mercredi juin 10, 2009

Lyon(JUG) mardi prochain - GlassFish, JavaOne, ...

Je suis invité mardi prochain par le LyonJUG pour présenter GlassFish (détails et inscription, lieu). L'autre partie de la soirée (la première en fait) sera consacrée à Groovy.

J'y parlerai essentiellement de GlassFish v3 Preview disponible depuis JavaOne et en particulier des ses fonctionnalités pour développeurs et son extensibilité OSGi.

samedi mars 07, 2009

GlassFish et Java EE indolores à Nantes ce jeudi 12 mars

Je ne sais pas si Nantes est en Bretagne et si le Breizh JUG va bientôt annexer le Nantes JUG, mais j'y présente ce jeudi une présentation intitulée "GlassFish v3, en route pour Java EE 6 et le développement Java indolore!".

RDV à 19h à l'école des mines de Nantes le 12 mars 2009.

vendredi févr. 06, 2009

1001 speakers au Paris JUG ce mardi 10

Soirée anniversaire du Paris JUG ce mardi 10 février. Attention, le lieu est différent: FIAP. Quickies, 45 minutes de buffet, Stephan "JavaPolis" Janssen et parait-il surprises et goodies. Il va falloir que je négocie ma soirée!

mercredi févr. 04, 2009

Future talks - Athens and Paris

I'll be participating in the next "Valentine's day" (!) Athens' JUG event, this coming Saturday, February 14th.

This will be the first time I present on "Migrating J2EE/JavaEE applications" (to new containers). The goal of the presentation is to understand whether J2EE/JavaEE buys you vendor-independence or not and what the typical pitfalls are.

This is based on the team's recent experiences helping customers migrate to GlassFish off of WebLogic, WebSphere, and others. While examples are taken from migration use-cases to the GlassFish application server, they are all real-life scenarios and provide technical details that most people will face when moving from on vendor product to another.

As a reminder, I'm also participating in tomorrow's Sun University Day in Paris and will also present on GlassFish and Java EE at this evening event with our training partner Demos.

Now back to writing and polishing the slides!

vendredi janv. 16, 2009

Two JUG events in two days

I presented on Tuesday at the Paris JUG. As previously reported by JBoss' Sacha, this JUG is really doing well - great attendance (200+ every single month), very fine question during and after the the talks, and several people reporting in details what they heard and learned in various blogs (this one for instance). Luckily the beamer Gods were with us and almost all demos worked. Antonio Goncalves (JUG leader, book author, and JSR EG member) presented on Java EE 6 before I took the stage with a GlassFish v3 Prelude presentation. The combination of compile-on-save, deploy-on-change and session preservation across redeployments was what most people liked it seems. From the questions and comments I think more people realize that in those difficult times, the Open Source application server alternatives are very real and that GlassFish has a lot of thinks going for it.

On the next day I was at the inaugural Riviera JUG meeting. Not as crowded as the Paris event but some very good discussions. The Lunatech Research guys (organizing the event and the JUG) are clearly very JBoss-friendly but I think I got them pretty excited about GlassFish (the question during diner was along the lines of "should we switch to GlassFish?"). There were several technical questions asked (OSGi, session preservation, etc..) and a business one around the commercial (I wish I could share all the customer wins, some are really significant...). eXo's Julien Viet did a nice presentation with a full section on integration between portlets and various web frameworks. With his JBoss background and connections he's of course always an interesting guy to talk to even if I'm not sure I agree with his analysis "JBoss has a superior kernel design" assertion! :)

Time spent in JUG meetings as a speaker or as an attendee seems to be always well spent! Slides are posted here:

Blogs on the Paris evening (in French): #1, #2, #3, #4

lundi janv. 12, 2009

Java EE 6 et GlassFish demain au Paris JUG

Antonio Goncalves "himself" nous parlera demain (mardi 13) de Java EE 6 au Paris JUG. Quant à moi, je vous présenterai en deuxième partie GlassFish v3 "Prelude". Un petit cadeau pour ceux qui seront là lors du buffet (en espérant en avoir assez pour tout le monde!). Details sur la soirée ici.

mardi déc. 23, 2008


It's been a heck of a year for JUGs in France. 2008 started with only one physical ( is a great virtual JUG) and aging JUG with almost no activity and we are now, 12 months later, with no less than 8 JUGs country-wide!

The ParisJUG was the first one (it already averages around 180/200 attendees every month) and others quickly followed: Breizh JUG (Rennes), Tours, Grenoble JUG, Bordeaux JUG, Nantes JUG, Lorraine JUG (Nancy?), and last but not least the RivieraJUG (Nice)!

I also hear rumors of something going on in Toulouse. I'm sure we can do even better with Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Clermont-Ferrand, ... Given the hard task of running a JUG (getting a venue, speakers, not upsetting anyone with the content or the sponsors, etc...) the goal of still being at 8 active JUGs next year would be a good one IMO.

I'll be speaking about GlassFish v3 Prelude in Paris and Sophia Antipolis in January :
14 janvier 2009 @ Sophia-Antipolis: Mini-conférence Java EE. Great to be back there after a long hiatus (darn, Tiger seems like ages ago!).
Soirée Java EE 6 (13/01/2009). Doing this one with Antonio Goncalves.

Just like elsewhere, the java community is alive and well (in case anybody asks!).

mercredi juil. 23, 2008

A visit to JUG Ukraine

Call me crazy or workaholic but I took a few hours out of my vacation in Kiev, Ukraine to visit the local JUG.

The meeting was hosted at GlobalLogic (somewhat of a geek's paradise) and was pretty well attended given the last-minute organization. The presentation slides (in English) are here and the full photo album there.

The presentation started with a bit of a challenge as no one was using GlassFish (mainly WebLogic, WebpShere, Tomcat and some JBoss). Given the presentation + Q&A session lasted almost 2 hours, I think it's fair to say that the interest was great. There were many questions during and after the presentation. Here's the refined Q&A:

OpenESB looks interesting (documentation, NetBeans graphical tooling, ...), but can I use BPEL4People with it?
Unfortunately IBM does not support JBI and to the best of my knowledge, there is no BPEL4People service engine. OpenESB and JavaCAPS do come with a WS-BPEL implementation though.

What is the Hibernate/TopLink split? (me asking)
- Hibernate: 60%
- TopLink: 40%

Is the 404 error in the admin console during your demo a bug or a feature ? ;)
It's certainly a bug. Fixed in GlassFish 2.1.

Can I deploy OSGi bundles on GlassFish v3?
Well, GlassFish v3 is running on top of Felix by default so it can host any OSGi bundle. The question is rather how it can extend the features of GFv3. This is a nice picture to explain the additional metadata required.

Can GlassFish run on the JRE (not the JDK)? This makes a difference for me in terms of re-distribution.
Provided you don't need to compile JSP's, GlassFish should run fine on top of the JRE, but this has not been extensively tested. Note that creating domains also requires the JDK (although that's not really runtime per say). I'll probably blog more on this, including the legal side to this (yes, you can redistribute the JDK).

How does GlassFish manage the ClassPath when using JSR 199 (Java Compiler API) to compile JSP's?
The default JavaDoc for this API isn't really helpful. In general, JavaCompiler.getTask(...) gives you the ability to pass a set of options, including a classpath. You may also find this testing API to be helpful in debugging compile issues. Finally, this link explains the performance benefits of using JDK 6's javac API in GlassFish. All is done dynamically now, all you need to do is use Java 6 to run GlassFish.

Does GlassFish support distributed transactions between multiple JVMs?
Well, if you're talking about WS-Coordination and WS-AtomicTransaction, these are both implemented as part of the Metro Web Services tack which itself is part of GlassFish v2 and above. This enables distributed transactions even with .Net services.

You claim that Grizzly has very good performance for serving both static and dynamic data. Do you have any benchmark results?
Yes. You probably want to start looking at this original post by Jean-François Arcand. It's a bit old but Grizzly and GlassFish only got better with time!

How do you move from one version of GlassFish to another? Other products make this pretty painful.
We take compatibility very seriously. It's a company thing (think Java 1.0). With every copy of GlassFish we provide bin/asupgrade which allows you to point to a source GlassFish domain, say GlassFish v1, and a target, say GlassFish v2. The tool will proceed to read the applications, resources, and configuration and recreate them in the target application server. You can achieve similar results with bin/asadmin backup-domain and bin/asadmin restore-domain within a single version of GlassFish.

Have people started using GlassFish in production? Any more you could share?
Some people (like have started in production using GlassFish v1. With the release of GlassFish v2 less than a year ago, we've seen a great level of deployments some (a fraction) of which are discussed by the users themselves on this blog:

Does GlassFish suffer from the same memory leaks as Tomcat on redeploys?
We've fixed a couple of bug in GlassFish v2 which should make the redeployment of artifacts painless, including on Windows which had a tendency to lock deployed files.

So there you are, this is all the questions I could remember. If you have more, please comment here, I'll add them to the entry.

lundi mai 19, 2008

Patrick Curran (JCP) au ParisJUG ce mercredi

Patrick Curran (Chair Java Community Process) est au ParisJUG ce mercredi (le 21). Patrick est un bon orateur, mais il a surtout besoin de votre participation sur l'évolution du JCP. Inscriptions ici.

lundi avr. 28, 2008

A Tours le 14 mai 2008

JavaOne c'est la semaine prochaine et le compte-rendu de ce qu'il se sera dit c'est à Tours au "Toursjug" le 14 mai 2008 à 19h (avec un peu de GlassFish au passage).

mardi mars 25, 2008

Nouveau JUG à Tours

Décidemment, les JUG français poussent comme des champignons!

Bravo à Christophe Jollivet pour son initiative.

lundi févr. 04, 2008

Paris Java User Group
RDV le 12.

lundi oct. 08, 2007

Java conference in Athens

This was my first trip to Greece and I must say I had a very good time thanks to wonderfully friendly JUG hosts Paris & Panos. This is one very nice Java User Group that seems to be doing very well. The audience for this event was close to 200. Maybe the rich agenda had something to do with this.

The GlassFish map didn't show Greece as one of the top countries in the World. Maybe this has to do with the JBoss AS lead developer living in Athens as well as being in the audience. So my presentation covered Java EE 5 (2 slides), GlassFish v2 (main part of the presentation given we've just released this major version), Java EE 6 (brief), GlassFish v3 (HK2 kernel + demo), and a brief description of the broader community. The presentation slides should soon be online on the event page.

I also discussed with a couple of GlassFish users. They seemed very pleased with both the current product and the early work on GlassFish v3. Questions I got were around JBoss performance (answer: ask them, not me!), licensing (answer: CDDL let's you reuse GlassFish bits as part of a commercial offering), external commiters (depends on the module, JSF has several).

It was also nice to meet other speakers (Roman, Jonas, Alef, and Heinz). Some interesting discussions before and after the event. Paris and Panos took some of us out on the night before the enjoy typical Greek food. Very nice.

Finally, it was a good opportunity to meet with the Noemax people who provide components for Microsoft WCF (the Web Services stack in .Net 3.0). In particular these people provide a FastInfoset and SOAP/TCP extensions to WCF. These are of course interoperable with GlassFish's Metro stack. We also discussed how Java and .Net developer communities differ. All in all a great conversation.

Paris has a report on the event as well as a few photos. Roman's is here.

mercredi sept. 12, 2007

Swimming to Athens (Greek JUG)

Customers, developer events, and JUGs are all great speaking and discussion experiences but I think I like events organized by JUG the best (JavaPolis is one such example). I'm set to visit the JHUG and its Tech Day in Athens on October 6th (2007). Besides GlassFish, other topics cover code quality, Concurrency, NetBeans, Spring, Terracotta. Should be fun!

Let me know if you're already a GlassFish user or simply trying it out and if you'd like to hear/see something specific. I'll try to adapt the presentation and demos. If you'd like to chat about Java, GlassFish, Sun, Wine, or Greece (my first time), I'm open for diner on Friday and Saturday.


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