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Build Better Infographics Using Oracle Data Visualization

Philippe LIONS
Product Manager, Analytics

We often see infographics as a modern invention. But if you think about it, visual depictions of data that support decision making have been around since people started painting on cave walls.

So, it should come as no surprise that your customers, your boss, and your co-workers demand a visual reinforcement of your business data. While it would be easy to show a standard pie chart or bar graph and then verbally describe it, that important data point you spent so much time extracting may otherwise get lost in translation. That's where infographics—and Oracle Data Visualization—can help.

This is the value of using Oracle Data Visualization tools. The quick, dynamic, user-friendly manipulation of information. No more using archaic spreadsheets glimpse nuggets of insight from your data. Oracle Data Visualization tools make the information at your fingertips more useful than ever.

Oracle Data Visualization enables freeform layout for visualization canvases, allowing users to exactly set the position of each element, and overlay visualizations one on top another.

Using the freeform layout, it becomes easy to compose custom infographics, with background images overlaid by interactive visualizations showing insights on underlying data. All in a meaningful, optimized overall layout representation.

My colleague Chris Garcia has used the freeform function in Oracle Data Visualization to design layouts, like the one below he produced for the 2017 Academy Awards 

Additionally, there is a free InfoGraphicViz Plugin for Oracle Data Visualization available on the Oracle Analytics Library. Built by our partners at Peak Indicators, you can deploy it in seconds on your own Oracle Data Visualization tool to see how it's built.


If you like what you see, visit www.oracle.com/goto/datavisualization to learn more about Oracle Data Visualization and get your free trial.


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  • Fabian Munoz Friday, September 20, 2019
    Thank you so much for this, your post just saved my day!
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