mardi oct. 25, 2011

JAVA Developer Day, développez avec Java EE 6 et GlassFish

Evénement gratuit Java EE et GlassFish la semaine prochaine chez Oracle France :
"Comment exploiter tout le potentiel de Java EE 6 et de GlassFish ? Pour cela, Oracle vous invite à un atelier pratique inédit qui vous permettra de découvrir Java EE 6 et développer avec GlassFish."

jeudi 3 novembre 2010 de 9h30 à 16h30.
Oracle France - 15, boulevard du Général de Gaule 92715 Colombes

Au programme: présentation et labs (venir avec son portable).
Inscriptions en ligne (places limitées).

lundi mai 30, 2011

Brno Oracle Java Developer Event - Success!

I spent last Thursday in Brno to deliver a number of Java EE talks and a keynote at the Oracle Developer Java Conference. It was great because it had a good developer feel and was similar in spirit to other community-driven conferences that I recently attended. Maybe the best part was the attendance - well over 400 (excluding Oracle employees and speakers) which is great for a first time.

Dalibor Topic fought the ash cloud and managed to reach Brno to kick off the day with a Java keynote with updates on Java 7 and current thinking about Java 8 and beyond. Doug Clarke, Java Persistence Director of Product Management at Oracle was here to cover advanced JPA features as well as recent evolution in EclipseLink with a nice multi-tenancy demo (I understand there's a screencast coming soon). I took this opportunity to interview Doug on EclipseLink. The recording will soon be up on the GlassFish Podcast.

And of course, last but not least, the Prague web services engineering team was strongly represented and covering JAX-RS and Jersey. Given how the last session overran by more than half an hour I'd say this was a successful and engaging presentation. Both Marek (JAX-RS co-spec lead) and Jakub (Jersey lead) blogged about the event and shared code demo.

That's a pretty poor photo there that I have but I'm hoping to see better ones given the presence of a profesional photographer (doing a keynote and three sessions I sure felt like a rockstar with photos of me taken at each of them...).

mardi nov. 02, 2010

A new voice for Java from Oracle - The Java Spotlight Podcast

Roger get-a-blog Brinkley and Terrence Barr started a new weekly podcast, called the Java Spotlight. My colleague Dalibor Topic and myself are also participating in a panel. The first episode is already out with an interview with Mark Reinhold, Chief Java Architect on the future of Java SE recorded at JavaOne (Plan A, Plan B), a news section and more.

We've just recorded the second episode which should be up shortly with an interview of Steve Harris, Senior Vice President of Application Server Development at Oracle on the Sun acquisition, Java EE, and future of GlassFish.

Here are the compulsory podcast coordinates :

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• Feedback:

PS: No, this does not mean that the GlassFish Podcast is going silent.

lundi oct. 11, 2010

IBM, Oracle et OpenJDK

Même court, ce billet pour signaler l'annonce de l'arrivée d'IBM dans le projet OpenJDK. Plus de détails ici. C'est du lourd...

vendredi mai 14, 2010

GlassFish and add-ons now available for download from Oracle eDelivery

As part of the move to the "Oracle way of doing things", GlassFish and its add-ons (the GlassFish Enterprise Manager, now rebranded as GlassFish Server Control) are now available from Oracle's onestop download site Once you've logged in, follow this link (or click on the image) to get to the list of Sun downloads.

Until the release of Oracle GlassFish Server 3.0.1, the downloads still use the older names. There are 4 downloads for the add-ons, three for v2.1.1: SNMP, Performance Advisor, and Performance Monitor (description, docs) and an additional one for GlassFish v3: Monitoring Scripting Client (description, docs). These add-ons were previously only accessible to paying customers. Now you can download them for an evaluation and in the case of the 3.x add-ons, they will be bundled in the next 3.0.1 version.

vendredi avr. 16, 2010

New GlassFish Podcast interview - Adam Leftik

I've just posted the latest episode to the GlassFish Podcast. This one is a recent interview I did with Adam Leftik, an 8-year Oracle veteran, now a Principal Product Manager in charge of GlassFish and one of the key person behind the recently published roadmap.

lundi févr. 08, 2010

GlassFish , Kenai, and HotSpot under the Oracle Sun

It's been just over a week since Oracle held its post-acquisition stategy webcast and we've already seen some fast reactions and comments from Oracle on several topics :

• Projects hosted on Kenai will preserve their infrastructure and be moved to (the best of both worlds if you ask me). See Ted Farrell's post for the details.

GlassFish has seen an interesting set of reactions most of which worried about the wording used during the launch event. Mike Lehmann, WebLogic PM discusses here and there the situation and the likelihood of GlassFish v3 getting HA/Clustering capabilities in the near future. That's Mike's 1st post on TSS btw! I think that means he cares about GlassFish ;)

• On the JVM side, people have been asking question about HotSpot vs. JRockit and Henrik Ståhl, JRockit PM offered a first insight into what it would mean to have a combined product in the long run (also covers OpenJDK).

Overall, it's great to see Oracle reacting quickly to the community's concerns and I think one should judge the work of the combined teams (Sun and Oracle could not talk about future plans before January 27th) on the roadmaps and the execution. Remember, the proof of the pudding is in the roadmap!

jeudi janv. 28, 2010

Sun + Oracle - A set of links and a GlassFish perspective

Well, other than the expensive iPad announcement there's lots of comments and reports about the Oracle+Sun event from yesterday (if you haven't been following the deal has now closed). Here's a brief list of such reports (in no particular order) :

The Sun has not set: Oracle makes Sun shine brighter than ever
Oracle/Sun Strategy: We will invest heavily in JavaFX
Sun + Oracle, NetBeans, Glassfish, JavaOne and the Death of Kenai
Oracle’s Sun Java Strategy: Business as Usual
Oracle’s strategy for GlassFish, MySQL, OpenOffice & Solaris
Oracle lays out plans for Sun

As you can read there, GlassFish is in pretty good shape with active development, remaining the RI for Java EE, with support for current version until 2017, and nice words about the OSGi kernel, the Grizzly nio framework, the Metro Web Services stack and the overall lightweight developer experience. Expect more sharing of technologies between WebLogic and GlassFish in the future. This should be reassuring to existing developers and customers and of interest for a whole set of new ones since GlassFish will be sold as part of the WebLogic offering in addition to a standalone offering.

Hudson, NetBeans (a bit of a surprise to some), Java 7 (due in 2010), JavaOne (in September) and many others are covered in the above reports with positive comments for all.

mercredi oct. 28, 2009

Oracle's take on GlassFish

On don't think this will quite stop people from asking (me and others on the team) the same question, but this new FAQ from Oracle certainly has some positive information on GlassFish's future. The blogosphere and twitosphere have been quite active on that news today...

lundi mai 25, 2009

GlassFish @ Java AppServer Day (Genova)

I was lucky to visit Genova last week for the Java AppServer Day organized by the local JUG. I tend to blindly trust the organizers of JUG-initiated events and this event was yet another good reason to keep on doing this.

The event had exactly 100 attendees and the format was 30-minute sessions with a round-table at the end. I went first and focused on GlassFish v3 since this was mostly a developer audience and clearly had no time to also cover the clustering/operations side of GlassFish in half an hour. I did try to do as many demos as possible around startup time, dynamic startup/shutdown of services, Deploy on save in NetBeans, Session preservation across redeploys with a non-trivial application, extending GFv3 with a Spring container (available right from a local update center repository) to demonstrate OSGI-based GlassFish v3 extensibility as detailed in Jerome's latest blog entry.

JBoss' Alessio (Web Services lead) alluded to JBoss 5.1 being very close to being released (and indeed it has been since). Now waiting for the supported version ;) He also mentioned OSGi as being a priority for the next releases. Of course having Oracle in the room made the exercise quite interesting. I met Paolo, an Oracle "veteran" and a likely future colleague :) and got to listen to an Oracle middleware presentation (I hadn't seen one in ages and certainly not since the BEA integration). Paolo focused on the operations side (which arguably WebLogic does fairly well) including Coherence, JRockit and Work Manager. Finally Alef, a SpringSource founder (but no longer an employee) focused on OSGi and dmServer. I think his presentation was more didactic than mine on the OSGi front, but our demos certainly felt very similar.

Thanks to Paolo and the rest of the organizers, this was a great event, I wish I could have stayed a bit longer, the city looks beautiful!

dimanche mars 30, 2008

SDPY - BEA, Oracle, Java EE 5, Matisse, and GlassFish

A year ago, BEA was joining the Java EE 5 parade.
• Interesting one-year-old read given the BEA acquisition by Oracle (and thus the future of Oracle's appserver) and the progress GlassFish has made in 12 months compared to others.
• I've only been using GlassFish for about 2 years (in its current incarnation). Seems longer than that.
• Three years ago, I was hinting at what NetBeans Matisse could look like. It turned out to be a killer feature.

samedi oct. 13, 2007

Is Oracle's middleware \*that\* bad?

Just like everyone else, I've been following the ORCL/BEAS announcement and comments here and there. Whether this goes through now, later or not, I obviously believe this creates extra opportunities for GlassFish which I believe is the right product at the right time. But what amazes me the most are the very negative reactions strongly criticizing (to say the least) the Oracle middleware products.

vendredi mars 30, 2007

While Oracle contemplates IBM going after JBoss, GlassFish delivers (and the winner is the developer)

Oracle's Omar Tazi has this blog today about the IBM announcement about JBoss users now being able to use a migration tool to move to Apache's Geronimo. So granted, migration is a cost than can be lowered using such a toolbox (although I'm not sure how much it helps), but the real question is why would you use your freedom to leave? Any worthwhile innovation, technical merits? The final part of Omar's post has a pretty gratuitous comment on GlassFish, stating it's never "... part of these battles" and "no one seems to take it seriously.".

First, Sun Application Server 8.x (GlassFish's ancestor) has enjoyed quite a bit of mission critical enterprise deployments. Some public ones are here, there and there.

Second, GlassFish has had a migration tool for a while, but a tool can only do so much and that's really not the point. For new projects or existing deployments to consider an alternate application server, that product needs to innovate and deliver on standards. I think GlassFish does extremely well in both cases and it's the reason we have people deploying high-volume applications on GlassFish today including, one of the largest Australian eCommerce site.

So why are we not "part of these battles"? Probably because the GlassFish community is busy deploying applications, working with other communities, and making the product even better.


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