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Analytics Gets Personal with Oracle Day by Day

Today, we're proud to announce the availability of a product that will change the way you work--and maybe even the way you think.

Oracle is taking the bold leap to do something that's never been done before in business intelligence and analytics. It’s a new app called Oracle Day by Day that is focused on effecting positive change in your organization rather than producing another whizzbang chart that caters to the data scientist.

Don't get me wrong; I love cool visualizations as much as the next guy, but lately, I've noticed that many data-viz vendors have jumped the shark. Sanke and chord diagrams, network diagrams, and funky heat maps are all super cool. But if you need to explain the visualization to your audience, then you have already failed.

With Oracle Day by Day, we did the opposite of that. We started from the target user and worked backward. We looked at how people consume information today and figured out how to infuse analytics into people’s lives and not the other way around. We even got inspired by our team members’ kids and looked at how easily young people share information, and we applied some of those concepts to the enterprise.

Our mission for Oracle Day by Day was simple—design an elegant, simple app to better inform the workforce so that employees make better decisions every day. It’s that simple. If a function wouldn’t help you make a better decision at the point of decision-making, then it didn’t make it into the app.

So how does it work? How do your IT folks set it up? The simple answer is that they don’t. IT staff didn’t set up your Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram feeds, did they?
The premise behind Oracle Day by Day is that the person who knows what you’re interested in the most is probably you.

With Oracle Day by Day, you just pick up your phone and ask the app a simple business question—yes, even with your voice—or search for information, just like every search engine in the world. Over time, the app will learn what you’re interested in, who you share information with, and when and where that information is important to you.

The ultimate goal is for the system to learn what is meaningful to you and to your organization so that we can proactively deliver analytics right at the point and time you make your decisions, hopefully helping you make better fact-based decisions.

If you want to see Oracle Day by Day in action, check out this short demo:

Download the app today:

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