A Pepsi Challenge for Analytics & BI? Gartner’s 2024 Analytics & BI Bake-Off

May 22, 2024 | 4 minute read
James Richardson
Vice President, Product Strategy, Oracle Analytics
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For decades the Pepsi Challenge marketing promotion asked people to compare Pepsi and Coke. On the surface the aim was to ‘prove’ that people preferred the taste of Pepsi, but I don’t believe that’s why Pepsi ran the campaign. The real objective, in my view, was just to get people to try Pepsi.

I’ve long thought that we need something like the Pepsi Challenge for analytics and BI software to get people to consider options other than the obvious. Although by no means a blind test (impossible in such a visual field), I think Gartner’s Analytics & BI Bake-Off could offer the jolt people need to do that. For more information on the Analytics & BI Bake-Off see Gartner’s post on LinkedIn.

Based on side-by-side live software demos using the same data and demo flow the Bake-Off format provides a clear-eyed comparison of ABI platforms, as thousands in the audience vote on what they’ve just seen. This year the products in the Bake-Off arena in Orlando were Microsoft Power BI, Salesforce Tableau and (for the first time) Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC), and all of them showed well on stage.

That said, the results of the 2024 Bake-Off showed why organizations that want a strong ABI product should give Oracle Analytics Cloud a try. Although no one publishes how the audience voted before and after seeing the demos, we can say this, the final results in Orlando completely upended peoples’ expectations. 

We find that even experienced analytics professionals are sometimes surprised by how strong and competitive Oracle Analytics Cloud has become. Here’s a quote from the SuperDataBrothers’ YouTube posting after seeing OAC at the 2023 Gartner Data and Analytics summit:

“Oracle?! This was surprising to me! Top Tool, Oracle!? ORACLE?!?!... So really when I say I was impressed with Oracle what I mean is that they really had a nice UX that I thought combined classic data viz use cases with kind of DS/AI use cases in a single package that was easy to navigate and I think end users will like, and you can’t say that about a lot of what you might call legacy vendors, and so I put them as a Top Tool because I was pleasantly surprised by it.”

Sounds like a Pepsi Challenge moment to me!

In our opinion, responses like this reflect that Oracle Analytics is now one of the most compelling analytics & BI platforms available. For the last few years, the ABI market has been prone to brand tribalism, fanboy/girl behaviour and ‘if it comes with Office’ sourcing, but when it comes down to it, what people really need is an ABI tool that helps them do their job and make better decisions with data, and that fits into their ecosystem.

If you’re an Oracle customer and you don’t use Oracle Analytics you should definitely give it a try. Based on Gartner’s BI Bake-Off I’m guessing you’ll probably like the taste.

OAC Mobile Infographic

For those of you who want to see exactly what we showed on stage:

  • The theme selected by the Gartner team was how to understand and help ameliorate the drivers of poverty.
  • Data management - like all of the vendors Oracle’s exploration followed the same flow, with data preparation first, here our out-of-the-box profiling and enrichment was invaluable…

Section 1: Data Management

  • Analysis - next we did an analysis from scratch, showing how OAC’s auto insights functions uncover findings instantly, and how the new Gen AI Assistant is integrated into a seamless experience…

Section 2: Analysis, Content Creation, and Collaboration

  • Sharing - following on we showed how our data storytelling capabilities help people share what they find in varied formats – including podcasts - across different devices...

Section 3: Share Findings

  • Innovation - finally, we showed some of the innovative ways we’re considering that will change how analytics is delivered in future (this is the only section where Gartner allows non GA functionality to be shown)…

Section 4: Differentiators and Cool Innovations

  • It was an honor to be selected to take part in the 2024 Gartner Analytics & BI Bake-Off. As the demos showed Oracle Analytics is a compelling alternative to the commonplace options – why not give it a try?

Click here for more information on Oracle Analytics.

James Richardson

Vice President, Product Strategy, Oracle Analytics

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