OCI Vision: Stored video analysis limited availability release

February 26, 2024 | 2 minute read
Aparna Chaturvedi
Product Manager
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Stored Video Analysis

You can send a video file to OCI Vision and analyze the entire video or every frame in the video using pre-trained or custom models. The feature provides information about the detected labels, objects, texts, and faces, and provides the time at which they're detected. With a timeline bar, you can directly look for a label or object and navigate to the exact timestamp in the video where a particular label or object is found.

The video analysis feature provides the following capabilities:

  • Label detection : Identifies entities shown in video footage
  • Object detection : Detects objects and object location in video footage by providing the bounding box coordinates for the objects
  • Text detection : Detects text data in video footage
  • Face detection : Gets information about where faces are detected in a video and facial landmarks, such as the position of eyes

Video analysis currently supports .mov, .mp4, .h264, .mkv, and .webm video formats and can be used for the following common use cases :

  • Digital asset management: The process of cataloging, processing, and retrieving digital assets
  • Visual anomaly detection: The detection of something different, abnormal, peculiar, or not easily classified
  • Safety and surveillance: Detecting personnel who might be missing protective gear and identifying persons who shouldn’t be in a particular zone
  • Ad tracking and placement: Companies in entertainment, sports, and marketing can detect advertiser and sponsor logos in video content to quantify overall brand exposure and return on investment (ROI). Customers can also determine when a scene change happens in a video to determine where to place an ad

Example using the Oracle Cloud Console

The Video Analysis feature is available through the Oracle Cloud Console and a software development kit (SDK).  The reference code is now available within the console for easy access to the SDK.

Example video analysis screen in the Oracle Cloud Console



Example results of video analysis


To allowlist your tenancy for this limited availability feature, contact Aparna Chaturvedi. For further information, see the following resources: 

Aparna Chaturvedi

Product Manager

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