lundi juin 22, 2009

GlassFish at the Jazoon Conference

The GlassFish Day at Jazoon was really well attended (significantly more than last year) and is now over, so the rest of the conference can now start. This is a good time to go thru the list of GlassFish-related talks at the conference, so here it goes:

James Gosling's Keynote
Roberto on Java EE 6
Jérôme and Ludo on GlassFish v3
Java EE 6 BOF
Hudson talk
Ed's JSF 2.0 presentation
Harold on Metro Web Services
Ludo again, this time on JavaFX+GlassFish v3
Ed on JavaFX+JavaEE

Slides for the GlassFish Day are being posted here.

jeudi juin 18, 2009

GlassFish at Lyon JUG

JUG's in France have been popping up here and there at an amazing rate in the past 18 months since Antonio and the team have started the Paris JUG. I think we're somewhere in the 12 JUGs or so. For a country that didn't have any really active one only 2 years ago that's just amazing.

I was down in Lyon earlier this week for a JUG meeting (this was only their third meeting) on Groovy and GlassFish where over 60 people showed up. Come to think of it, when adding up all the JUGs, I think we average about 1000 attendees very months, that's the equivalent of a pretty decent conference. The feedback I've received was pretty good. I did a demo-heavy presentation focused on GlassFish v3 (most importantly the modularity and extensibility) and the 30-minute Q&A session took me to demo v2 (Enterprise Manager), explain the pricing model and monetization strategy, discuss more generally the Java EE and app server statuses, and deflect the best I could some Oracle-related questions...

My slides are here and you can read some notes on the event here (in French).

lundi mai 25, 2009

GlassFish @ Java AppServer Day (Genova)

I was lucky to visit Genova last week for the Java AppServer Day organized by the local JUG. I tend to blindly trust the organizers of JUG-initiated events and this event was yet another good reason to keep on doing this.

The event had exactly 100 attendees and the format was 30-minute sessions with a round-table at the end. I went first and focused on GlassFish v3 since this was mostly a developer audience and clearly had no time to also cover the clustering/operations side of GlassFish in half an hour. I did try to do as many demos as possible around startup time, dynamic startup/shutdown of services, Deploy on save in NetBeans, Session preservation across redeploys with a non-trivial application, extending GFv3 with a Spring container (available right from a local update center repository) to demonstrate OSGI-based GlassFish v3 extensibility as detailed in Jerome's latest blog entry.

JBoss' Alessio (Web Services lead) alluded to JBoss 5.1 being very close to being released (and indeed it has been since). Now waiting for the supported version ;) He also mentioned OSGi as being a priority for the next releases. Of course having Oracle in the room made the exercise quite interesting. I met Paolo, an Oracle "veteran" and a likely future colleague :) and got to listen to an Oracle middleware presentation (I hadn't seen one in ages and certainly not since the BEA integration). Paolo focused on the operations side (which arguably WebLogic does fairly well) including Coherence, JRockit and Work Manager. Finally Alef, a SpringSource founder (but no longer an employee) focused on OSGi and dmServer. I think his presentation was more didactic than mine on the OSGi front, but our demos certainly felt very similar.

Thanks to Paolo and the rest of the organizers, this was a great event, I wish I could have stayed a bit longer, the city looks beautiful!

jeudi mai 07, 2009

Java Application Server Day 2009

The Genova Java User Group is organizing the App Server Day in two weeks in Genova and have been invited to represent GlassFish.

I think App Servers are exciting again. I like to compare it to how dull operating systems were before zfs, dtrace, and more generally virtualization came along. All the participants to this event have real innovations to offer and this should be a fun day comparing and contrasting the various approaches!

Make sure you register. The organizers seem to be really on top of this and I'm looking forward to my first time in Gênes.

mardi avr. 14, 2009

GlassFish swimming to CommunityOne North (April 15th), and a beer meetup

CommunityOne North is happening tomorrow is Oslo, Norway. A single day (free of charge and totally sold out) really packed with many sessions on many different topics (as in any good C1 conference). Simon Phipps (Sun) and Håkon Wium Lie (Opera) are the two keynote speakers.

GlassFish and Java EE are well represented with sessions on GlassFish v3, migrating to and writing with Java EE 5, a session on Sailfin by Ericsson, Hudson for performance testing, and more.

Whether or not you are attending the conference (and if you're not attending the MamaMia musical) on Wednesday evening and are at all interested in GlassFish, you should consider coming to the GlassFish Meet-Up at Hard-Rock Café (map) from 4:30pm-6:pm. Courtesy of the Sun GlassFish team! Please add a comment to this blog post or send email if you plan on joining.

vendredi avr. 03, 2009

GlassFish l'aquarium in Paris - Presentation Slides

The latest GlassFish Community Day in Paris dubbed "l'aquarium" took place this past Monday. The agenda covered Java EE 6, GlassFish Portfolio (including ESB and WebSpace) but also MySQL and OpenSSO. The other interesting part is the large number (almost half) of non-Sun speakers. Here are the slides for the various presentations (some in French, most in English). Thanks to all the speakers and to the attendees (I hope you like the new GlassFish shirt!).

"Bienvenue et Introduction GlassFish Portfolio", Jean-Yves Pronier (SlideShare, PDF)
"Java EE 6", Roberto Chinnici (SlideShare, PDF)
"GlassFish v3, en route Java EE 6", Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine (SlideShare, PDF)
"GlassFish Web Space", Patrice Goutin (SlideShare, PDF)
"Retour d'expérience OpenMQ (1)", Jérôme Molière, Mentor/J (SlideShare, PDF)
"GlassFish Enterprise 2.1, production", Didier Burkhalter, Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine (SlideShare, PDF)
"Transaction support, guaranty of delivery and consistency with Glassfish ESB BPEL", Paul Perez et Bruno Sinkovic, Pymma Consulting (Source from Pymma Consulting)
"Retour d'expérience OpenMQ (2)", François Ostyn (SlideShare, PDF)
"Authentification Web unique, Fédération d'identité et sécurisation de services Web .Net et Java avec OpenSSO", Alain Barbier, Sun Microsystems et Stève Sfartz, Microsoft (SlideShare, PDF)
"MySQL HA Solutions", Lenz Grimmer (SlideShare, PDF)

lundi mars 30, 2009

L'aquarium de printemps...

... c'est demain mardi (enfin peut-être aujourd'hui pour ceux qui ne sont pas scotchés à leur ordinateur) : Ne loupez pas la première session sur Java EE 6 et la dernière sur MySQL (solutions de mise en haute dispo). Entre les deux le contenu me parait solide : retours d'expérience, interop identité avec Microsoft, nouveautés GlassFish v2.1, tour du nouveau produit WebSpace, et ESB avancé avec Pymma consulting. Presque 50% d'intervenants externes à Sun!

jeudi mars 19, 2009

Agenda de l'aquarium de printemps le 31 mars 2009

L'agenda quasi-définitif a été publié sur le site de Solutions Linux : Java EE 6, GlassFish v3, portail WebSpace, témoignage client, retour d'expérience MQ, interop identité avec Microsoft, OpenESB, BPEL, et solutions de HA pour MySQL...

L'événement est gratuit, mais les places limités. N'oubliez pas de vous inscrire.

vendredi févr. 20, 2009

CommunityOne Olso - April 15th 2009 - Call for Papers

The CommunityOne conference is said to be heading East to New York (March 18 - 19, 2009) and West to San Francisco (June 1 - 3, 2009), so I'm not sure what direction it's heading when going to Olso...
Update: the site is online (has been a little while in fact):

So there it is : CommunityOne Oslo is happening on April 15th 2009 and the call for papers is open. Simply a 150-word (max) abstract to The keynote speaker will be Ian Murdock, now Vice President of Cloud Computing Strategy at Sun.

Suggested topics include :
• Development and deployment in the cloud and virtualization
• Social networks and Web 2.0 trends
• RIAs, scripting, and tools
• Dynamic languages, databases, and Web and application servers
• Open-source projects, business models, and trends
• And more

I understand this will be held in the heart of Oslo in a very nice place and that there will be a (social) GlassFish get together at some point in the day.

vendredi déc. 05, 2008

Java FX 1.0 est là. En vrai et en détail le 12 décembre à Paris!

Difficile de ne pas avoir vu passer la sortie de Java FX 1.0 (et peut-être les petits soucis de tenue en charge du site web...).

Il y a bien entendu, le language Java FX Script, le compilateur, le SDK, l'outillage NetBeans (en attendant celui pour Eclipse qui arrive), et les plugin pour les outils Adobe (Illustrator et Photoshop) pour générer du JavaFX ("Production Suite" qui gère aussi le SVG). Le tout s'appuie sur Java 6 Update 10 (et même Update 11 sortie il y a 2 jours).

Le site contient de nombreux démos (qui fonctionnent même sur mon Mac), mais si vous êtes en région parisienne, vous avez l'opportunité de venir voir par vous même JavaFX le 12 décembre. En effet, Rich Bair et Martin Brehosvky, ingénieurs de l'équipe JavaFX chez Sun, seront là pour tout couvrir, démos à l'appui.

L'agenda détaillé suivant (et presque 100% final) a été envoyé aux inscrits :

Il reste encore quelques places avant que l'on ne ferme les enregistrements.

lundi déc. 01, 2008

GlassFish in Vienna this Wednesday morning

Before next week's Devoxx and Paris events, I'm presenting on GlassFish v3 Prelude in Vienna this coming Wednesday morning :

I hope this event is as good as JavaDeus was!

dimanche nov. 02, 2008

GlassFish à la conférence Open Source Exchange

C'est décidément la saison des conférences!

RDV donc le 12 novembre 2008 à Paris pour parler du petit dernier dans la série GlassFish: v3 "Prelude". Rapide description ici.

Belle brochette pour le reste du programme! L'événement est gratuit, n'oubliez pas de vous inscrire.

jeudi sept. 18, 2008

Wrapping up JavaZone '08

JavaZone is a very well run conference. Lots of people, overall good content, reasonably good food (for a conference that is), power trips everywhere, and a overflow system so popular that the conference rooms are emptier than they should be (a bit hard for the speakers).

My session on Scripting on GlassFish (slides) was the very first one of the conference in a medium-size room. I think it went very well given it was my first time delivering it. Certainly a standing-room only with about 250 people was a nice surprise. I'll admit I was expecting more Rails, Grails, and PHP developers in the room than the 10% that admitted being in that camp. I'm happy I had kept some "GlassFish v3 value for JavaEE developers" content in the slides and demos (dynamic loading of services, fast startup time, etc..). I've had one feedback requesting more details (fair enough, I had a fair amount of ground to cover) and several people finding the approach of runtime-consolidating multiple languages on a single technology/product to be a very compelling idea.

It was fun to find people embedding GlassFish in their product (moving soon to GlassFish v3 embedded I understand) on the show floor, to hear a good number of speakers mention GlassFish in their respective talks, and hang around with the French mafia (Bernard, Julien, Guillaume et Jérôme), all speakers at the event.

Overall a lot of OSGi here and there, but most people don't seem interested and those who are end up walking out of the room when they see the nighty gritty details. Hudson certainly got its share of coverage in most (if not all) of the agile sessions.

vendredi sept. 05, 2008

JavaZone 2008

Just like last year, I'll be attending and presenting at Oslo's JavaZone conference in less than two weeks. My presentation is called "Dynamic languages and frameworks in an enterprise application server world - an approach with GlassFish v3".

I'll describe the reasons why one would want to run dynamic languages and associated frameworks on top of an application server and describe several approaches to implement this. I'll illustrate this for JRuby On Rails, Groovy and more using the forthcoming GlassFish v3 Prelude release (scheduled for next month). If you're interested in the Java side of GlassFish v3 (fast startup, dynamic loading or services, etc...), I think you'll get something out of it too. The talk is the first one on the first day, competing with 3 Norwegian talks and Erich Gamma himself. Wish me luck!

Here's an early list of the talks I'd like to attend (as always, I'll attend 50% max):
• RESTful Web Services with Spring (JSR311 or not?)
• Qi4j - a new approach to old problems (never heard Rickard present)
• Project Hydrazine: JavaFX Open Cloud Computing Platform (had no time to look into this since J1)
• Quercus (the list of PHP apps it runs is very impressive)
• Taking Apache Camel for a Ride (OpenESB has a service engine for Camel)
• Spring == XML, XML == sucks therefore Spring == sucks? (will the content live up to the catchy title?)
• Real-world OpenESB, best practices and experiences (There's always something to learn from real-world experiences)
• Scala? Ruby? Erlang? Python! (no matter how many dynamic languages we support on GlassFish v3, there'll be more to look at)
• Zero Turnaround in Java Development
• What's new and cool in Portlet 2.0 (Julien just left JBoss to join eXo)
• How Can Amazon EC2 Benefit from the Elastic Grid Solution? (I don't care what Gartner says, cloud computing can be real today)
• Panel: Alternative and Emerging Languages

mercredi juin 18, 2008

St. Polten (Wien) tomorrow - JavaDeus

I've just arrived in sunny Vienna for tomorrow's JavaDeus.

The agenda looks very good with many topics covered throughout the day.
Make sure you show up if you're around Wien or better yet St. Pölten.


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