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Announcing the Winner…Oracle Analytics!

Divya Malik
Marketing Director

The Oracle Analytics product team has just been ranked a business intelligence (BI) leader by SelectHub, a technology and software selection firm. Oracle Analytics has received over seven awards across various BI categories.

More about the Award

SelectHub designed these awards to recognize various product teams in the industry, giving recognition to “people” behind the software rather than companies. Over 250 vendors were evaluated to determine the final list.

As part of the process, a  detailed request for information (RFI) was completed, which had over 20 categories and over 150 questions describing product features and functionality. This resulted in the Oracle Analytics team receiving top recognition.

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Recognizing the Best Software and People

SelectHub BI Awards are designed to recognize the people behind the best software on the market. “Our goal in this program is to help users identify which vendors are delivering the most useful, impactful software. Furthermore, we aim to inform users on where exactly the strengths of a software lie. With these objectives, software awards are given to vendors that are truly leading the pack and achieving results for their users.”

SelectHub uses both quantifiable and qualitative factors and selects winners based on merit, not self-nomination. SelectHub included vendor outreach, user reviews, proprietary data, and content such as brochures, datasheets, case studies, manuals, and more. Then the scores and ratings were determined by SelectHub’s analyst team using a scoring engine. According to SelectHub analyst Sandesh Sandiri, “ Oracle's early embarking into augmented analytics, a new technology trend in data analytics, is an indication of its progressive product roadmap.”  

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Awards List

Analysts pick—Based on overall criteria, SelectHub analyst scores concluded that Oracle Analytics is one of the 10 best in the industry. Winners of this award are also placed on SelectHub’s Overall Leaderboard.


Other best-in-class rankings for Oracle Analytics include:

Augmented Analytics—The solution leverages machine learning (ML) automation to augment data profiling and data quality, harmonization, modeling, manipulation, enrichment, metadata development, and cataloging. 

It includes capabilities like automated matching, joining, profiling, tagging, and annotating data prior to data preparation, sensitive attribute recognition, automating repetitive transformations and integrations, data quality and enrichment recommendations.

Advanced Analytics—The solution supports advanced and sophisticated data manipulation and data analysis by using libraries and packages of Python and R programming languages.



Data Visualization—The solution supports creating advanced and sophisticated visualizations, enables data to be presented as an animation, guides the users by suggesting the best suitable visualization for the graphical representation of the selected data, plus five other functional requirements.

Reporting—The solution offers ad hoc reporting, auto-scheduling, built-in alerts, canned/managed reports, conditional formatting, interactive reporting, plus three more key requirements.



Data Querying—The solution allows users to batch updates, perform complex queries, execute in-memory analysis, maintains a direct connection, plus five other key requirements.



Mobile BI—The solution offers team collaboration features, mobile-optimized dashboards and reports, supports geospatial analysis on mobile devices, plus six more key requirements.



Security—The solution maintains a record of administrative and user actions, provides encryption capabilities for stored data, plus five other key requirements.


Why Choose Oracle Analytics?

As companies generate and attempt to manage huge amounts of data, they struggle to get value out of that data.

Oracle Analytics is an out-of-the-box solution that provides various users in the company with self-service capabilities to access organization-wide data and turn that into actionable insights. Users can visualize data in new ways and stay ahead of the competition. It also enables users to collaborate with each other and drive a successful modern data-driven enterprise, all with minimal help from IT.

In addition, Oracle Analytics delivers augmented analytics by embedding ML and AI into every aspect of the analytics process, providing a comprehensive end-to-end analytics solution—in the cloud, on premise , or through a hybrid model on any device, any browser.

Oracle Analytics offers a consistent and cohesive set of capabilities in an integrated cloud platform, leveraging Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse. It also reduces the time and budget required to scale and adds speed, flexibility, and improved performance. 

Our efforts at creating a comprehensive analytics solution have received recognition from Forrester, Gartner, and now SelectHub.

How Can You Learn More?

Try Oracle Analytics for yourself. Click here to see an interactive demo of Oracle Analytics, which will show you how you can quickly uncover key insights and get recommendations for your business. You can also find several examples of companies using Oracle Analytics here.

And to learn all the many ways you can benefit from Oracle Analytics, visit Oracle.com/analytics or follow us on Twitter @OracleAnalytics.

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