lundi nov. 21, 2011

GlassFish Back from Devoxx 2011
Mature Java EE 6 and EE 7 well on its way

I'm back from my 8th (!) Devoxx conference (I don't think I've missed one since 2004) and this conference keeps delivering on the promise of a Java developer paradise week. GlassFish was covered in many different ways and I was not involved in a good number of them which can only be a good sign!

Several folks asked me when my Java EE 6 session with Antonio Goncalves was scheduled (we've been covering this for the past two years in University sessions, hands-on labs and regular sessions). It turns out we didn't team up this year (Antonio was crazy busy preparing for Devoxx France) and I had a regular GlassFish session. Instead, this year, Bert Ertman and Paul Bakker covered the 3-hour Java EE 6 University session ("Duke’s Duct Tape Adventures") on the very first day (using GlassFish) with great success it seems. The Java EE 6 lab was also a hit with a full room of folks covering a lot of technical ground in 2.5 hours (with GlassFish of course).

GlassFish was also mentioned during Cameron Purdy's keynote (pretty natural even if that surprised a number of folks that had not been closely following GlassFish) but also in Stephan Janssen's Keynote as the engine powering

In fact Stephan was a speaker in the GlassFish session describing how they went from a single-instance Tomcat setup to a clustered GlassFish + MQ environment. Also in the session was Johan Vos (of Mollom fame, along other things). Both of these customer testimonials were made possible because GlassFish has been delivering full Java EE 6 implementations for almost two years now which is plenty of time to see serious production deployments on it.

The Java EE Gathering (BOF) was very well attended and very lively with many spec leads participating and discussing progress and also pain points with folks in the room. Thanks to all those attending this session, a good number of RFE's, and priority points came out of this. While this wasn't a GlassFish session by any means, it's great to have the current RESTful Admin and upcoming Java EE 7 planned features be a satisfactory answer to some of the requests from the attendance.

Last but certainly not least, the GlassFish team is busy with Java EE 7 and version 4 of the product. This was discussed and shown during the Java EE keynote and in greater details in Jerome Dochez' session. If any indication, the tweets on his demo (virtualization, provisioning, etc...) were very encouraging.

Java EE 6 adoption is doing great and GlassFish, being a production-quality reference implementation, is one of the first to benefit from this. And with GlassFish 4.0, we're looking at increasing the product and community adoption by offering a pragmatic technical solution to Java EE PaaS deployments. Stay tuned ! (the impatient in you is encouraged to grab a 4.0 build and provide feedback).

lundi nov. 22, 2010

Couple of recent but important news you might have missed

• Java SE 7/8 platform and language JSRs have been filed ! (for some background information, check out "how to read a JSR" and "Majority or 2/3rds?").

• Release of NetBeans 7 Beta, with JDK 7 language construct support (and hints!) and a lot more. This beta version ships with GlassFish 3.1 build 29.

mardi nov. 16, 2010

A day @ Devoxx, all about Java EE 6

My first day at Devoxx was exhausting but quite satisfying. Our "Java EE 6 Tutorial, reloaded" session went very well, with all 15 demos working flawlessly, including the 4 new client demos, new slides for CDI, a "Gotchas" section and an overall pass on the slide deck. The feedback (questions, discussions, tweets, ...) was very good and many asked about the address for the demos, so here it is: (code is in the trunk, we'll tag it soon). The slides are here.

In the afternoon, Antonio and myself decided that three hours of talking wasn't enough so we took on to run a Hands-On Lab for another 3 hours. This was another set of reasons for satisfaction: 40+ people (full room) with no one leaving because of technical issues (quite rare in HOLs) and lots of good conversations comparing NetBeans to other IDEs, JSF to Struts, CDI/EJB to Spring, etc...

Overall it seems people attending were happy going through the (admittedly simple) three exercises on JSF, JAX-RS, and CDI. Those exercises and the instructions document are available from this URL. Check the README.txt file which will tell you which projects to use (with or without Maven).

Of course, as always, lots of familiar faces and fun discussions. Now looking forward to the keynote sessions tomorrow (JavaSE) and Thursday (JavaEE).

dimanche nov. 14, 2010

Javaholics Unite (at Devoxx 2010) - a Java EE perspective

Devoxx 2010 is starting in a few hours and I'll be on the train tomorrow to Antwerp. I'll have a pretty busy schedule with a tutorial, a hands-on lab, and a BOF.

So this year again, I'm giving a Java EE 6 Tutorial with my friend Antonio Goncalves. We called it "reloaded!" for a reason: it is not a repeat. A lot has happened in the past 12 months: Java EE 6 was released (and GlassFish had 3.0 and 3.0.1 releases), Oracle finally acquired Sun, CDI is getting traction, vendors are delivering, and to be bluntly honest, we've made progress in our understanding of the platform. So expect demos (including a number of new ones), new topics (mainly CDI), putting Java EE 6 portability to the task with an additional runtime, and a few new fun things. The session is at 9h30 on Tuesday.

Devoxx is having Hands-On Labs for the first time this year and attendees will be able to attend a self-paced, Java EE 6 Lab on the Tuesday afternoon which would be a great follow-up to the morning session. The only requirement for this is to come with a laptop with NetBeans 6.9.1 (java version with GlassFish) loaded (no more Maven required, it's just a bad idea with conference wifi). The rest is in the instructions we'll hand out at the beginning of the session. I'll blog after the conference about where you can find everything to work through those three exercises and get you feet wet with Java EE 6.

In other Java EE 6 festivities from fellow colleagues :
• Paul Sandoz will be able to discuss how JAX-RS integrates with the rest of the Java EE platform as well as present content from the recent JSR proposal for JAX-RS 2.0 (packed with useful stuff IMO).
• Linda DeMichiel will cover JPA 2.0 (I tend to learn something new every time I hear a JPA 2.0 talk) and a more advanced talk about the Java Persistence Criteria API.
• GlassFish architect Jérôme Dochez will cover the HK2, multiple-purpose kernel in his "HK2: Oracle WebLogic Server, Oracle GlassFish Server, and Beyond" session and will, of course, lead the GlassFish BOF.
• Ludo will cover the tooling aspects comparing NetBeans, Eclipse and IntelliJ when it comes to supporting the Java EE platform today.

They will all be giving the Java EE future keynote on Thursday morning.

There are many more interesting server-side sessions from the guys at JBoss, a must see performance by Adam Bien, a couple WebSockets presentations [1], [2], some OSGi talks, and a lot more.

Beyond the (almost) mandatory "Future of Java" and other JDK 7 talks, I'll also try to hit the NoSQL, Cloud and DevOps sessions, time and socializing permitting.

mardi nov. 24, 2009

Back from Devoxx 2009 (a JavaEE 6/GlassFish v3 perspective)

This was Devoxx' 8th edition and my personal 5th (I think).

I think the Java EE 6 and particularly GlassFish v3 were very well received at this year's Devoxx 2009 conference. Of course some of it has to do with the fact that both are almost final (Java EE 6 spec lead Roberto Chinnici announced at the event that it'll be done on December 10th 2009). But I like to think that there's much more to it.

The Java EE 6 session that Antonio Goncalves and myself ran as a university 3-hour talk was packed and (this is the real test), all came back after the break. We went through 12 or so demos (with minimal failure I should say) from a simple managed beans to a working application with JSF 2, Servlet 3.0, JAX-RS 1.1, JPA 2, EJB 3.1 (including testing, Antonio's favorite). It seems that people enjoyed the level of information and the step-by-step approach. As any other talks at the conference, this one should be made available on parlays (for a fee) real soon. We're working to make to code for the samples available one way or another. Stay tuned. Update: the session is now live on Parleys: Part 1 and Part 2. Antonio's 1-hour talk is here. All talks are for a fee.

The Java EE BOF (a last minute addition) was packed and a good moment, and to me what BOF's should look like (too many people use it do deliver regular PPT-based presentations). With a panel of JSR and project leads, the discussion centered around availability of Java EE 6 implementations, new features such as managed beans and JSR 299, how JSR's can produce multiple specs, etc... Nice interactive crowd. The speaker's diner that evening was an occasion to meet Oracle's Steve Harris, the keynote speaker for the next morning.

The first "conference" day had three keynotes : Oracle, Sun, and Adobe. The feedback on Oracle's keynote via tweets, blogs, and discussions wasn't so good but I think that with the given circumstances it made clear that Oracle cared and was no stranger to how the Java community is structured, how it evolves, and what the challenges are. The demos were what people remembered it seems. Sun's keynote was given by Roberto and Ludo (already available on Parleys) and, in 30 minutes, covered Java EE 6 and demoed GlassFish v3 - fast startup, deploy on change, preserve session on redeploy, and OSGi bundle invocation straight from a servlet were all shown in only a few minutes. I think that this is the first conference in a while where people don't ask me about GlassFish's future (and I did talk to many people during the event). This is both the result of what they saw and of the recently updated FAQ by Oracle.

JBoss was pretty well represented this year but for some (planning?) reason there was no dedicated talk on JSR299. It was certainly very nice to see JBoss strongly supporting Java EE 6 (beanvalidation, 299, JSF 2, etc...). Other highlights for me at the conference were the JDK 7 closure proposal, project Lombok looks interesting (including in a Java EE context), not quite convinced by Gradle (Maven 3 releasing in January may steal its thunder), and Kees Jan's monitoring/performance talk was pretty good. I'm amazed to see the number of people attend those performance talks - the GC is no longer the issue and there hasn't been any technology or performance tool break-through in a while (btrace is the only thing that comes close and Simon covered that). Clearly SOA is disappearing from the agenda year after year (although people had good things to say about SOA in Practice session), and leaving room for the cloud talks.

mercredi nov. 11, 2009

Atmosphere jeudi, Devoxx lundi

Pas le temps de respirer, demain Jeudi Jean-François Arcand sera là au ParisJUG pour vous donner un cours de bon français et pour vous parler d'Atmosphere, le framework multi-serveur pour faire du Comet (AjaxPush). Il y sera également question de comparaison avec Servlet 3.0 (ne pas oublier de s'inscrire, il doit rester des places).

Lundi, direction Anvers pour la conférence Devoxx. J'y présente avec notre Antonio Goncalves national (enfin c'est surtout lui qui fait le gros du boulot!) une session de trois heures sur Java EE 6 (dont les JSR sont approuvées les unes après les autres ces jours-ci). Entre consolidation des slides, mise au point des démos, et ajouts de dernière minute, on n'est pas tout à fait près...

Avec servlet 3, managed beans, bean validation, etc... cette session ira clairement au delà du contenu du bouquin d'Antonio (pourtant déjà très riche). Reste la question du JSR 299 qui mérite une session à lui tout seul (difficile de ne faire qu'une intro, la technologie a un ticket d'entrée non négligeable). En tout cas je trouve la progression dans la douzaine de démos plutôt sympa (une idée d'Antonio).

Pour ce qui est du contenu GlassFish (keynote, sessions, etc...): les détails sont ici.

lundi déc. 15, 2008

Which app server? Devoxx boards

Still a lot of emotions related to App Servers! Nice GlassFish score even if this is highly a unscientific survey.
Make sure you help us with the Readers Choice 2008.

mercredi déc. 10, 2008

A reason to stay at Devoxx 'til the end

If you're interested in GlassFish with JBoss Hibernate and Seam or Java EE 6 and EJB 3.1, Wouter will be driving a "GlassFish BOF" on Thursday and Adam Bien has his "From Legacy To Secret Weapon" talk on Friday.

mardi déc. 09, 2008

Devoxx 08 - GlassFish in Action this afternoon

With the second day of Devoxx University just starting (first keynotes are tomorrow), the conference is already going strong. I met many people already, delivered my "10 Reasons" talk, and had diner and drinks. Today is our "GlassFish in Action" session which we've prepared to be mostly demo-driven with diverse topics: GlassFish v3 Prelude, Portal tooling, Jersey, Grizzly Comet, OpenMQ, and GlassFish partner Nuxeo. Hope to see you there!


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