mardi déc. 23, 2008


It's been a heck of a year for JUGs in France. 2008 started with only one physical ( is a great virtual JUG) and aging JUG with almost no activity and we are now, 12 months later, with no less than 8 JUGs country-wide!

The ParisJUG was the first one (it already averages around 180/200 attendees every month) and others quickly followed: Breizh JUG (Rennes), Tours, Grenoble JUG, Bordeaux JUG, Nantes JUG, Lorraine JUG (Nancy?), and last but not least the RivieraJUG (Nice)!

I also hear rumors of something going on in Toulouse. I'm sure we can do even better with Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Clermont-Ferrand, ... Given the hard task of running a JUG (getting a venue, speakers, not upsetting anyone with the content or the sponsors, etc...) the goal of still being at 8 active JUGs next year would be a good one IMO.

I'll be speaking about GlassFish v3 Prelude in Paris and Sophia Antipolis in January :
14 janvier 2009 @ Sophia-Antipolis: Mini-conférence Java EE. Great to be back there after a long hiatus (darn, Tiger seems like ages ago!).
Soirée Java EE 6 (13/01/2009). Doing this one with Antonio Goncalves.

Just like elsewhere, the java community is alive and well (in case anybody asks!).

vendredi oct. 10, 2008

One more appserver doing Java EE 5

So it appears WebSphere 7 has been released. Reading this list of new features, I find some interesting management stuff but wonder how many people will actually use it. It also feels kinda odd to see EJB3 examples I was using 3 years ago evangelizing Java EE 5. Still, it's great to have another Java EE 5 product in the industry. I guess JBoss is last... Oh no, still waiting for JOnAS too :)

jeudi août 28, 2008

SDPY 2006 - licence pour Java Open Source

•   Java Open Source - Votre avis nous intéresse! (Mon, Aug 28, 2006)
Sun a annoncé que la licence utilisée pour la mise en Open Source de Java serait une licence OSI....

Pour être tout à fait honnête, à cette époque déjà (quelques mois avant l'annonce publique), la GPL tenait déjà bien la corde. Ce qui est intéressant dans la relecture de ce billet, c'est le commentaire de bjb qui avait presque tout juste. Avec un peu plus de temps GPLv3 aurait été un bon candidat, mais le risque était trop grand sans un minimum de recul sur l'usage de cette nouvelle licence. Depuis, OpenOffice a annoncé son adoption de la GPLv3.

vendredi juil. 18, 2008

Stuff that happened while I was away...

I'm back from almost 2 weeks off. While I was away on vacation, many others were busy:
• NetBeans 6.1 released Patch 2 and NetBeans 6.5 Milestone 1 (PHP included) also shipped (do people in Prague ever take a break?)
VisualVM 1.0 ships and is part of the Java 6 Update 7 release ! (some background here). Notice it's a NetBeans RCP app and that it features the NetBeans profiler.
Python in NB !
• Former Sun and startup colleague Vincent launched I like the name, now I need to check out if I like this "end2end" framework.
EclipseLink 1.0 ships (and is now in GFv3 nightly builds)
OpenDS 1.0 shipped!. Congratulations Grenoble!
• First SPECjvm2008 Result Published!
MEP (Mobile Enterprise Platform) 1.0 released (GlassFish + Mobile Sync technology + JavaCAPS connectors). SyncML is now called OMA DS btw.

Now that's a lot of stuff including many releases but so little time...

dimanche juin 29, 2008

Jazoon trip report

This wiki page has the agenda and the slides for the presentations given during the GlassFish Day at the Jazoon conference earlier this week. Audio for some of the session should be released on the GlassFish Podcast in the next few weeks.

We had a nice, participating crowd throughout the day. I'd like to thank all the speakers for making their presentation different from the Jazoon one. All the talks had many good questions but I'd say Jersey, Comet/IceFaces, JavaEE, and v3 triggered the most. IceFaces' Ted Goddard did a comprehensive Comet presentation as well as the SailFin demo with a page of all the SIP phones registered updated on the fly. Paul Sandoz had a demo-mostly session on JAX-RS/Jersey that went very well. Roberto Chinnici had a good feedback session on JavaEE. Interestingly OSGi as a developer-exposed API didn't trigger any interest from this crowd.

In Jerome's v3 talk, only 5 people or so had seen a GlassFish v3 demo before. Sometimes we take for granted that most people have seen the various JavaOne keynotes and associated screencasts. Overall 45-minute sessions worked well (thanks to all the speakers for making it work). We stayed on track for the entire day (9am-3pm). Oh and by the way, the conference had great Wifi (worth noting as I never had this at any conference).

Finally some interesting statistics from the participants:
• Half of the attendees were GlassFish users.
• 80% of all the attendees use Java EE 5 (the rest probably can't).
• Top 5 features for GF (ranked): JPA, Rest (Jersey), EJB3, Metro Web Services, Clustering
• Top 3 resources to get information (ranked): Documentation, Forums & mailing lists, TechTips & Articles.

dimanche juin 01, 2008

Blog Alti - draggable applets

Un des moments forts de cette JavaOne 2008 du mois dernier fut Java 6 Update 10. Que cela soit utilisé par JavaFX ou tout simplement par des applications Web Start ou des applets existantes, Patrick Champion d'Alti vous explique en détails comment reproduire la fonction démontrée qui consiste à sortir une applet de sa page web pour la transformer en application Java Web Start indépendante du navigateur. Le tout en français dans le texte.

jeudi mai 01, 2008

Any announcements left for JavaOne?

It really seems that this year, announcements are happening before JavaOne.
Here's what I have so far (I'm sure I missed some, adding as we go):
GlassFish v3 does OSGi
NetBeans 6.1 released
Spring Application Platform
Java 6 on the Mac (late, but still faster than JBoss on Java EE 5 ;)
OpenJDK 6 in Fedora and Ubuntu
Embedded GlassFish

Hum, I'm wondering if they were all planned long in advance or somehow related one to another...
Anyway, plenty more to come at JavaOne I'm sure. Full speed ahead!

lundi avr. 28, 2008

A Tours le 14 mai 2008

JavaOne c'est la semaine prochaine et le compte-rendu de ce qu'il se sera dit c'est à Tours au "Toursjug" le 14 mai 2008 à 19h (avec un peu de GlassFish au passage).

mardi déc. 18, 2007

Yet Another Successful JavaPolis

JavaPolis is over and it was yet another great event. I've had many people tell me they liked it more than JavaOne. It must be either the comfy theater chairs or the size of the conference (easy to talk chat with speakers and conference attendees).

It must be a habit of releasing NetBeans versions for JavaPolis (4.0 in 2004). This time NetBeans 6.0 is really here and what a distance between those releases!

My GlassFish presentation went well, very well even given I had totally crashed my aging laptop two hours before I started. Good thing I had my presentation on a USB stick and that the GF download was reasonable in size. As Jean-François wrote, the audience was good (the competition was pretty stiff) and people stayed throughout the presentation and there were some interesting questions after the talk. The startup time of the current v3 drew some nice "wow" 's and applause which I almost did expect (I'm must be spoiled after showing this too many times ;-).

Of course I met a lot of people and I'm not even going to try to name them all. I have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised to see the attendance in talks such as Java EE 6, EJB 3.1, and JPA 2.0. They were really crowed. Spring seemed less present than previous years and there was no BEA in sight (they used to be one of the main sponsors).

Finally, it was great to see Neal and Josh on stage together, but it seems the agreement didn't last long.

lundi déc. 10, 2007

Java 6 is 365 days old

Java SE 6 was released one year ago. Have you moved to using it? In development? In production? Using and application server (GlassFish v2 is supported on JDK 6)? Are you a Mac User? :)

dimanche déc. 09, 2007

Poll - Which JPA provider

With three implementations, all open source, I'm curious as to which JPA implementation you are using, so I've started the poll on the right hand side a couple of days back. I imagine some people will chose one of the answers even if they're not using JPA, but that's fine, this poll is far from being scientific in the first place.

vendredi nov. 16, 2007

VisualVM - NetBeans Platform powered

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It's been almost three years that I first mentioned the NetBeans platform. The technology has since grown to be a first-class citizen in the NetBeans and Java worlds (with tooling support and books). The main difference with Eclipse RCP remains - NetBeans Platform is 100% Java/Swing.

VisualVM is a recent (and early) development based on the NetBeans Platform. It strikes an interesting balance between monitoring (a la JConsole), profiling (a la NetBeans Profiler, including a heap walker), and troubleshooting (new in Java 6). The platform is worth about half the application size, startup time is less than 5 seconds, and the application has a very professional look. The update center inherited from the platform isn't functional just yet, but I can certainly see the value of this for future versions and plugins to extend the feature set.

If you're in a Java 6 world, everything is really easy except maybe for profiling server-side applications which requires a fairly long time for the dynamic instrumentation to happen. Just like for JDK tools, VisualVM can also work on a remote process or a core file. More on VisualVM here.

lundi nov. 05, 2007


Two years ago, I was commenting on the JPA evolution. 24 months mater, Hibernate is still a very vibrant community, but interestingly enough it's not the default in any Java EE 5 application server (at least until JBoss 5 releases). Clearly developers do use JPA outside the container (for batch or Swing applications), BEA/SolarMetric donated openJPA, and WebSphere "Classic" is still not reported as supporting Java EE 5...

mardi oct. 09, 2007

New Sun processor + new VM optimization = Great performance increase

Now, it's not just GlassFish at Sun that's breaking performance records. My friends from Sun's Java performance team are also doing wonderful things with the JVM on the newly released Niagara 2 (UltraSPARC T2) CPU. Congratulation guys!

Maybe it's time for a new GlassFish benchmark on this newer Java 6 VM? Too bad BEA can't use Java 6 ;-)

lundi oct. 08, 2007

Java conference in Athens

This was my first trip to Greece and I must say I had a very good time thanks to wonderfully friendly JUG hosts Paris & Panos. This is one very nice Java User Group that seems to be doing very well. The audience for this event was close to 200. Maybe the rich agenda had something to do with this.

The GlassFish map didn't show Greece as one of the top countries in the World. Maybe this has to do with the JBoss AS lead developer living in Athens as well as being in the audience. So my presentation covered Java EE 5 (2 slides), GlassFish v2 (main part of the presentation given we've just released this major version), Java EE 6 (brief), GlassFish v3 (HK2 kernel + demo), and a brief description of the broader community. The presentation slides should soon be online on the event page.

I also discussed with a couple of GlassFish users. They seemed very pleased with both the current product and the early work on GlassFish v3. Questions I got were around JBoss performance (answer: ask them, not me!), licensing (answer: CDDL let's you reuse GlassFish bits as part of a commercial offering), external commiters (depends on the module, JSF has several).

It was also nice to meet other speakers (Roman, Jonas, Alef, and Heinz). Some interesting discussions before and after the event. Paris and Panos took some of us out on the night before the enjoy typical Greek food. Very nice.

Finally, it was a good opportunity to meet with the Noemax people who provide components for Microsoft WCF (the Web Services stack in .Net 3.0). In particular these people provide a FastInfoset and SOAP/TCP extensions to WCF. These are of course interoperable with GlassFish's Metro stack. We also discussed how Java and .Net developer communities differ. All in all a great conversation.

Paris has a report on the event as well as a few photos. Roman's is here.


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