mardi déc. 13, 2011

Taking Mission Control 4.1 for a quick spin

As Henrik, Marcus, and Markus posted yesterday, JRockit Mission Control 4.1 (download) is out and it has two interesting features I wanted to try out: early support for HotSpot and a Mac OS version.

The best (the only?) way to test both of these features without installing the JRockit JVM itself is to install Mission Control as an Eclipse (3.7) plugin using its update center.

Once you switch to the Mission Control perspective, locally running JVMs (Apple's latest 1.6 JVM, the JDK 7 Developer Preview or OpenJDK) are all detected with "General", "MBeans" and "Runtime" sections very much functional. It's still early days with the Flight Recorder and Memory Leak Detector features not yet available.

Looking at a JVM running GlassFish 3.1.1, the application server AMX's are available once you initiate a bootAMX operation.

mardi déc. 14, 2010

Another day in Beijing, another set of photos

5 talks done! Two to go!

mercredi déc. 08, 2010

GlassFish, JavaEE and friends swimming to JavaOne China

While a good number of my Oracle Java evangelist colleagues are in Sao Paulo for JavaOne, I'm busy preparing for JavaOne China which is starting early next week.

This event will have the traditional JavaOne Keynote, Technical Mobile, JavaSE and JavaEE keynotes and a long list of technical sessions. The registration numbers look \*very\* good. I'm still trying to nail down some details for the Java EE and GlassFish demo(s) but everything else is now ready.

The convention center for the event is located right next to the Olympic stadiums. I need to see if I can find the time to visit the bird's nest and the aquatic center. More once the event starts unfolding. Now on to getting some sleep before the trip and crazy event schedule. Here's a small subset of that :

In the Java EE 6 & GlassFish category :

Title Date/TimeLocation
JavaOne Opening Keynote Tuesday, 14:00Plenary Hall
JavaOne Technical Keynote Tuesday, 16:00Plenary Hall
The Java EE 6 Programming Model Explained Tuesday, 10:00Room E2-236 AB
Beginning with the Java EE 6 Platform (LAB) Wednesday, 15:30Exhibition Hall 4-3
Complete Tools Coverage for the Java EE 6 Platform Tuesday, 12:15Room E2-236 AB
Java Persistence API 2.0: An Overview Thursday, 11:45Room E2-236 AB
What's New in Enterprise JavaBean Technology Wednesday, 12:00Room E2-236 AB
Using Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI) in the Java EE 6 Ecosystem Wednesday, 09:00Room E2-236 AB
The Feel of Java EE 6: Interactive Onstage Hacking Wednesday, 11:00Room E2-236 AB
Secure, Asynchronous Web Applications Using Java Servlet 3.0 and Java EE 6 Thursday, 13:30Room E2-236 AB
Dealing with Asynchronicity in Java Technology-Based Web Services Tuesday, 09:00Room E2-231
Advanced Java API for RESTful Web Services (JAX-RS) Wednesday, 09:00Room E2-231
HK2: Oracle WebLogic Server, Oracle GlassFish Server, and Beyond Tuesday, 11:15Room E2-236 AB
Advanced Web Service Development in Oracle WebLogic Server (LAB) Wednesday, 11:00Exhibition Hall 4-2
Apache Geronimo 3.0: More than Java EE 6 Thursday, 13:30Room E2-231
Oracle GlassFish Server: Product Strategy and Roadmap Tuesday, 09:00Room E2-236 AB
Scaling JPA Applications with Oracle TopLink Grid and Oracle Coherence (LAB) Thursday, 14:30Exhibition Hall 4-2

In the JavaSE & JVM Category :
Title Date/TimeLocation
JDK 7 and Java SE 7 Wednesday, 16:30
Thursday, 10:00
Exhibition Hall 4-6
Room E2-236 AB
The Garbage Collection Mythbusters Wednesday, 10:00Exhibition Hall 4-6
Project Coin: Small Language Changes for the JDK Wednesday, 15:30Exhibition Hall 4-6
Oracle's Java Virtual Machine Strategy Tuesday, 09:00Exhibition Hall 4-6
Using the File System API in the JDK Wednesday, 11:00Exhibition Hall 4-6
Oracle JRockit: Advances in Java Virtual Machine Technology Wednesday, 12:00Room E2-232 B
JVM Analysis: Oracle JRockit Mission Control and Oracle JRockit Flight Recorder (LAB) Tuesday, 12:15Exhibition Hall 4-2
What's Happening with My Application?: Java Virtual Machine Monitoring Tool Tuesday, 10:00Exhibition Hall 4-6

In the Oracle Fusion & WebLogic category :
Title Date/TimeLocation
General Session: Oracle Fusion Middleware Tuesday, 15:00Function Hall B
Oracle Exalogic: Introducing an Optimized Compute Platform for Oracle Fusion Middleware Wednesday, 14:30Room 203 AB
Oracle Fusion Middleware Application Server Roadmap Tuesday, 14:00Room 203 AB
Oracle WebLogic Server for Developers and Architects Tuesday, 09:00Room E2-232 A
Optimizing Oracle WebLogic Server on Sun SPARC Enterprise T-Series Servers Tuesday, 14:00Room 205 AB
Total Oracle WebLogic Server Development with Eclipse, Maven, and Hudson Wednesday, 12:00Exhibition Hall 4-2

vendredi sept. 24, 2010

JavaOne 2010 Technical Keynotes

I don't really attend keynotes to learn something new (it's pretty much my job to know this stuff before). Rather, I try to sense how people react by following tweeter tags and by being in the room. This year's JavaOne Technical Keynote with Mark Reinhold, Roberto Chinnici, and Greg Bollella was no exception.

For both Mark's and Roberto's part of the keynote, this was clearly split into two categories: the people that felt that covering plan A/B, JDK 7/8, project Coin, and all the great new features of Java EE 6 was really old stuff and those that we're genuinely excited by most of what they've heard. On the Java EE side of things I believe this was certainly the right balance.

Imagine that the vast majority of developers don't go to JavaOne, don't read blogs, don't tweet, and don't spend time downloading new open source projects and libraries. Yet, some people still found the so-called old content to be extremely useful. I certainly found the final thoughts on how Java EE should evolve for the cloud to be useful (watch the full keynote, not the highlights that trimmed the most important part :( ).

lundi sept. 28, 2009

"Le futur de Java" ce jeudi à l'OpenWorldForum

Ce jeudi, vous êtes conviés à venir à l'Open World Forum qui se tient à Paris (Eurosites George V dans le 8ème) et en particulier à la series de courtes sessions autour de Java.

Avec l'imminence du rachat par Oracle de Sun, un point sur Java semblait intéressant et utile. Au programme, le chemin parcouru par Java SE depuis sa mise en Open Source et les avancées prochaines de JDK7, une table ronde sur les langages dynamiques sur la JVM (Groovy, Scala, Fan, et Clojure, ou Jython, JRuby et PHP?), et enfin un point sur Java EE 6 et son implémentation de référence GlassFish v3. Notre Guillaume Laforge sera de la partie pour la table ronde.

Ce sera bref (1h30 au total), mais une occasion concrète de faire le point sur les travaux en cours et sur ce que le futur proche nous réserve.

• Programme:
• Enregistrement, c'est ici:

dimanche juin 24, 2007

SDPY - Java 5.1, JBuilder and Java EE 5

•  [Thu Jun 23 2005] Java 5.1 released!
Did you upgrade? I got an amazing number of hits with this entry...

•  [Fri Jun 24 2005] NetBeans JBuilder import module
Is there an update for NetBeans 6 yet?

•  [Sat Jun 24 2006] When Will you start Using Java EE 5? - A Java.Net Poll
OK, so by now everyone should be using Java EE 5...


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