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Oracle Analytics Roadmap Points the Way Forward

The key to outpacing your competition in a dynamic marketplace is to equip your decision-makers with the best quality insights at the optimal point of impact.

You look to us for guidance on the best analytics solutions and technologies—as well as the best strategies to implement those solutions for maximum benefit. Part of that is to be transparent with you on our product roadmap to help you achieve the outcomes you require today and gain insight into where you can go in the future. The Oracle Analytics product roadmap is now published, and ready for your review.

At Oracle, we strive to provide an analytics solution that powers actions driven by deep insights from all available data. To achieve this goal, Oracle Analytics is focused on serving all of our customers’ analytics needs, from simple to advanced. Our product roadmap is organized into three key investment areas:

Augmented Analytics

Oracle powers deeper insights by embedding machine learning and AI into every aspect of the analytics process. We apply capabilities like natural-language processing (NLP) and natural-language generation (NLG) for better conversation analytics, and we employ smart data preparation and discovery to incorporate customer-specific reference data. Investing more in augmented analytics now is essential to exceeding your expectations in the future.

Self-Service Analytics

We provide a complete, end-to-end self-service environment that goes far beyond data visualization. Tools like interactive visualization capabilities and a unified dashboard experience put rich data and modeling capabilities into the hands of almost any user. Exploiting all your data—both governed and personal—gives you the analytical freedom you want within a framework of sanctioned corporate data you need.

Governed Analytics

Oracle lets you scale analytics with a secure, extensible architecture that can be personalized. Prebuilt analytics data models help you accelerate application deployment time, and enterprise-class architecture and security models enhance the solution’s functionality and connectivity. These requirements don’t go away but are an increasingly important part of any enterprise analytics system.

Our competitors’ offerings force customers to compromise between governed, centralized, and self-service analytics. Oracle provides a single solution that blends these requirements and incorporates machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI)—augmented analytics—into every step of the process. Check out the new Oracle Analytics product roadmap today and explore the endless possibilities of world-class business analytics—both now and into the future.

I’d love to hear any feedback you have. Please comment below or contact me at john.hagerty@oracle.com.

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