How to setup passwordless ssh in Exadata using dcli

Setting passwordless ssh root connection using dcli is fast and simple and will easy later to execute commands on all servers using this utility. In order to do that you should have either: DNS resolution to all Database and Storage nodes OR have them registered in /etc/hosts 1) Create a parameter file that contains all the server names you want to reach via dcli, tipically we have a cell_group for storage cells, a dbs_group for database servers and an all_group for both of...

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Bash security fix made available for Exadata

Complete information about the security fix availability should be reviewed, before applying the fix, in MOS DOC:  Responses to common Exadata security scan findings (Doc ID 1405320.1) The security fix is available for download from: The summary installation instructions are as follows: 1) Download getPackage/bash-3.2-33.el5_11.4.x86_64.rpm 2) Copy...

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Exadata auto disk management is controlled by the parameter _AUTO_MANAGE_EXADATA_DISKS. The default value for this parameter is TRUE. When _AUTO_MANAGE_EXADATA_DISKS is enabled, Exadata automate the following disk operations: If a griddisk becomes unavailable/available, ASM will OFFLINE/ONLINE it. If a physicaldisk fails or its status change to predictive failure, for all griddisks built on it ASM will DROP FORCE the failed ones and DROP the ones with predictive failures.If a...

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Oracle Engineered Systems, Amazing Exalogic

Sometimes I have heard that Exalogic is just a bunch of servers connected using infiniband, something that you can easily build yourself at a lower cost. That comments misses completely 2 things: 1) What is the idea behind an Oracle engineered system, and the back that Oracle provides for them  2) What is Exalogic This amazing 5 minute presentation explains Exalogic potential: Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud

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RAC11.2.0.2 redundant interconnect and the Cluster Health Monitor

There are 2 interesting new features on RAC The first is the cluster HAIP resource, that makes possible to have up to 4 redundant interconnects that will be automatically managed by the cluster for fail-over and load balancing.  The second one is the Cluster Health Monitor. It was previously available as a utility that you can download and install, now is a resource on the cluster and will start to collect valuable OS statistics from the moment the Cluster...

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Configuring FTP on Exadata

Exadata is installed with the minimum set of rpm's required to make it work as a database server. In many cases you will need to install by yourself the rpms required to make available some specific functions, like FTP. Exadata is installed either with Oracle Enterprise Linux or Solaris Express. This instructions match the Linux distribution, and can be used on any RH compatible Linux, not only OEL on Exadata.You can find the rpm's on the Oracle Enterprise Linux...

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