dimanche mars 30, 2008

SDPY - BEA, Oracle, Java EE 5, Matisse, and GlassFish

A year ago, BEA was joining the Java EE 5 parade.
• Interesting one-year-old read given the BEA acquisition by Oracle (and thus the future of Oracle's appserver) and the progress GlassFish has made in 12 months compared to others.
• I've only been using GlassFish for about 2 years (in its current incarnation). Seems longer than that.
• Three years ago, I was hinting at what NetBeans Matisse could look like. It turned out to be a killer feature.

samedi oct. 13, 2007

Is Oracle's middleware \*that\* bad?

Just like everyone else, I've been following the ORCL/BEAS announcement and comments here and there. Whether this goes through now, later or not, I obviously believe this creates extra opportunities for GlassFish which I believe is the right product at the right time. But what amazes me the most are the very negative reactions strongly criticizing (to say the least) the Oracle middleware products.

jeudi sept. 27, 2007

Is the GlassFish competition feeling pressure?

It sounds like BEA has noticed that GlassFish v2 was released with excellent performance.

Bill Roth's argument about Sun using JDK 6 is just funny. Apparently, we should be penalized by proactively supporting new releases of the JDK. It's hardly a deficiency on the GlassFish side if you ask me.

The GlassFish vs. SJS Application Server argument is just as weak. First of all, as Scott Oaks explains it, SPEC submissions can only be done on commercial products. Second, GlassFish V2 and SJS Application Server 9.1 are technically one and the same thing. No performance difference to expect whatsoever.

So Bill, when will Weblogic support Java 6 (released almost a year ago)?
(my blog engine doesn't require an account, feel free to answer here)

Oh, and marcf is also trying to dismiss GlassFish. Interesting how a fish can make people nervous.

mercredi sept. 19, 2007

Two code bases is one two many

Ok, so reading this post, it really seems to me like it's hard for IBM to maintain two products (WebSphere and Geronimo) in this competitive market and probably hard to explain which one is right for the customers.

If BEA was to join some existing effort, GlassFish would be a more natural choice because customers do not want to lose features (clustering) or performance and because of their recent commitment to the GlassFish JAX-WS stack.

jeudi avr. 05, 2007

Les Web Services Weblogic assurés désormais par GlassFish

Pour complémenter l'article de Pierre Tran sur l'arrivée de Weblogic 10, conforme à Java EE 5 (excellente nouvelle), il est intéressant de noter que la partie Web Services du serveur d'application de BEA est désormais basée sur le code de GlassFish. Il s'agit de JAX-WS 2.0, mais sans la partie Tango/WSIT qui permet de faire de l'interopérabilité avec .Net (entre autre). GlassFish v2 (maintenant en beta) intègre JAX-WS 2.1.

vendredi mars 30, 2007

Congratulations to BEA

BEA has shipped their Java EE 5 compliant version of WebLogic (v10). Congratulations!

vendredi févr. 09, 2007

2007, the year for Java EE 5

Busy AppServer and Java EE day:
- BEA announcing their WebLogic 10 developer preview passing the Java EE 5 CTS and with JAX-WS RI included.
- Marc Fleury leaving the JBoss ship (not a surprise, but still a big news).

I was speaking last week at an Open Source Conference in Paris in the Java Application Server Track and from what I heard from the JBoss and JOnAS guys, it seems like 2007 will be the year when (almost) all app server vendors deliver Java EE 5.

Now that's not to say you need to wait for 2008 to start using Java EE 5. Some early Java EE 5 & GlassFish adopters have already been successfully deploying in production.

Let the competition begin!

mardi janv. 23, 2007

More collaboration for GlassFish, updated Eclipse plugin, and other news

Eduardo and Jaime are sharing the news about BEA's Weblogic 10 using GlassFish's JAX-WS and JAXB bits. The latest Geronimo Milestone 2 also integrates GlassFish's JAXB.

This collaboration (coopetition?) is not new for GlassFish given Oracle's contribution of TopLink, TmaxSoft's use of GlassFish for its JEUS product, JBoss' use of JAXB and JSF and Jetty's use of Grizzly. Note that most of these technologies are available thru Maven.

In other GlassFish-related news, the Eclipse plugin has been updated (v 0.4) to work with Eclipse 3.2.x / WTP 1.5 (this was broken for the last few GF v2 builds). Get the updated version here.

Also, Shai is giving GlassFish another try and finding some major improvements which he things are Open-Source related. He also complains about error messages which are an ongoing task in the GlassFish community (the problem has been reported several times). Not an easy task.


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