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Extend Beyond Tableau for Enterprise-Class Analytics

Cloud-based business analytics is vital for today's organizations but finding the right business analytics solution can be a challenge. Today's enterprises are becoming increasingly complex. If you want to gain real insight into what's happening, you need tools that do more than simply show pictures of narrow sets of data.

According to Matt Yorke, group director of Qubix International, a truly effective solution will take you beyond basic desktop visualization and include capabilities to address all aspects of your analytic needs. And it should let you do that with a single, comprehensive platform, instead of forcing you to spend time creating custom processes that require multiple separate tools—and nonstop refinement to enrich, combine, augment, visualize, and collaborate on key insights.

A Complete Platform for Business Analytics

"Oracle Analytics Cloud provides that complete platform," Yorke says. "With Oracle, you get an entire portfolio of capabilities, which is a big advantage over products like Tableau that are much more limited in scope. Like Tableau, Oracle Analytics Cloud provides rich visualization capabilities, which are dynamic and easy to use, and it lets you import from and connect to many different data sources."

Yorke told me that visualization is just one of the capabilities that sets Oracle Analytics Cloud apart for him. From his experience, Oracle also offers advanced business intelligence (BI) that others can't match. "With Oracle Analytics Cloud, you can use a common enterprise data virtualization model as the foundation for business insight," he says. "It employs prebuilt data virtualization that abstracts physical data sources from the business views. All data comes from the same data virtualization layer to provide a single source of truth. In Tableau, the business owns the semantic layers, which can result in loss of control and governance by IT."

The Qubix director believes that Oracle also stands apart from other products in areas like reporting. "The reporting capabilities in Oracle Analytics Cloud allow you to make high-volume, high-velocity reporting available directly to users, on demand or automatically," he says. "And Oracle Essbase provides lightning-fast reporting, scenario modeling, planning, and what-if capabilities that are unmatched in the market today. You can even batch burst reports out to remote areas, to deliver them to store managers or other branch locations. You won't find these capabilities in Tableau."

Data Visualization Across the Enterprise

Oracle Analytics Cloud stands out from the pack not only in its breadth of features, but in its view of the customer's world. As Yorke explains, "Tableau works well at providing insight at the departmental level, but there is no single version of the truth because each department has its own, specific view of the business. A compartmentalized view also creates limitations because it cannot scale to the enterprise. Tableau has a limited ability to scale out, and it doesn't work well for management reporting where you need the enterprise-level view."

Oracle Analytics Cloud provides a department-level entry point, but it lets you do much more. "You can easily scale and add more data, integrate more departments, and eliminate duplication of effort and silos of information—all to develop that single source of truth," Yorke says.

As a pure business analytics platform, Oracle Analytics Cloud gives you plenty of choices and options for sourcing your data from wherever it resides. The platform uses the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, a proven technology that learns as it goes and can improve performance by tuning and optimizing its own engine. Instead of worrying about how to get data that you can query, you can focus on what you want to learn from your data. Oracle helps ensure that, at any scale, if you've got good quality data, you can access it—regardless of its location.

"In contrast, Tableau is a very singular, compartmentalized solution that focuses mostly on visualization," Yorke says. "It doesn't orchestrate the data, and it requires other products to acquire the data and synthesize and store it." If you're looking for the best solution to drive the flow of end-to-end insights, with no need for add-ons or customization, Oracle Analytics Cloud is the obvious choice.

To find out more about how analytics can benefit your enterprise, visit our website and begin your journey into Oracle Analytics Cloud.

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