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GlassFish v3 a la carte screencast - Part 3 - Jersey and EJBs

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In the first screencast, I installed a minimal GlassFish v3 from a small bootstrap (IPS toolkit), created a domain and started the server. The second entry did something actually useful with GlassFish and two containers: Java Web and Spring. In this screencast, I layer a custom distribution on top of a GlassFish kernel. Enough to deploy a JAXR-RS / EJB 3.1 (lite) application.

For the sake of brevity this screencast is mostly command-line. It starts with the 5MB ips bootstrap and installs a pre-defined custom distribution which is enough to deploy the jersey-ejb sample application. The custom distribution is essentially an IPS package with no artifact, only a set of dependencies on other packages. For the curious out there, here is the step-by-step for the screencast :

bin/pkg set-publisher -P --enable -O
bin/pkg set-publisher --enable -O http://localhost:10001 localRepo
bin/pkg install sample-distro
bin/asadmin create-domain --instanceport 8080 --adminport 4848 mydomain
bin/asadmin start-domain
bin/asadmin deploy ~/jersey/jersey/samples/jersey-ejb/target/jersey-ejb.war
open http://localhost:8080/jersey-ejb/

I hope this series of screencasts demystifies the IPS/packaging side of GlassFish and shows the interesting possibilities it offers to end-users.

mercredi sept. 19, 2007

GlassFish Update Center - what's available (Jersey, Roller, JRubyOnRails, Phobos)

No, GlassFish is not an IDE, but yes GlassFish v2 has an update center (start it using the binary in GLASSFISH/updatecenter/bin).

While it only had a few updates to GlassFish and additional documentation for a while, with the release of GlassFish v2, we're starting to see a whole set of additional features available through this delivery mechanism:
•  Jersey (JAX-RS implementation)
•  JRubyOnRails (using Goldspike)
•  Phobos for server-side scripting with Rhino 1.6R7 (includes E4X)
•  The Roller Blogging Server (the software powering Try this page (short slideshow of screen captures) to get a feel for how easy the process has become, from install to first blog post. Update: Dave has some additional remarks.

Make sure you also check out how to setup your own update center and write your own updates.

mercredi juil. 25, 2007

RESTful @ Sun, putting it all together

JSR 311, Jersey, Sun Web Developer Pack (Sun WDP), GlassFish, NetBeans, how do they all relate to RESTful Web Services?

• JSR 311 is, as the name implies, the Java Specification Request for RESTfull Web Service for the Java Platform (JAX-RS). The Expert Group is chartered with creating a specification. It's not really an API (doesn't make a lot of sense for REST) but more a set of annotations for POJOs (and it's not the JAX-WS RESTful capabilities using the Dispatch/Provider APIs). JSR 311 has a dedicated project where you can read Specification Drafts and follow and participate in the discussions. JAX-RS is listed as a potential component of the upcoming Java EE 6 specification.

• Jersey is the reference implementation for JSR 311. It is now up to version 0.2 and can be deployed in a variety of environments: GlassFish servlet container or JAX-WS endpoint, Grizzly, Java 6 (using its lightweight web server), Tomcat, etc... Restlets is another popular implementation which should in time become JSR 311-compliant.

• The Sun Web Developer Pack is is a collection of technologies for Ajax, Scripting, ATOM, and REST-based services development. Its May R2 release featured a pre-JSR 311 RESTful API which was demoed using NetBeans at JavaOne. You can watch the demo here. While Sun WDP used to be a full install, it will now be available through the GlassFish Update Center (although for the time being, only Sun WDP R1 is available via this install mechanism)..

• GlassFish is the preferred deployment platform for the Sun WDP and Jersey.

• NetBeans 6.0 Milestone 9 (the "JavaOne 2007 milestone") has a "RESTfull Web Service from Entity Classes" wizard which is tied to the use of the aforementioned RESTful API from Sun WDP R2. This feature is no longer in Milestone 10 but the good news is that recent NetBeans 6 daily builds should soon support the JAX-RS Jersey reference implementation. As a matter of fact the JSR 311 libraries should be bundled with the IDE for better OOTB behavior and be implicitly added to a web application project as necessary.

Next Stop: NetBeans 6.0 Beta 1 (mid-August postponed to September 17th, in sync with GlassFish v2) with an updated Jersey milestone build and probably a GlassFish v2 Release Candidate. Both JAX-RS and Jersey are set to be done by mid-2008 it seems.


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