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January 25, 2022 | 3 minute read
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Late in 2021, Oracle held two events announcing exciting innovations:

  • The Future of the Data Lakehouse, where Greg Pavlik, Oracle SVP of Data and AI Services, described how customers are using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) as an efficient platform to build a data lakehouse integrating all their data, no matter its source.
  • Connect Your Enterprise with AI-Driven Analytics, where Oracle Analytics SVP T.K. Anand introduced Oracle Fusion Analytics as a system of insights, paired with the system of record information in Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications.

It follows naturally that you’ve been interested to know how these innovations work together, how you can take advantage of them, and what benefits you can expect.

To answer those questions, we’re pleased to share a new short paper, Extend Your Fusion Analytics with a Data LakehouseIt describes how Fusion Analytics and a Lakehouse built with OCI services complement each other to offer your organization new, more efficient ways to use large volumes of complex, changing data to drive insights and action.

 Below are a few highlights.


Diving Into the Data Lakehouse 

Data warehouses are well-known solutions for storing structured data for analysis.  Data lakes are more recently established solutions for storing raw data that can be of any type and size, and with varying rates of change.  A data lakehouse combines those paradigms, leveraging open-source technologies to blend the power of a data warehouse with the breadth and flexibility of a data lakeSee page 6 of the paper for more.

Expanding Your Horizons

Leveraging wider-ranging data for analysis continues to be a hot topic increasingly so in light of supply chain disruptions and ongoing changes in worldwide workforces.  Everyone wants to analyze more data, but the practicalities are often preventative: too big and expensive to move into centralized tools for analysis; not enough horsepower or strict enough governance to yield the desired results securely and safely

Fusion Analytics delivers the comprehensive data and analytics necessary for obtaining insights from Oracle Fusion applications in a single cloud service that is both secure and easy to use.  Extending its reach with lakehouse services on OCI minimizes data movement, creating a new highly efficient way to analyze any data, from Oracle Fusion applications information to transactions, text, images, videos, audio files, and more.  You can find more details on pages 4 and 9 of the paper.

Landing Right Where You Want

As with any technology solution, the goal is to achieve business value.  How well are you prepared for a surge in demand?  What is top of mind for your employees today, and how is the state of your workforce affecting customer experience?  Are your products getting where they need to go and meeting expectations?

It’s neither comfortable nor practical to guess at these answers.  Thanks to Fusion Analytics and lakehouse services on OCI, it’s easier to expand your analysis to include more relevant data – such as weather trends, which can directly affect revenue; customer and employee survey information; and product delivery and usage data from sensorsto support more use cases, enable greater predictability, and achieve meaningful, measurable results.  See use case information in the paper on page 11.

Moving Forward from Here

We think you’ll find this a useful guide to Oracle’s data and analytics ecosystem and new ways you can get value.  In addition to the highlights above, it includes handy links to key services and ways to learn more.  Read the paper and visit the website and, as always, let us know your thoughts!

Emily Cikovsky

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