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May the Source Be with You

Patricia Nishiyama
Director of Product Marketing, Analytics Cloud

The data source, that is.

We’ve all been there. Your manager asks you for analysis on how a particular project is progressing, and, being the tech savvy business manager you are, you head over to your IT-managed system that has the data sets neatly modeled for you. Even to the most seasoned professional, this is no small task – a fair amount of querying, filtering, and dragging and dropping is to be expected. But, you’ve done it all before, so you get to it, and in due course, your analysis is done!

Not so fast.

Your manager sends over a couple spreadsheets, and asks you to add it to your analysis. Suddenly, this previously manageable task turns into a “please do this seemingly impossible thing that just popped into my head and get it back to me in the next hour” type of request, and now you are left scrambling on how to get this done.

Luckily, your department often has to mash up data from different sources before. In fact, leveraging multiple data sources is a pretty common occurrence, and your company has invested heavily in making sure accessing data is not an obstacle to performing an analysis. But what about when you have a personal data source you would like to add (or your boss’s ultra-important Excel file)? Tapping into the system to access modeled data is one thing – but mashing it up with your personal files is quite another.

Enter Oracle Data Visualization.

Blending these two types of datasets is key to having a complete view of the business. On a day-to-day basis, we gather information to measure, manage, and respond to what is happening in our business. And the reality is, we need to have access to multiple database sources and the have the ability to blend that data with our personal files. In so many of the projects that we do, we throw data points onto a spreadsheet for one reason or another, and this dataset is no less important than the modeled data we get from our friends in IT. No data should get left behind simply because it’s difficult to use.

So the next time your boss gives you a 1-hour turnaround time for an analysis – remember, don’t sweat the small stuff.

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