lundi avr. 27, 2009

SDPY - Happy 5th B-day BSC!

According to my archives, is turning 5 today. So much has happened in this period of time and I can only think of positive benefits this service brought to Sun, both the employees and the company.

lundi sept. 29, 2008

SDPY - JavaEE 5, Java 5, ...

•   POJOs and ABAP (SAP now Java EE 5-certified) (2006)
I was asking who would be last ship a Java EE 5-certified product. So, IBM or JBoss?

•   Tiger is here! (2004)
Java SE 5 shipped four (!) years ago. Are you there yet?

mercredi sept. 17, 2008

SDPY - GlassFish v2 is one year old

GlassFish v2: techno et business (Mon, Sep 17, 2007)
What a difference a year can make!

lundi août 25, 2008

SDPY - Geronimo, NetNewsWire, VirtualBox, Sailfin

Another SDPY (Same Day Previous Year)...

Geronimo 2.0 (Java EE 5) disponible (2007)
Hum, has it already been a year? Haven't heard much (if anything) since that. At least they were not 2+ years late to the Java EE 5 party.

Perfect Blog Reader (2004)
I'm using NetNewsWire nowadays and need to figure out how usable the online/mobile version really is (last time I tried it felt really really slow on a fast connection).

Sailfin milestone 1 (2007)
One year later, Sailfin is in alpha release and JSR 289 is finally final.

VMWare player 2.0, no thank you (2007)
Needless to say that I went to VirtualBox and never looked back.

vendredi août 22, 2008

SDPY - NetBeans 4.0, Java Kernel

August 22nd is often prolific on this blog it seems.

Is JavaBE justified? (2006)
Java 6 Update 10 is now in RC. I was quite skeptical of the ability to bring down the size of the download (people were talking about a 1Mb installer...). Two years later, the full installer is expected to be around 11Mb and less than 4Mb for the kernel installer. That's a pretty good result given how intertwined the JRE classes are and compared to AIR or even Silverlight (ok, Flash is still doing great in that respect).

NetBeans 4.0 beta is out! (2004)
NetBeans 4.0 was the start of the NetBeans re-birth. It brought a new ANT-based system, had full support for Java 5 (funny to read the comment about Eclipse also "supporting Java 5, except for annotations" ;-), a new windowing system, etc... Clearly Matisse, the profiler, the new editor infrastructure, the regularly enhanced support for Java EE development and the support for scripting languages made it only better over time. It did take four years though...

dimanche mars 30, 2008

SDPY - BEA, Oracle, Java EE 5, Matisse, and GlassFish

A year ago, BEA was joining the Java EE 5 parade.
• Interesting one-year-old read given the BEA acquisition by Oracle (and thus the future of Oracle's appserver) and the progress GlassFish has made in 12 months compared to others.
• I've only been using GlassFish for about 2 years (in its current incarnation). Seems longer than that.
• Three years ago, I was hinting at what NetBeans Matisse could look like. It turned out to be a killer feature.

mardi mars 25, 2008

SDPY - NetBeans on a diet

Three years ago, I wrote a couple of blog entries ([1], [2]) about the impact of removing features from NetBeans (which was only available as a single bundle at the time) to bring it closer to java editors in memory consumption.

Nowadays, NetBeans comes in a variety of bundles, including some very lightweight ones such at the 26MB Java bundle, the 22 Ruby bundle, or even the 14MB C/C++ bundle. With JavaScript coming in 6.1 we might see even more bundles (although a JavaScript-only bundle wouldn't make a much sense IMO).

jeudi janv. 03, 2008

SDPY - Happy Birthday Groovy

Groovy 1.0 is one year old. Version 1.5 has been released since and while Sun has been more focused on JRuby, Groovy and Grails are fairly well supported in both NetBeans and GlassFish.

lundi nov. 12, 2007

SDPY - Java Open Source

Il y a un an, Java passait au GPL. Depuis, pas de fork, plutôt une belle coopération avec RedHat.

samedi sept. 08, 2007

SDPY - Most important Java 7 feature

Two years ago, I wrote this piece on "The most important feature for Java 7". It still sounds like the #1 thing I want from Java 7.

vendredi sept. 07, 2007

SDPY - JRuby Guys

Well, it's been a year since Sun hired the JRuby Guys, Charlie and Thomas. Since that JRuby 1.0 has been released and NetBeans support for the language as well as for JRoR is making a lot of waves lately. At the same time, we've seen Jython come back from the dead (v2.2), Groovy reach the long awaited 1.0 (and 1.1), and the birth of JavaFX Script. Great time to be a dynamic developer on the Java platform!

lundi juil. 16, 2007

SDPY - Roller, Atom, ...

• Duplicates duplicates duplicates dup...
I've blogged about the huge progress made by Roller and how stable it has become. I'd say it's now a the Unix of blogging engines - reliable and highly configurable. Time to make it a Sun product?

• Mastering feeds is not an easy job...
APP interop is looking good, and Roller is Atom-enabled (of course).

dimanche juil. 15, 2007

SDPY - Bistro turns 3

My blog, Bistro, turns three today. Looking back at the 552 entries and the 700 comments, I have no reason to regret the time spent writing this although I would have done a few things differently. Blogging is an ongoing learning experience. I used the translate/proof-read books to keep up with the technology, now I blog. Having a blog forces you to learn more and more all the time (a missing bullet point from Tim Bray's excellent "It's not dangerous" entry IMO).

mercredi juil. 11, 2007

SDPY - Episode GlassFish

Il y a à peu près deux ans (déjà!), je présentais l'objectif de GlassFish. Nous voici maintenant à l'aube d'une version 2 intégrant un clustering complet et un pile web services performante, interopérable avec Microsoft .Net 3.0 (WCF) et conforme au WS-I BSP (Basic Secure Profile) 1.0.

Bien sûr l'actualité c'est aussi le record de performance SPEC annoncé hier qui place GlassFish tout simplement devant BEA, Oracle et les autres, mais aussi cet autre résultat basé exclusivement sur une pile Open Source. En matière de serveur d'application Java, il n'y a désormais plus à choisir entre Open Source et fonctions d'entreprise.

Coté contributions, au delà d'Oracle qui fournit l'implémentation de référence de JPA, Ericsson est le second acteur important contribuant à GlassFish dans le cadre du projet SailFin, serveur de communication SIP Open Source. Le nombre de contributeurs individuels est également en progression. Les plus méritants ont été récompensés en mai dernier. Le nombre de contributeurs "par emprunts" se porte bien lui aussi: JAX-WS dans Weblogic 10, Metro & JSF dans JBoss 5 pour ce citer que les plus significatifs.

Enfin, coté déploiements, recense une partie des mises en production de GlassFish. Inutile de parler du nombre de refus (polis) essuyés pour une référence en ligne. Enfin, plusieurs clients français participent au programme beta pour GlassFish 2 qui débute ces jours-ci et d'autres n'attendent qu'une version finale pour passer en production.

mardi juin 26, 2007

SDPY - Maturing GlassFish, Sunrays

•  [Sun Jun 26 2005] Ultra 20 and silly use of SunRays
I use sunrays on a daily basis and I really like it. I think the recent Solaris/OpenSolaris improvements provides JavaOne attendees a good experience...

•  [Tue Jun 27 2006] GlassFish turns 1
So we'll have version 2 with full clustering and great performance two years after starting, ...


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