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Collaborate with Your Analytics Every Day

Michael Singer
Director, Product Marketing, Oracle Analytics

Collaboration in business is about working more effectively as a group and across other groups. Think about how members of winning sports teams always pass the ball to each other—except we’re more about the data here. 

At Oracle Analytics, we put business data into the hands of the people who need it most so that they can model, create, analyze, test, and make discoveries through interacting with the data and having a conversation with the data. You know…collaboration. 

Users should be able to do this whether through data visualization, dashboards, mobile apps, or more familiar interfaces such as spreadsheets. And to truly collaborate, you must have live bi-directional access without the need for an IT department but also without IT managers losing control.

Even with IT’s permission, businesspeople actively research and identify the latest tools they need to get their work done. Although that enables the digital transformation the business needs, it puts demands on the IT department, which struggles to adapt with tools, infrastructure, and systems already in place.

Thankfully, we have developed and released a collaborative product called Oracle Day by Day. This is the first enterprise analytics application that makes your data collaboration experience very personal. The following video describes how the product works using the perspective of a regional sales director for an electronics concern who is traveling to Europe.


Business is accelerating with more to do and more information to consider, but with the same resources. Leaders are expected to make timely and accurate decisions to positively affect the business. Getting that information in the right format in context regardless of their current activity or location is key to keeping those leaders plugged in.

This is the power of Oracle Analytics Day by Day: a new mobile application that provides simple answers to daily business questions instantly, helping you make better decisions.

To learn more about this new way to interact with your data, visit the Oracle Day by Day website

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