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Learn Modern Data Visualization with Oracle Analytics

Are you a business analyst curious about what Oracle Analytics can do? We recommend a new online course designed to provide you with the essentials of augmented data visualization.

It's called Modern Data Visualization with Oracle Analytics, and you can find it online here. If you want to check it out, please enroll—it's free. I know it's good because I volunteered to help Product Management build this online series as a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) for Oracle Analytics.

What will you learn?

In this course, you will broaden your understanding of modern—or augmented—data visualization concepts through hands-on training with Oracle Analytics. And we designed this course so that you can jump right into a technical, hands-on product experience.

You know how sometimes you volunteer for something at work and then almost immediately regret it? This isn't one of those times; in fact, quite the opposite. And why, you might ask, would you care that I have trouble turning down new work projects? Because you get something really useful out of it--a solid hand-on product tour of Oracle Analytics for analysts and business people.

It was an intense project to get it all done and published, but as we built it, we came together as a team. I also learned a lot about MOOCs and now have a shiny new skill myself. Then the enrollments started coming in, and we're having a great time seeing who is taking the course, and what feedback they're sharing with us. We're creating a community, and that's so cool. I'd like to invite you to be part of that.

Now down to business. Why a MOOC? Why this particular MOOC? How does it work? What's in it?

Answering the "why" question is simple. With the breakneck pace of change in the analytics world, you need access to training that's self-paced, accessible, low cost, detailed, scalable, hands-on, and available anywhere: Helloooo, MOOC on Udemy.com.

"Why this particular MOOC" became a subject of some heated debate, as we all realized that if we included everything we wanted, it would be far too long. Many discussions were had to finally nail down what topics to include.  We hope we hit the nail on the head with topics ranging from machine learning-driven visualizations, data blending and mash-ups, augmented data enrichment, advanced maps and charts, and how to narrate and present your analyses.

"How it works" is simple as well. Just click here and enroll.


And look what's included in the course:

  • 4 hours of learning videos and screencasts
  • 45 lectures
  • 5 business use cases
  • 4 bonus projects
  • Also, did I mention? It's free!

We're targeting this first course for analysts and business people who want to see what Oracle Analytics can do first-hand. Every section is packed with both video and screencasts to showcase each analytics capability. There are also demo files and scripts to download so that you can try it yourself, for real, with the actual product, no marketing fluff. You'll master everything from built-in functions for advanced visualizations, machine learning-based visualizations, and how to collaborate and share your discoveries. Check out the course outline for the full list of topics.

Since we can't guess which use case you're itching to try out, we've packed the course with different projects like sales analysis, school donation analysis, HR attrition analysis, as well as advanced projects such as machine learning models for predictive analysis. Curious about some other application for analytics? You can try it with your data too.

I'll freely admit the full course is a time commitment. To help you get through it, we've split it up so you can do it in sections. Plus, Udemy has this terrific "offline" capability, perfect for long airplane business trips. Just think how well-honed your analytics chops will be once you're done.

I hope you enjoy the course and gain many useful skills from it. This was a fun course to build, in a slightly insane kind of way, and I'm looking forward to creating more content in the future.

Once you get started, let us know what you think and how we might improve Modern Data Visualization with Oracle Analytics going forward and visit the Oracle Analytics Cloud website.

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  • Arun Kumar N Saturday, April 6, 2019
    Thank you so much for your valuable effort. It helped a lot
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