dimanche déc. 02, 2012

Final Warning - Blog Moved to alexismp.wordpress.com

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mercredi mai 02, 2012

Blog moved to alexismp.wordpress.com

I have left Oracle.

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dimanche avr. 08, 2012

This blog has moved!

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lundi mars 26, 2012

New Horizon

I have resigned from Oracle and thus will soon leave the GlassFish group.

I feel very proud looking back at what we've achieved as a team with GlassFish in the past few years, including those past two years at Oracle. If you know anything about the history of application servers at Sun, you'll recognize that building such a community around GlassFish and its amazing number of downloads is nothing short of a small miracle. The Java EE platform has also seen a strong resurgence, bringing it back to the forefront of effective enterprise Java development in many ways.

Having been hired by Sun some 13 years ago to sell NetDynamics I certainly feel that I leave the company's application server in *much* better shape. Oracle has ambitious plans for GlassFish and has been in my opinion a good steward for this community. I see no reason for this to change and I do expect the community to keep on pushing Oracle to get even better with time.

This ride has been intense and the people I've met and worked with, both inside and outside Sun/Oracle, have made the experience the best one of my career.

My journey now continues here: alexismp.wordpress.com. See you there!

mardi déc. 13, 2011

Taking Mission Control 4.1 for a quick spin

As Henrik, Marcus, and Markus posted yesterday, JRockit Mission Control 4.1 (download) is out and it has two interesting features I wanted to try out: early support for HotSpot and a Mac OS version.

The best (the only?) way to test both of these features without installing the JRockit JVM itself is to install Mission Control as an Eclipse (3.7) plugin using its update center.

Once you switch to the Mission Control perspective, locally running JVMs (Apple's latest 1.6 JVM, the JDK 7 Developer Preview or OpenJDK) are all detected with "General", "MBeans" and "Runtime" sections very much functional. It's still early days with the Flight Recorder and Memory Leak Detector features not yet available.

Looking at a JVM running GlassFish 3.1.1, the application server AMX's are available once you initiate a bootAMX operation.

mardi oct. 25, 2011

JAVA Developer Day, développez avec Java EE 6 et GlassFish

Evénement gratuit Java EE et GlassFish la semaine prochaine chez Oracle France :
"Comment exploiter tout le potentiel de Java EE 6 et de GlassFish ? Pour cela, Oracle vous invite à un atelier pratique inédit qui vous permettra de découvrir Java EE 6 et développer avec GlassFish."

jeudi 3 novembre 2010 de 9h30 à 16h30.
Oracle France - 15, boulevard du Général de Gaule 92715 Colombes

Au programme: présentation et labs (venir avec son portable).
Inscriptions en ligne (places limitées).

lundi oct. 17, 2011

October trips and a new JUG

JavaOne was good this year but that was just the beginning of traveling for my month of October.

I'm just back from a very well-attended inaugural session at the Lava JUG (in Clermont Ferrand, France) covering Java 7 (together with Julien) and some JavaOne 2011 news. The event had 120+ participants. So pictures here. It's always great to hear about new JUGs popping up close to 15 years after the creation of Java (more on JUGs in a future entry).

This coming week, I'll be in Romania:
Cluj Napoca on Wednesday 19th, 2011 in the Golden Tulip Hotel. Send email to register.
Bucharest on the next day: Thursday 20th, 2011 in the Intercontinental. See event page for details.

The week after (October 27th), I'm participating in fOSSa in Lyon, France. This is, as the name implies, an Free/Libre open source software conference and I'm happy to see that Serli's Jerome Petit is also listed as a speaker to discuss the benefits he see for his company in their numerous open source contributions (GlassFish and others). Let this talk enlighten many others!

lundi mai 30, 2011

Brno Oracle Java Developer Event - Success!

I spent last Thursday in Brno to deliver a number of Java EE talks and a keynote at the Oracle Developer Java Conference. It was great because it had a good developer feel and was similar in spirit to other community-driven conferences that I recently attended. Maybe the best part was the attendance - well over 400 (excluding Oracle employees and speakers) which is great for a first time.

Dalibor Topic fought the ash cloud and managed to reach Brno to kick off the day with a Java keynote with updates on Java 7 and current thinking about Java 8 and beyond. Doug Clarke, Java Persistence Director of Product Management at Oracle was here to cover advanced JPA features as well as recent evolution in EclipseLink with a nice multi-tenancy demo (I understand there's a screencast coming soon). I took this opportunity to interview Doug on EclipseLink. The recording will soon be up on the GlassFish Podcast.

And of course, last but not least, the Prague web services engineering team was strongly represented and covering JAX-RS and Jersey. Given how the last session overran by more than half an hour I'd say this was a successful and engaging presentation. Both Marek (JAX-RS co-spec lead) and Jakub (Jersey lead) blogged about the event and shared code demo.

That's a pretty poor photo there that I have but I'm hoping to see better ones given the presence of a profesional photographer (doing a keynote and three sessions I sure felt like a rockstar with photos of me taken at each of them...).

samedi mai 07, 2011

Welcome to the new Bistro!

After almost 7 years and almost 1000 entries, this blog was moved to the new blogs.oracle.com infrastructure (based on the very fine Apache Roller). Whether you're reading this in a feed aggregator or on the webpage, redirects should make everything transparent for you.

Clearly with the rise of twitter and the time spent on TheAquarium I have little time left for this blog, but do expect some activity on a weekly (or so) basis.

I resisted doing so for all those years, but with the move to pre-defined templates I felt it was time to put a photo up on the blog to differentiate the page a bit.

dimanche avr. 10, 2011

JavaOne Russia - Да здравствует Москва!

I'm taking off tomorrow for Moscow to attend and present at JavaOne Russia. It'll certainly be fun to see snow after a 26deg week-end in Paris.

I'll probably record another Java Spotlight Podcast with the rest of the crew and we'll see how much Russian cuisine and walking around I'll get to do in the little time I'll stay there...

This is the first time JavaOne goes to Russia and I'm curious to see how different it'll be from the several Sun Tech Days I've attended in the past in St. Petersburg. It'll probably be one of my busiest conferences with multiple talks and hands-on labs. See you there!

lundi janv. 03, 2011

2010 top blog entries and other stats

This blog has moved to alexismp.wordpress.com
Follow the link for the most up-to-date version of this blog entry.

Wishing you a successful 2011 and sharing the obligatory stats for 2010 :

The #1 entry on this blog for 2010 is "GlassFish 3.0.1 is out - Delivering on the community roadmap promise" (June 2010, accounting for more than 7% of the traffic). Other top entries include :
"Using the EJBContainer API with or without Maven (but with GlassFish v3)" (Oct. 2009)
"javaOne 2010 : Java EE 6 Panel "What do we do now?" notes" (Sept. 2010)
"GlassFish without the IDE (quick survival guide)" (March. 2010)

Overal traffic was 46.29% from Google search engines, 29.65% from referring sites, and 11.30% was direct traffic.

More than 20% of visitors come from the US, and almost as much from France. Germany, UK, and India are around 5% each. Suriname, Gibraltar, Tuvalu, Timor-Leste, and Malawi each accounting for a grand total of 1 hit.

Compared to 2009:
• +32% Visits, -9% New Visitors (not sure how to interpret both).
• -12% for Firefox (still #1 at 54%), +180% for Chrome (#2 at 19%), IE still #3 but dropping by 25%
• 87.26% have Java enabled
• 70% still use Windows (Linux is 16% and Mac is 12%)

mercredi déc. 22, 2010

Random Chinese Signs

We interrupt this program to bring you some "signs" which some of you have requested following my previous Beijing posts.

maybe a quote by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry ?

Men's room in a shopping mall.

Another men's room. No comment...

Behave! (contributed by Geertjan)

dimanche déc. 12, 2010

Some photos ahead of JavaOne Beijing

So I've made it to Beijing, checked in the hotel, walked around the Olympic stadiums and had the privilege to be taken out to diner to a famous roasted duck restaurant. Since there is no twitter here, here are some pictures (more with local "signs" in another post, they're quite funny, inspirational or just really surprising).

Tomorrow is going to be the first very busy day with multiple rehearsals and a first presentation for Java licensees.

mardi nov. 16, 2010

A day @ Devoxx, all about Java EE 6

My first day at Devoxx was exhausting but quite satisfying. Our "Java EE 6 Tutorial, reloaded" session went very well, with all 15 demos working flawlessly, including the 4 new client demos, new slides for CDI, a "Gotchas" section and an overall pass on the slide deck. The feedback (questions, discussions, tweets, ...) was very good and many asked about the address for the demos, so here it is: http://beginningee6.kenai.com/ (code is in the trunk, we'll tag it soon). The slides are here.

In the afternoon, Antonio and myself decided that three hours of talking wasn't enough so we took on to run a Hands-On Lab for another 3 hours. This was another set of reasons for satisfaction: 40+ people (full room) with no one leaving because of technical issues (quite rare in HOLs) and lots of good conversations comparing NetBeans to other IDEs, JSF to Struts, CDI/EJB to Spring, etc...

Overall it seems people attending were happy going through the (admittedly simple) three exercises on JSF, JAX-RS, and CDI. Those exercises and the instructions document are available from this URL. Check the README.txt file which will tell you which projects to use (with or without Maven).

Of course, as always, lots of familiar faces and fun discussions. Now looking forward to the keynote sessions tomorrow (JavaSE) and Thursday (JavaEE).

jeudi nov. 11, 2010

Random (but useful) News - 2010/11/11

GlassFish Podcast on Play! to celebrate their 1.1 release and their GlassFish container.
• First patch release for GlassFish 3.0.1. This is for paying Oracle GlassFish Server customers. Others will get the fixes as part of 3.1.
• Details on CDI/Weld in the upcoming GlassFish 3.1 release. Hoping memory and performance issues are all behind us.
Oracle JVM strategy clarification. Best quote: "We estimate that the contribution of code from JRockit into OpenJDK will be one of the largest - if not the largest - single contributions to the project since its inception."
• Get The Facts: MySQL Licensing and Pricing. Community Edition still free+GPL+InnoDB.
JDK 7 Support in NetBeans IDE 7.0. Ok, when do I find the time to try this all out?

and last but certainly not least :
Apple Joins OpenJDK!, (with some details from an Apple engineer).


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