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Oracle Analytics Helps Genpact Transform Customer Expectations

Michael Singer
Director, Product Marketing, Oracle Analytics

Sometimes a software platform is so powerful that it helps transform not only a business but its customer's business model as well.

Such is the combination of Oracle Analytics and Genpact, a global digital service provider that helps customers with deep domain processes, whether it's in finance, or supply chain, or in technology implementation. Genpact was founded in 1997 as a business unit within General Electric. It became an independent company in 2005 and became a publicly-traded company in 2007. They have more than 80,000 employees and bring in over $3 billion in annual revenue.

Genpact's secret sauce is that it adds proprietary software layers on top of the traditional market tools, such as Oracle Analytics, which gives it a higher value over other system integrators.

"We are not just Oracle customers, we are partners along the journey," says Soumya Chowdhury, an enterprise performance management (EPM) technology competency leader at Genpact. "We use Oracle for ourselves, as well as taking it to our customers where we see the opportunity. We are one of the largest when it comes to EPM service providing, and that is where we are bringing value to our customers, where we are showing them how they should be transforming their business and understand the performance metrics measure."

For example, Genpact used Oracle Analytics along with its software for one of its airline customers to create more value for its manufacturing process and to increase travel safety. The manufacturers must integrate thousands of sensors on their engines. They collect terabytes of data during takeoff, during the flight, and at the landing. Genpact helps the aircraft manufacturer process that massive amount of data and perform analytics on top of that, using many of the Oracle platforms as well as its software to predict when an engine needs servicing. This helps prevent breakdowns and improve safety.

In the following video, Chowdhury discusses how this relationship helps transform the manufacturer's business from selling just a finished good to taking them on a journey where they are not just a product seller but an airline servicer.


Additionally, Genpact built a conversation analytics layer on top of Oracle Analytics Cloud, which allows customers to use voice commands to analyze data. This includes not just asking about key performance indicators (KPIs), which you would like to know, but also "what if questions." You can basically have a chat with your data, and the data is going to change the numbers using artificial intelligence, powered by the Oracle Analytics platform.

"Sometimes making decisions directly is difficult because we are talking numbers in the millions, and there are so many digits," Chowdhury says. "So, then we thought of integrating a dashboard to it, and we integrated the voice-based analytics so that you can navigate through the dashboard, you can ask insightful questions on your dashboard, such as 'What are the top three regions which are at risk for this quarter?' And the dashboard is going to pop up and show you what top three regions are at risk. And you can ask insightful questions, say for example, 'My foreign exchange rate just increased by two percent. What is the impact on my profit and loss sheet if my financial planning and analysis cost increases by five percent?'

"And the portal is going to recalculate those numbers in a sandbox environment, without touching the actual numbers in the data, and give you the forward-looking figures, from which you can actually make decisions."

Chowdhury adds that Genpact chose to build its conversational analytics software on Oracle Analytics because its cloud structure allowed the analytics modeling capability to respond in seconds instead of minutes or hours.

"There are so many integrations here," Chowdhury says. "There's a middle tier; there's natural language processing; there's analytics—all this data flows in, and the conversation becomes seamless. Oracle Analytics gave us the capability to recalculate a huge model in seconds. Otherwise, the conversation doesn't flow."

Genpact is just one of Oracle's customers using Oracle Analytics to support its customers' digital transformations and cloud-based endeavors. 

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