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Create a Custom Infographic with Oracle Analytics

Philippe LIONS
Product Manager, Analytics

When explaining a concept or telling a story with data, it's often helpful to support the pie charts and bar graphs with an infographic. One easy way to make sure your audience is on a level playing field is to create a background or theme that will sit behind your data visualization and reinforce your front-line of insight.

In the latest release of Oracle Analytics Cloud, creating custom infographic visualizations is made simple using custom dynamic canvas backgrounds and the new spacer visualization. Infographics created on Oracle Analytics can then be used from any device (browser or mobile), and they dynamically resize for the screen size.

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In this example, we are building an infographic showing stats about NFL fan attendance and other data for the 32 different professional football teams. We’ve selected a custom picture of a stadium that we want to use as a background. Let's walk through the creation of this infographic step by step.

Set a Custom Data Visualization Background With an Image

To configure an image as a custom background, we are using the Canvas Properties menu by right-clicking on the Canvas tab itself and selecting the option (as seen below). Once there, we are setting the value Custom for Background property.


Pick the image location, adjust transparency, and make sure you set size parameters to Auto-Fit—this will ensure that your data visualization sample scales regardless of your screen size and resolution.

Custom Infographic with Oracle Analytics  5.5

All we have to do next is start building our infographic by positioning visualizations on top of that picture.

Lay Out the Visualizations

In our example, we will use a combination of vertical bar charts and horizontal bar charts, along with the tag cloud extension. As we build our visualizations, we can use the spacer visualization in Oracle Analytics version 5.5, to customize our layout exactly as we need it to be.

Custom Infographic with Oracle Analytics 5.5

Final Touches

We can drag the spacer extension to create separations between different visualizations. It can be resized as needed—just like other visualizations—flipped to either horizontal or vertical, and set with a background color or as an image. While we are organizing our visualizations, the canvas properties keep to the default Auto-Fit configuration, which means the whole page will properly resize according to the screen size of consuming devices.

Custom Infographic with Oracle Analytics 5.5

Once our visualizations content and layout are complete, we can customize additional display properties such as font color and size for all report components (for example, title, values, x/y axis).

Custom Infographic with Oracle Analytics 5.5

And there you have it—a custom infographic that can help better tell your data story. If you want to see the process in action, watch this short 3-minute video to see how this process works.


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