jeudi mars 08, 2012 et Jigsaw ce mardi au ParisJUG

Rendez-vous ce mardi 13 mars 2012 pour une session intitulée pour parler du futur de Java et plus précisément de Java SE 8, de Jigsaw et de Lambda (par Rémi Forax).

Ca fait un bail que je n'ai pas été au ParisJUG, ce sera un bon galop d'essai avant Devoxx France!

dimanche janv. 01, 2012

Next trip - Québec!

My first ever work-related trip to Canada will be to Quebec this coming January 11th to deliver a presentation (in French) on Java EE.

This is an Oracle event around Java where I'll be a speaker together with my colleague Mike Keith.

Here are the details if you are interested in attending this free event :
Oracle Canadian Java Briefing (English)
Séance d’information sur Java (French)

mercredi oct. 19, 2011

How to build a successful Java User Groups (JUG)

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JUG's are an increasingly important part of the larger Java community (see recent JCP elections) and yet only a fraction of Java developers attend regular meetings (as we found out at JavaOne).

Before I start I probably should say that while I don't have hard data to back this up, I've seen a large number of JUG's be created in the past 2-3 years, more than 10 years after Java was first introduced, accounting for maybe as much as half of today's active JUGs. In France alone, there is more than a dozen active JUGs that were created, all in the last 3-4 years. There doesn't seem to be a shortage of interest for Java, quite the opposite.

I don't run a JUG nor am I really active in one but I've been visiting many of them in the past few years (they tend to be the format that I like best), I've seen a good number of them take off, some crash, and I interact with several JUG leaders on a regular basis, so I thought I'd share the ingredients that I believe are key to a successful JUG.

First, you need to have a venue. It may sound obvious but the lack of a regular (hopefully free-of-charge) room for your meetings is often the reason for JUG activity going down or simply disappearing. Universities seems to be the best solution after company meeting rooms.

Second, you need sponsors. While this can cover for Pizza & Beer (or Wine & Cheese, you decide), maybe more importantly this should help you cover for your speakers expenses (travel + hotel). While those speakers employed by large companies should be able to expense their entire travel, you don't want to miss out on the independent consultants. Another option is to have formal JUG members paying a yearly fee. This works well once you have a well established set of events, including maybe a yearly (international) conference.

Third, last, and not least - you need good content. This is content that addresses your JUG's interests and it doesn't have to be always about bleeding edge technology of the latest and greatest JVM language. Some folks take JUG's as a training, others mostly as a get-together, and probably also a good chunk as a way to stay on top of what's new in the Java ecosystem. You need to balance different topics but my recommendation would be to have a small set of folks decide on the agenda. Voting or large groups of folks deciding don't usually work too well.

While all of the above probably applies for any technology user group, JUG's are a bit special because they are loosely federated by mailing lists and interactions are facilitated by Sun initially and now by Oracle. If you are starting a JUG, you probably want to read about it on this all-in-one page, be listed on java-user-groups and start chatting with fellow JUG leaders, they are a great bunch and will most certainly have tips for you.

I should of course not forget to mention that you'll need energy and passion to keep a JUG running. Lot's of it!

dimanche sept. 18, 2011

Keynote Dalibor Topic sur Java 7 et OpenJDK ce vendredi à Paris

L'événement est gratuit et propose pour la première fois un "track" dédié à Java.
Pour ma part, il sera question de JavaEE dans le Cloud.

lundi sept. 12, 2011

Rentree 2011 chargée

Je ne sais pas si les classes seront chargées mais l'inspection académique a mis le paquet sur le nombre d'événements Java pour cette rentrée 2011.

JUG Summer Camp le 16 septembre, déjà une tradition (La Rochelle)
Soirée CDI au Mars JUG le 20 septembre (Marseille)
Programme NormandyJUG, début le 20 septembre (Rouen)
Open World Forum fait la Java, le 23 septembre (Paris)

Le tout donc sur une semaine et toutes ces conférences/réunions sont gratuites.

lundi mai 30, 2011

Brno Oracle Java Developer Event - Success!

I spent last Thursday in Brno to deliver a number of Java EE talks and a keynote at the Oracle Developer Java Conference. It was great because it had a good developer feel and was similar in spirit to other community-driven conferences that I recently attended. Maybe the best part was the attendance - well over 400 (excluding Oracle employees and speakers) which is great for a first time.

Dalibor Topic fought the ash cloud and managed to reach Brno to kick off the day with a Java keynote with updates on Java 7 and current thinking about Java 8 and beyond. Doug Clarke, Java Persistence Director of Product Management at Oracle was here to cover advanced JPA features as well as recent evolution in EclipseLink with a nice multi-tenancy demo (I understand there's a screencast coming soon). I took this opportunity to interview Doug on EclipseLink. The recording will soon be up on the GlassFish Podcast.

And of course, last but not least, the Prague web services engineering team was strongly represented and covering JAX-RS and Jersey. Given how the last session overran by more than half an hour I'd say this was a successful and engaging presentation. Both Marek (JAX-RS co-spec lead) and Jakub (Jersey lead) blogged about the event and shared code demo.

That's a pretty poor photo there that I have but I'm hoping to see better ones given the presence of a profesional photographer (doing a keynote and three sessions I sure felt like a rockstar with photos of me taken at each of them...).

mardi mars 08, 2011

JavaOne Russia - Moscow on April 12-13th 2011

The next JavaOne conference is scheduled for in little over than a month (April 12-13, 2011) in Moscow, Russia, planning is well on its way and I'm happy to report that I'll be presenting a number of sessions there.

JavaOne Keynote speakers are none other than Steve Harris (Senior VP of Application Server Development) and Henrik Stahl (Senior Director of Product Management).

The preliminary schedule is here (expect a few minor changes). As you can see there is plenty of Java EE and GlassFish content.

Встречаемся на JavaOne !

mardi déc. 14, 2010

Another day in Beijing, another set of photos

5 talks done! Two to go!

dimanche déc. 12, 2010

Some photos ahead of JavaOne Beijing

So I've made it to Beijing, checked in the hotel, walked around the Olympic stadiums and had the privilege to be taken out to diner to a famous roasted duck restaurant. Since there is no twitter here, here are some pictures (more with local "signs" in another post, they're quite funny, inspirational or just really surprising).

Tomorrow is going to be the first very busy day with multiple rehearsals and a first presentation for Java licensees.

jeudi nov. 25, 2010

Coin on the Mac

I just love how fast this community can move!
Kudos to Henri and Gildas for the continuous build and the .dmg/pkg downloads.

lundi nov. 08, 2010

Did you know?

• that "Java for Business" has offered Java 1.4.2 and Java 5 (both EOL'd) support to paying customers for the past 3 years ?
• that Doug Lea committed to working on OpenJDK ?
• that Oracle proposed the Apache Foundation and Red Hat for the JCP ratified seats ?
• that JCP membership is free for individual members ?

just sayin'...

mardi nov. 02, 2010

A new voice for Java from Oracle - The Java Spotlight Podcast

Roger get-a-blog Brinkley and Terrence Barr started a new weekly podcast, called the Java Spotlight. My colleague Dalibor Topic and myself are also participating in a panel. The first episode is already out with an interview with Mark Reinhold, Chief Java Architect on the future of Java SE recorded at JavaOne (Plan A, Plan B), a news section and more.

We've just recorded the second episode which should be up shortly with an interview of Steve Harris, Senior Vice President of Application Server Development at Oracle on the Sun acquisition, Java EE, and future of GlassFish.

Here are the compulsory podcast coordinates :

• Homepage (blog):
• Podcast feed:
Subscribe from iTunes
• Feedback:

PS: No, this does not mean that the GlassFish Podcast is going silent.

lundi oct. 11, 2010

IBM, Oracle et OpenJDK

Même court, ce billet pour signaler l'annonce de l'arrivée d'IBM dans le projet OpenJDK. Plus de détails ici. C'est du lourd...

jeudi sept. 16, 2010

Another JavaOne around the corner

It's that time of the year again when the JavaOne excitement builds up with sleepless nights getting ready for the sessions, demos, etc... I am yet again looking forward to another very fine JavaOne conference.

To be fair I wasn't all that excited say a couple of months ago because of the changes made to the conference (different venue with Develop and Oracle Open World happening at the same time) and the anticipated lack of announcements but I can now say that the team has done a lot of work to make the venue a comfortable place (with the Zone, a huge tent on Mason street) and that content-wise, I expect a good number of things to cause long, possibly heated, discussions. This will only demonstrate how vibrant the Java community remains.

Of course there's the future of Java SE with Mark Reinhold's recent blog entry on proposed options for Java 7 and Java 8 (now with 171 comments!), the future of OpenJDK and where the Oracle JVM is headed but there's also a lot more announcements I expect to come out. I've been to most JavaOne's since 2000 (and blogged since 2004) and this once seems like one of the busiest for me.

Of course I'll be at the GlassFish Community Event and Party (Moscone and Thirsty Bear) and will attend Larry Ellison's keynote\* in between (I've been told that this first keynote is when he's the most entertaining).

I'll have a first run of the "Beginning Java EE 6" Hands-On Lab, will certainly not miss the JavaOne keynote\* at 5:45 and probably crash the OTN party in "The Zone".

With the jetlag still in effect I hope to be there on time for Thomas Kurian's OpenWorld keynote @ 8am. The JavaOne Technical keynote\* is planned for 2:30pm that day with Roberto Chinnici (Java EE spec lead), Mark Reinhold, and other Java architects. As it stands, the evening will be packed with receptions and parties.

I'll be running the Java EE 6 "What do we do now?" panel at 10am with a great set of participants. Larry will be up again speaking at 3:15pm. I'm hoping this is the day I get to attend most sessions (still need to inject those into my agenda).

The "Java Frontier" keynote\* kick off at 9am with Ray Kurzweil and others. I then have another round of the Java EE 6 Hands-On Lab before I run to catch my plane home.

\*: Streaming of all keynotes and general sessions will be available from this page (should also be linked from this page).

There will be lots of Java EE and GlassFish-related content. Check out this post on TheAquarium for the details. Full list of sessions is here. If you're going to the conference or simply want to interact with people going there, try this tool. See you there virtually or in person.

Ok, now back to prep work.

samedi avr. 10, 2010

Thank you James

With James Gosling leaving the company it's the end of something. James is really a true nice guy and he will be missed by many. Good luck to him for whatever comes next. Thanks for the inspiration James! Many would have had a very different career/life if it wasn't for Java.


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