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Oracle Analytics Cloud Helps Ireland's An Post Deliver

Michael Singer
Director, Product Marketing, Oracle Analytics

Ireland's main postal provider and largest retail network, An Post, serves 2.1 million homes through 4,000 delivery routes where it transports 2 million pieces of mail per day.

The national carrier service also includes overnight data load processes, continuous package monitoring, and data quality controls.

Additionally, An Post supports a retail network, where every week customers pay for a number of services ranging from bill payments, social welfare payment pickup, and its own retail banking services. An Post recently added foreign currency exchange to its retail services, moving to 35 percent of market share in a short period of time.

With the help of Oracle Analytics Cloud, An Post takes in data from various sources including finance, manpower management , parcels and mail operations, retail. The analysis is provided to customers through interactive self-service dashboards as well as to An Post staff in mail processing plants nationwide.

Security remains a concern. And as John Cronin, group CIO for An Post explains it, postal and banking fraud is devastating for customers. To prevent even the opportunity for fraud to occur, An Post is using Oracle Analytics Cloud to spot issues and alert customers to the problem faster than ever before.

"We know the future is in artificial intelligence and machine learning," Cronin says. "An Post will not be

found wanting in using its Oracle implementation. We've invested heavily in this as the strategic solution for Analytics and  , we're going to enhance it, grow it, and do more with it. And the immediate future and strategic focus is machine learning and AI”

The anti-fraud system triggers alerts into a central office when there's suspicion, based on the algorithms, of fraud happening. The benefit of a centralized notification system, says Cronin, is that investigations are handled immediately instead of three weeks after the event, "when you're trying to figure out, was there fraud or not."

“Being able to readily check out an office where there maybe suspicious activities leading to fraud happening is a major advancement of the Oracle Analytics Solution.” Cronin adds.

For companies like An Post, customer experience is a top priority. Having an analytics platform that can provide quick insights into the retail space around cash accounting and cash management as well as customer protections is also important for success.

When asked what his advice would be for any enterprise on the fence about using a cloud-based analytics platform, Cronin doesn't mince words. "If I'm talking to another business  that hasn't gone into the analytics world, they need to go there and fast, and they should  to talk to Oracle, would be my advice. And why? They're good," Cronin says.

In the video below, Cronin shares the rest of his view of the future and details how Oracle Analytics Cloud is making a huge impact for An Post and its global corporate customers.



An Post is just one of Oracle's partners using Oracle Analytics Cloud to support its customers' digital transformations and cloud-based endeavors.

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