lundi août 25, 2008

SDPY - Geronimo, NetNewsWire, VirtualBox, Sailfin

Another SDPY (Same Day Previous Year)...

Geronimo 2.0 (Java EE 5) disponible (2007)
Hum, has it already been a year? Haven't heard much (if anything) since that. At least they were not 2+ years late to the Java EE 5 party.

Perfect Blog Reader (2004)
I'm using NetNewsWire nowadays and need to figure out how usable the online/mobile version really is (last time I tried it felt really really slow on a fast connection).

Sailfin milestone 1 (2007)
One year later, Sailfin is in alpha release and JSR 289 is finally final.

VMWare player 2.0, no thank you (2007)
Needless to say that I went to VirtualBox and never looked back.

mercredi sept. 19, 2007

Two code bases is one two many

Ok, so reading this post, it really seems to me like it's hard for IBM to maintain two products (WebSphere and Geronimo) in this competitive market and probably hard to explain which one is right for the customers.

If BEA was to join some existing effort, GlassFish would be a more natural choice because customers do not want to lose features (clustering) or performance and because of their recent commitment to the GlassFish JAX-WS stack.

vendredi sept. 07, 2007

Geronimo and GlassFish startup time compared

Julien has a comparison of open source application servers in which has an interesting quote about Geronimo's startup time :

"The startup is a bit slow: I suspect that the GBeans framework (IoC) flexibility price is some CPU time."

The interesting part to me was Julien making a connection between startup performance and IoC. Trying for myself the Tomcat incarnation of Geronimo 2.0.1 (at 55MB, the download is the same as GlassFish v2 which comes with clustering, WSIT, and OpenESB), I obtained the following start-up time -

On my machine, using Java 6, a Geronimo warm start is 43 seconds (cold start with Java 5 is 60sec). A good chunk of that time is taken by starting the EJB container. GlassFish v2 on the same machine starts in 10 seconds (stopping actually takes almost longer than starting!).

To be fair, startup time was an important effort for GlassFish v2 resulting in not all services being started as part of those 10 seconds. So I also tried Little-G which also starts up in 10 seconds. Such identical figures don't make startup-time an argument in favor of having the stripped-down version.

As a reminder, the demo of the preview of GlassFish v3 this year at JavaOne showed the HK2 kernel and the web container start in about a second. Now GlassFish v3 work is only starting, but I understand the goal is to improve startup time and to contradict Julien's thinking about flexible architectures ;). Modularity shouldn't come at price.

vendredi août 24, 2007

Geronimo 2.0 (Java EE 5) disponible

Geronimo 2.0.1 est disponible. Félicitations à l'équipe de dev. Un serveur Java EE 5 de plus, c'est toujours une bonne nouvelle. GlassFish v2 lui n'est vraiment plus très loin (17 septembre à priori).

mardi mars 13, 2007

Geronimo, un indien à Paris

Je ne peux pas me rendre à l'invitation suivante: Pause Java 'Geronimo' ce jeudi 15 mars à 18h00.
L'entrée est libre (autres infos ici). Si certains d'entre vous s'y rendent, je suis curieux d'avoir votre retour pour savoir si je dois proposer une présentation similaire de GlassFish...
L'occasion de vous annoncer la beta de GlassFish v2.

mardi janv. 23, 2007

More collaboration for GlassFish, updated Eclipse plugin, and other news

Eduardo and Jaime are sharing the news about BEA's Weblogic 10 using GlassFish's JAX-WS and JAXB bits. The latest Geronimo Milestone 2 also integrates GlassFish's JAXB.

This collaboration (coopetition?) is not new for GlassFish given Oracle's contribution of TopLink, TmaxSoft's use of GlassFish for its JEUS product, JBoss' use of JAXB and JSF and Jetty's use of Grizzly. Note that most of these technologies are available thru Maven.

In other GlassFish-related news, the Eclipse plugin has been updated (v 0.4) to work with Eclipse 3.2.x / WTP 1.5 (this was broken for the last few GF v2 builds). Get the updated version here.

Also, Shai is giving GlassFish another try and finding some major improvements which he things are Open-Source related. He also complains about error messages which are an ongoing task in the GlassFish community (the problem has been reported several times). Not an easy task.


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