Friday Mar 22, 2013

Community Management: The Next Wave of SOA Governance and API Management

While SOA Governance, as a discipline, has been around for a number of years, not every company that embarks on the adoption of SOA has decided to embrace it. In some cases, the runtime management of service is implemented, but not the design-time aspects. Now, with the introduction of Cloud Computing and the proliferation of mobile devices, the “new” discipline of API Management is surfacing. This session explores why API Management has emerged, its relationship with SOA governance, and why both of these disciplines will ultimately take a page from the business-to-business world and evolve into a new discipline called “Community Management”.

Tim Hall, VP of Oracle Product Management discusses, compares and contrasts SOA Governance and API Management, explaining why he believes they will evolve into a new discipline called “Community Management”.

You can access the video HERE or download the slides HERE.

Thursday Mar 21, 2013

OOW 2013 speakers: maximize your selection chances

Oracle OpenWorld 2013 is approaching fast and the call for papers is now open: (note that it will close on April 12th). Each year the event is growing larger and the paper selection process is becoming more and more competitive: many great submissions but only so many slots to fill! In the end this is for the better as this just raises the overall quality of the conference. It also means that you should pay extra attention when submitting your papers to ensure they get the attention they deserve.

Here are some tips to maximize your chances of selection:

  • We want to hear the voice of customers and end users above anything
    (i.e. if you are an Oracle partner or employee, try to co-present with a customer or at least secure their approval to use their name and specifics)
  • Focus on a specific problem or project and don't try to cover it all
    (vague and high-level abstracts with an endless laundry list of integrated systems tend to be eliminated first)
  • Provide specific details of the customer implementation
    (attendees want to learn something that will help them, not just listen to another fluffy marketing pitch. Integrated specific apps? Make sure to mention them.)
  • Provide concrete ROI metrics or other concrete measurement of the impact of the project (productivity, business, etc.)
  • Cover either a widespread problem or an innovative one with clear business impact
    (i.e. a clever rocket science project that dealt with an unusual project could make an interesting blog entry but probably not a great OOW session)
  • Touch upon one of the following topics that attract a lot of attention these days: 
    • Mobile enablement 
    • Fusion Applications integration 
    • Cloud integration
    • Deployment of SOA in virtualized environments (OVM)
    • B2B projects, especially replacement of legacy solutions (Sterling, Gentran, etc.)
    • Fast Data for innovative marketing or customer experience solutions

Hopefully this guidance will be useful. Feel free to comment and ask for more details.

I'm looking forward to your submissions and to seeing you in San Francisco in September!

Wednesday Mar 20, 2013

New Oracle Foundation Pack pages on OTN

We're pleased to announce a new set of pages for Oracle Foundation Pack on OTN.

Those new pages include useful information such as white papers, presentations, articles, blog entries....

The 2 main pages are:

Learn More About Oracle Foundation Pack: Oracle Learning Library, Training, Books , ...
Advanced Oracle Foundation Pack: this is the home page for advanced Oracle Foundation Pack content. To access it, just click on the different sub-pages links:
    • The Oracle FMW AIA Architects team, fondly known as the A-Team, shares findings, workarounds, blog posts and ideas for the Oracle 11g/10g Fusion Middleware with the wider Application Integration Architecture (AIA) Community.
    • This page gives you direct links to the most relevant and useful content from My Oracle Support (MOS): Information Centers, Notes...
    • You'll find here only a selected few out of numerous valuable blog posts published by our partners and Oracle field.


Friday Mar 15, 2013

New SOA Suite 11g Database Performance Tuning White Paper

We're pleased to announce a new SOA Suite 11g Database Performance Tuning White Paper.

This Fusion Middleware 11g white paper discusses performance optimizations in the SOA database to derive maximum value from your implementation.

These recommendations are for SOA 11g running under Oracle database release and above. The SOA database can be hosted in a non- RAC configuration and RAC configuration.

It’s available on one of the SOA Suite OTN Advanced pages or directly HERE.


Monday Mar 11, 2013

Announcement: Oracle AIA 11g Performance Tuning White Paper

We're pleased to announce a new Oracle AIA 11g Performance Tuning White Paper done by the Oracle A-Team.
This document describes the guidelines and results for the performance tuning of AIA 11.x.
It is organized into the following main chapters:

  • Guidelines
    • Provides a step by step approach to tuning AIA deployments.
    • It should be noted that the guidelines suggested are just one approach to tuning AIA. They also provide the list of the most important tuning knobs available to tune AIA.
    • Apart from tuning Oracle FMW components, this whitepaper covers all the relevant areas of tuning that would apply to an AIA deployment including infrastructure database tuning, application server (Weblogic) tuning and Java Virtual Machine (JVM) tuning.
  • Test Configuration
    • Describes the hardware, software and topology used to perform the performance tuning exercise.
    • The performance tuning exercise was done on Oracle’s SPARC T4 servers running Oracle Solaris 10.
  • Performance Tuning of Asynchronous Flow and Performance Tuning of Synchronous Flow
    • Showcase performance tuning for both asynchronous and synchronous integration flows.
    • The performance tuning exercises for an asynchronous flow were done on an out-of-the-box Communications Order to Cash (O2C) Integration Pack for Siebel CRM, Oracle Order and Service Management, and Oracle Billing and Revenue Management.
  • Conclusion
    • Summarizes the performance tuning results.

While you may pick certain points of interest from this white paper, we recommend that you read it from end-to-end to get the full context.

The document is organized as a flow, from generic to specific.

To access this new white paper, just click HERE.


PS: You'll find this new white paper and other useful documents in our "Advanced Oracle Foundation Pack: Oracle White Papers, Presentations, Tutorials" page.


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