Monday Apr 15, 2013

Call for Nominations: Oracle Excellence Awards for Oracle Fusion Middleware Innovation 2013

Oracle is pleased to announce the call for nominations for the 2013 Oracle Excellence Awards: Oracle Fusion Middleware Innovation. Jointly sponsored by Oracle, OAUG, QUEST, ODTUG, IOUG, AUSOUG and UKOUG, the Oracle Excellence Awards for Oracle Fusion Middleware Innovation honor organizations using Oracle Fusion Middleware to deliver unique business value. This year, the awards will recognize customers across 8 distinct categories:

  • Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud
  • Oracle Cloud Application Foundation
  • Oracle Service-Oriented Architecture & Business Process Management
  • Oracle WebCenter
  • Oracle Identity Management
  • Oracle Data Integration
  • Oracle Application Development Framework and Fusion Development
  • Business Analytics (Oracle BI, Oracle EPM, and Oracle Exalytics)

If you consider yourself a pioneer using these solutions in innovative ways to achieve significant business value, submit your nomination for the 2013 Oracle Excellence Awards for Oracle Fusion Middleware Innovation by Tuesday, June 18th, 2013, for a chance to win a FREE registration to Oracle OpenWorld 2013 (September 22-September 26) in San Francisco, California.

Top customers will be showcased at Oracle Open World 2013, get a chance to mingle with Oracle executives, network with their peers and be featured in Oracle Publications.

To submit your nominations, please follow the following steps:

  1. Download and complete the Oracle Fusion Middleware Innovation Awards nomination form for SOA/BPM with as much detail as possible. Please do not leave any information blank.
  2. Submit completed form and any relevant supporting documents to
    • Email subject: <Category_CompanyName_InnovationAwards2013> when submitting your nomination.
    • Name all supporting documents with “”

To maximize your selection chances, please have a look to this blog article.

For additional details, go HERE.

Friday Mar 15, 2013

New SOA Suite 11g Database Performance Tuning White Paper

We're pleased to announce a new SOA Suite 11g Database Performance Tuning White Paper.

This Fusion Middleware 11g white paper discusses performance optimizations in the SOA database to derive maximum value from your implementation.

These recommendations are for SOA 11g running under Oracle database release and above. The SOA database can be hosted in a non- RAC configuration and RAC configuration.

It’s available on one of the SOA Suite OTN Advanced pages or directly HERE.


Monday Mar 11, 2013

Announcement: Oracle AIA 11g Performance Tuning White Paper

We're pleased to announce a new Oracle AIA 11g Performance Tuning White Paper done by the Oracle A-Team.
This document describes the guidelines and results for the performance tuning of AIA 11.x.
It is organized into the following main chapters:

  • Guidelines
    • Provides a step by step approach to tuning AIA deployments.
    • It should be noted that the guidelines suggested are just one approach to tuning AIA. They also provide the list of the most important tuning knobs available to tune AIA.
    • Apart from tuning Oracle FMW components, this whitepaper covers all the relevant areas of tuning that would apply to an AIA deployment including infrastructure database tuning, application server (Weblogic) tuning and Java Virtual Machine (JVM) tuning.
  • Test Configuration
    • Describes the hardware, software and topology used to perform the performance tuning exercise.
    • The performance tuning exercise was done on Oracle’s SPARC T4 servers running Oracle Solaris 10.
  • Performance Tuning of Asynchronous Flow and Performance Tuning of Synchronous Flow
    • Showcase performance tuning for both asynchronous and synchronous integration flows.
    • The performance tuning exercises for an asynchronous flow were done on an out-of-the-box Communications Order to Cash (O2C) Integration Pack for Siebel CRM, Oracle Order and Service Management, and Oracle Billing and Revenue Management.
  • Conclusion
    • Summarizes the performance tuning results.

While you may pick certain points of interest from this white paper, we recommend that you read it from end-to-end to get the full context.

The document is organized as a flow, from generic to specific.

To access this new white paper, just click HERE.


PS: You'll find this new white paper and other useful documents in our "Advanced Oracle Foundation Pack: Oracle White Papers, Presentations, Tutorials" page.

Thursday Feb 16, 2012

Foundation Pack XREF Migration Utility

The Foundation Pack XREF Migration Utility is a tool to perform a one-time migration of cross reference (XREF) data from the existing single XREF_DATA table to new multi-tables, which may yield performance benefits for customers with large XREF tables.

If you work with large XREF tables, splitting up the single XREF_DATA table into one table per XREF artifact improves cross reference lookup performance. The XREF Migration Utility updates the metadata in the XREF artifacts for this multi-table use case, as well as generates a set of scripts that create a new table for each artifact and migrate the corresponding XREF data to them.

For more information, please look at the "Foundation Pack XREF Migration Utility" page on Oracle Technology Network (OTN).

Foundation Pack Cluster Coach For 11g

The Foundation Pack Cluster Coach For 11g is a set of User Productivity Kit (UPK) demos that presents the concepts and showcases a two-node WebLogic cluster installation running Oracle SOA Suite and Foundation Pack.

It includes a list of UPKs to serve as a starting point to introduce the concepts and showcase a two-node WebLogic cluster running Oracle SOA Suite and Foundation Pack.

Throughout this session, viewers will learn about the available resources, and will see step-by-step how the cluster is implemented.

We create a basic cluster topology as a subset of the larger topology implemented in the "Enterprise Deployment Guide" in order to build a foundation for understanding.

After viewing this session, users should have more confidence as they approach the design and implementation of an enterprise topology with WebLogic cluster running SOA Suite and Foundation Pack.

For more information, please look at the "Foundation Pack Cluster Coach For 11g" page on Oracle Technology Network (OTN).


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