RAC11.2.0.2 redundant interconnect and the Cluster Health Monitor

There are 2 interesting new features on RAC The first is the cluster HAIP resource, that makes possible to have up to 4 redundant interconnects that will be automatically managed by the cluster for fail-over and load balancing.  The second one is the Cluster Health Monitor. It was previously available as a utility that you can download and install, now is a resource on the cluster and will start to collect valuable OS statistics from the moment the Cluster...

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RAC, ASM and Linux Forum, May 18, 2011: EXADATA Production Customers updates

Exadata is changing the world of Database Performance, on this forum we will have two EXADATA Production Customers updates. 75 million Customer Telecom Turkcell will be represented by Ferhat Sengonul, Senior OS Administrator, DBA, and Datawarehouse Project Leader, that led Exadata implementation and scale out to their actual 3 full, 24 database nodes, Exadata racks. Ferhat will present his experience with a very large Data-Warehouse in Exadata, including online high...

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ASM Hands-On Training, Lab 6, Looking into PST Metadata

This lab looks into the ASM disk header section that contain the Partnership and Status Table, the PST. I have found in some limited occasions, specially following storage crashes that result in problems to mount the ASM disk groups, that looking into the PST may help to clarify the extent of the damage and asses if we need to go for a backup or not. The lab can be found on this document: Looking into PST Metadata Note that when reading the Metadata to seee the PST you must...

Friday, September 11, 2009 | RAC | Read More CRS bundle1 released

CRS Bundle Patch I was released for version It is available for Linux x86 and x86-64, AIX 64-bit, HP-UX Itanium and HP-UX RISC 64-bit. Details can be found on metalink Note 810663.1 11.1.0.X CRS Bundle Patch Information Before applying the patch be sure to follow instructions on Note 458485.1 : "How to find whether the one-off Patches will conflict or not?", to check for potential conflicts between patches already applied and the new patches. Apply on test, check and...

Sunday, May 3, 2009 | RAC | Read More

RAC and ASM Upgrade from to

11g is becoming more and more interesting for many Companies. Since last year I started to implement 11g Oracle Clusterware with 11g ASM and 10g RAC Databases; on the last months I did start to work on pure 11g environments soon to be production, so I thought that having experience on how to migrate 10g RAC environments to 11g was necessaire. On this post I'm presenting a step by step procedure for migrating Oracle Clusterware, ASM and RDBMS to 11g. Each step is...

Monday, December 22, 2008 | RAC | Read More

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