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Build the 'Right' Company Culture with Oracle Analytics Cloud

After moving to the Silicon Valley, I immediately noticed the dedication employees have to their work. Seeking the right company culture in the Silicon Valley seems the norm yet giving 110 percent no longer differentiates you from other workers. This type of determination led the Silicon Valley to major success, however, it could be detrimental to HR managers who need to keep great talent and prevent burnout or employee churn.

At the moment, HR managers are at a disadvantage. The spirit and enthusiasm employees have for the endless amounts of job opportunities is at an all-time high, yet Deloitte's 2016 Global Human Capital Trends reports only 12 percent of executives believe their companies are driving the 'right' culture for their employees.

Currently, there's a related phenomenon to this executive disconnect. Have you heard about employee ghosting? With more jobs than there are people out of work, it has become common for potential candidates to have an offer from one company but start elsewhere without any notification, even after emailing, or calling multiple times. All of that energy put into finding the right candidate gets wasted. Were there clues in the candidate's data that could have prevented this? Therefore, HR executives need accurate data to flag up any concerns in the hiring process or even after onboarding. HR needs to spot the common trends and correlations to make the right staffing choices.

While the human resources department supports a positive working environment, it is also inevitable that they hold the most weight when the 'right' culture isn't so right anymore. The definition of the right culture varies. However, Deloitte's report determines that a successful company culture is determined by "patterns of accepted behavior, and the beliefs and values that reinforce them." Accepted behavior is gained from colleagues through a team effort.

To measure what factors contribute to the 'right' overall company culture, it is important to remove bias of opinion and turn to numbers to identify success. Analytics is the single source of truth to gain visibility into validating or negating what factors contribute to overall company culture.

Based on the way company culture has shaped, HR executives require people analytics to gain insight and thrive the workplace. The ability to understand the "why" behind employee performance is key to addressing productive and positive change. Deloitte states, only 8 percent of companies report they have usable data and 30 percent of HR executives list difficulties in assessing what data is truly useful.

Oracle Cloud Analytics empowers HR leaders to understand workforce data, explore workforce trends, dig into the root causes of personnel issues, and take action into a strategy that benefits the business and more importantly, the people. Create a smart business value with operational reporting to improve performance. Accurately engage with useful data and create the 'right' company culture by becoming data-driven today. Visit our Oracle Cloud Analytics site to read more.

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