lundi févr. 04, 2008

Paris Java User Group
RDV le 12.

mardi nov. 20, 2007

Bar Camp Paris - December 8th

BarCamp in Paris, Saturday December 8th all day (starting @ 9am) at the Sun office. Be there or be square!

lundi juin 25, 2007

Video des TechDays Paris en ligne continue son travail de titan pour mettre en ligne les présentations.
Cette fois-ci, TechDays Paris (mars 2007).
Je vous recommande particulièrement (GlassFish & Co. j'imagine que vous en avez eu votre dose...):
•  Technical Demos (en partie en français)
•  Java SE on the Desktop : Extreme GUI Makeover (en français)
•  NetBeans Extreme: Matisse, Profiling, Rich Clients and More
•  Real Time Java (en français)

mardi avr. 24, 2007

Beautiful day in beautiful Paris

All right then, I'm back from what I declared the most beautiful city for a few days to thinking how lucky I am to live in Paris. Even better is having to meet customers in the heart of city which let's you feel like a tourist (in a good sense) for a little while...

vendredi mars 30, 2007

GlassFish User Group in Paris (LDAP, books, hosting and Eclipse)

During the Sun TechDays Conference last week in Paris, I put together a GlassFish Community User Group. This was done a little bit at the last minute but the result was quite satisfying and I though I'd share with you what was covered.

My idea of a user group is that it clearly shouldn't be a batch of product presentations (the conference had plenty of that) so I asked the following people to present:
•  David Ely on OpenDS, the 100% Java LDAP server
•  Antonio Goncalves on Java EE 5 and the book he wrote using GlassFish
•  Jean-Baptiste Bugeaud on what GlassFish has and needs for hosting
•  Ludo on Eclipse tooling for GlassFish

Photos courtesy of Ludo

David Ely, presented on OpenDS. The presentation covers some good background information on LDAP and how it compares to databases (see also Trey's take on it [1], [2]), how OpenDS can be used in various use-cases from embedded to scalable servers (I heard that before :), to development status, performance figures and roadmap. OpenDS has a simple Java Web Start-enable installer and integrated data to populate the database. Try it here. [Slides]

Antonio Goncalves who is a consultant and a teacher at the CNAM university just finished writing a book on Java EE 5. He used GlassFish throughout the book and shared his thoughts on how Java EE 5 changes the life of the developer and the things he likes best about this application server (easy install, admin, ...). His book is in French and is due in a few weeks now from Editions Eyrolles. Read his Java EE 5/GlassFish posts from when he was writing the book on his blog. [Slides]

Jean-Baptiste Bugeaud is a GlassFish community member who can get very passionate about things he cares about. Having chatted about this before I thought he'd do a good job talking about what it would take for GlassFish to be widely adopted in virtual hosting environments (nameli ISPs). To a large extend, the problem is more about Java hosting in general than it is about GlassFish. Jean-Baptiste did a great job talking about what was already available in GlassFish v2 (such as port virtual hosting or standard based Apache-like access log) and what is still required. A Gardian Application to enforce QoS sounds like a must have so that ISPs can actually charge people for what they use while collocating many applications on the same GlassFish instance. I hope the conversation is only starting. JB has already suggested he might be doing some of the implementation himself. [Slides]

Let's just say upfront that Eclipse integration for GlassFish is very important. Ludo has been hard at work following every WTP release with the GlassFish plugin. The problem described by Ludo is that Eclipse's WTP is just not moving fast enough with Java EE 5 support still not there (and J2EE 1.4 Web Services never fully implemented in WTP 1.5). It also seems that project leader BEA is removing its bits from the open source distribution and that overall WTP will not really be meant for general consumption. Rather, BEA, SAP, IBM and the likes are building their tools on top of WTP, keeping much of the value in the closed-source products which is not good news for Java EE 5 as a whole. In the mean time most people using Eclipse are only leveraging the editor, missing out on wizards, deployment, packaging, deployment descriptor authoring and other features, relying on ANT for a poor-man's integration. [no slides]

So, overall a very good 2-hour session rather well attended given the late notice. Looking forward to more such energetic GUG's! See you at the next mega GUG - GlassFish Day in San Francisco!.

samedi mars 17, 2007

Sun TechDays Paris, dernière ligne droite

Sur le même principe (le même code en réalité) qu'au mois de juin dernier pour le JavaDay de Versailles, j'ai réalisé une carte des inscrits aux Sun TechDays qui débutent lundi à La Défense (cliquez sur l'image pour obtenir un gif animé).

La carte Google maps n'est pas en ligne directement car il y a cette fois-ci trop d'inscrits et trop de JavaScript pour une seule page (j'ai peut-être mal cherché, mais rien pour n'afficher qu'un marqueur par ville par exemple). Le taux de résolution du service de géo-localisation de Google Maps est cette fois-ci de 99% après correction des fautes de frappes et petit hack pour nos amis britanniques que Royal Mail ne souhaite pas que l'on localise. Au total, il aura fallu 72 minutes pour résoudre toutes les adresses en respectant les règles d'utilisation de ce service Google. La prochaine fois j'utiliserais Yahoo Maps histoire de comparer.

Dans les dernières nouvelles:
•  install parties NetBeans, GlassFish et Solaris
•  accès Wifi gratuit (merci Fon)
•  un iPod à gagner pour ceux qui viendront tôt et un voyage tout frais payés à JavaOne (mai 2007)

Rendez-vous lundi!

mardi janv. 23, 2007

Inscriptions ouvertes pour les Sun TechDays à Paris

Vous pouvez désormais vous enregistrer pour les Tech Days de Paris, du 19 au 21 Mars 2007 à La Défense. L'agenda préliminaire est ici (Open Solaris Day, NetBeans Day, Java ME, Sun Tech Days, Java University Training). Le tout gratuit.


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