platform-based applications will provide AI-powered recommendations and suggest prescribed actions so organizations and key decision makers can intelligently and efficiently achieve optimal business outcomes.”

Ron Westfall, Research Director, The Futurum Group


“Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications customers have for years relied on the Fusion Analytics portfolio for intelligent insights about their ERP, CX and HCM workloads. Now, with the advent of Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence, they can extend their data models to incorporate even more data sources to provide organizations with 360 degree views of their business. Plus, with AI-augmented intelligent applications, everyday workstreams can be more streamlined and intuitive for both established and emerging companies. This represents a new chapter in decision intelligence for Oracle Fusion Cloud application customers.”

Stephen Catanzano, Senior Analyst, ESG


Oracle is always seeking to further empower its customers so that they can more easily and broadly leverage their business data. For millions of Oracle Fusion enterprise applications users, the arrival of Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence will make it much easier to go from data to insights to actions and measurable outcomes. These organizations already run their businesses on Oracle, and we understand their data and what they need to put data to work for more of their decision-making staff. Oracle Data Intelligence aims to do just that.

Learn more about Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence.

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James Richardson

Vice President, Product Strategy, Oracle Analytics

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