Configuring FTP on Exadata

Exadata is installed with the minimum set of rpm's required to make it work as a database server. In many cases you will need to install by yourself the rpms required to make available some specific functions, like FTP. Exadata is installed either with Oracle Enterprise Linux or Solaris Express. This instructions match the Linux distribution, and can be used on any RH compatible Linux, not only OEL on Exadata.You can find the rpm's on the Oracle Enterprise Linux...

Monday, July 25, 2011 | Linux | Read More

How to Install the Oracle-Validated rpm Using a Local Repository

One of the steps required to install Oracle on Linux is to Install all the Linux packages, rpm's, needed by Oracle, and their dependencies. That is followed by creating the Oracle user account and groups and setup the parameters for the kernel. All of these tasks can be automatized by installing a single rpm that is distributed by Oracle, the Oracle-Validated rpm. On the Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.5 distribution disk it is included the Oracle-Validated rpm and also the ASMLib...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010 | Linux | Read More

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