lundi mai 25, 2009

GlassFish @ Java AppServer Day (Genova)

I was lucky to visit Genova last week for the Java AppServer Day organized by the local JUG. I tend to blindly trust the organizers of JUG-initiated events and this event was yet another good reason to keep on doing this.

The event had exactly 100 attendees and the format was 30-minute sessions with a round-table at the end. I went first and focused on GlassFish v3 since this was mostly a developer audience and clearly had no time to also cover the clustering/operations side of GlassFish in half an hour. I did try to do as many demos as possible around startup time, dynamic startup/shutdown of services, Deploy on save in NetBeans, Session preservation across redeploys with a non-trivial application, extending GFv3 with a Spring container (available right from a local update center repository) to demonstrate OSGI-based GlassFish v3 extensibility as detailed in Jerome's latest blog entry.

JBoss' Alessio (Web Services lead) alluded to JBoss 5.1 being very close to being released (and indeed it has been since). Now waiting for the supported version ;) He also mentioned OSGi as being a priority for the next releases. Of course having Oracle in the room made the exercise quite interesting. I met Paolo, an Oracle "veteran" and a likely future colleague :) and got to listen to an Oracle middleware presentation (I hadn't seen one in ages and certainly not since the BEA integration). Paolo focused on the operations side (which arguably WebLogic does fairly well) including Coherence, JRockit and Work Manager. Finally Alef, a SpringSource founder (but no longer an employee) focused on OSGi and dmServer. I think his presentation was more didactic than mine on the OSGi front, but our demos certainly felt very similar.

Thanks to Paolo and the rest of the organizers, this was a great event, I wish I could have stayed a bit longer, the city looks beautiful!

jeudi sept. 27, 2007

Is the GlassFish competition feeling pressure?

It sounds like BEA has noticed that GlassFish v2 was released with excellent performance.

Bill Roth's argument about Sun using JDK 6 is just funny. Apparently, we should be penalized by proactively supporting new releases of the JDK. It's hardly a deficiency on the GlassFish side if you ask me.

The GlassFish vs. SJS Application Server argument is just as weak. First of all, as Scott Oaks explains it, SPEC submissions can only be done on commercial products. Second, GlassFish V2 and SJS Application Server 9.1 are technically one and the same thing. No performance difference to expect whatsoever.

So Bill, when will Weblogic support Java 6 (released almost a year ago)?
(my blog engine doesn't require an account, feel free to answer here)

Oh, and marcf is also trying to dismiss GlassFish. Interesting how a fish can make people nervous.

vendredi févr. 09, 2007

2007, the year for Java EE 5

Busy AppServer and Java EE day:
- BEA announcing their WebLogic 10 developer preview passing the Java EE 5 CTS and with JAX-WS RI included.
- Marc Fleury leaving the JBoss ship (not a surprise, but still a big news).

I was speaking last week at an Open Source Conference in Paris in the Java Application Server Track and from what I heard from the JBoss and JOnAS guys, it seems like 2007 will be the year when (almost) all app server vendors deliver Java EE 5.

Now that's not to say you need to wait for 2008 to start using Java EE 5. Some early Java EE 5 & GlassFish adopters have already been successfully deploying in production.

Let the competition begin!

mercredi févr. 07, 2007

Are all open source markets bound to have 2 leaders?

So, the well-respected Elliotte Rusty Harold has some predictions for 2007 and one of them is that NetBeans and Eclipse will play even by the end of 2007.

So, other than time, what will it take for GlassFish to play even with JBoss?

mardi janv. 23, 2007

More collaboration for GlassFish, updated Eclipse plugin, and other news

Eduardo and Jaime are sharing the news about BEA's Weblogic 10 using GlassFish's JAX-WS and JAXB bits. The latest Geronimo Milestone 2 also integrates GlassFish's JAXB.

This collaboration (coopetition?) is not new for GlassFish given Oracle's contribution of TopLink, TmaxSoft's use of GlassFish for its JEUS product, JBoss' use of JAXB and JSF and Jetty's use of Grizzly. Note that most of these technologies are available thru Maven.

In other GlassFish-related news, the Eclipse plugin has been updated (v 0.4) to work with Eclipse 3.2.x / WTP 1.5 (this was broken for the last few GF v2 builds). Get the updated version here.

Also, Shai is giving GlassFish another try and finding some major improvements which he things are Open-Source related. He also complains about error messages which are an ongoing task in the GlassFish community (the problem has been reported several times). Not an easy task.


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