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January 23, 2024 | 5 minute read
Barry Mostert
Senior Director, Artificial Intelligence and Analytics
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Oracle’s OCI Generative AI service and OCI AI Agents RAG service, released January 2024, are enterprise-grade offerings that enables organizations to build and deploy business-centric generative AI solutions securely and at scale. Oracle is integrating generative AI broadly across its entire product portfolio. With its full-stack architecture spanning chip design to applications, Oracle is delivering end-to-end, cost-effective generative AI solutions focused on business value.

Industry analysts have provided the following comments on Oracle’s new generative AI services.


“Organizations everywhere have struggled with how to deliver generative AI successfully—and Oracle just provided the answer. With its new Generative AI service, which supports fine tuning so businesses can customize LLMs to their own internal operations, and a comprehensive AI strategy that spans all layers of its tech stack, Oracle has demonstrated that it's focused on solving real world business problems.”

- David Schubmehl, Research Vice President, Conversational Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Knowledge Discovery, IDC

“With today’s news, Oracle is bringing generative AI to customer workloads and their data—not asking customers to move their data to a separate vector database. With a common architecture for generative AI that is being integrated across the Oracle ecosystem from its Autonomous Database to Fusion SaaS applications, Oracle is bringing generative AI to where exabytes of customer data already reside, both in cloud data centers and on-premises environments. This greatly simplifies the process for organizations to deploy generative AI with their existing business operations.”

-Ritu Jyoti, Group Vice President, Worldwide Artificial Intelligence and Automation Research Practice and Global AI Research Lead, IDC



“While many companies talk about generative AI, few companies aside from Oracle can say that their customer and partner base is building GenAI itself on top of their cloud platform. That is the case with frontier model creators, Cohere and Meta, which, together with Oracle have been working to help the largest organizations in the world, with exabytes of data, successfully deploy GenAI solutions at scale. Building on that foundation, Oracle has now crafted a full-spectrum platform of tools led by OCI Generative AI that promises to speed the creation of safe as well as scalable GenAI production workloads with a choice of enterprise-tuned models from both Meta and Cohere. For example, this new platform includes a new Generative AI Agents RAG service, which will enable organizations to privately and rapidly query complex corpuses of data and get contextualized results relevant to their business. At Omdia, we believe that connecting an enterprise’s existing knowledge bases to this kind of purpose-built RAG service will prove hugely advantageous for all classes of customers—and in keeping with the "Agent" branding in this product's name, fundamental RAG functionality is just the beginning.”

-Bradley Shimmin, Chief Analyst, AI & Data Analytics, Omdia



“There’s RAG and then there’s RAG done right. With its latest generative AI innovations, Oracle has delivered RAG the way that enterprises actually want to consume it—by prioritizing data management, security, and governance to help ensure enterprise-grade AI. Enterprises can immediately engage the OCI Gen AI RAG service to act on call transcripts, troves of .PDF statements, internal knowledge sources and extremely large corpuses of proprietary corporate data—while a ReRanker adjusts outputs to best match individual user queries. OCI RAG is now available in beta with OpenSearch and once it becomes available on Oracle Database 23c with AI Vector Search and MySQL HeatWave Vector Store, the competitive advantages that customers can obtain will further transcend the boundaries of competitive offerings.”

-Ron Westfall, Research Director, Futurum Group


Constellation Research

“Constellation Research has long maintained that Oracle’s “chip-to-click” architecture delivers significant business and technology advantages. Oracle continues this approach now with the integration of the OCI Generative AI service throughout its stack from apps—in its suite of Fusion SaaS applications—to databases—Oracle Database 23c with AI Vector Search and MySQL HeatWave Vector Store. This level of integration combined with ready-to-use and highly customizable models from Cohere and Meta means that customers can get started faster and achieve what really matters—Enterprise Acceleration.” 

-Holger Mueller, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research



“Oracle is taking a full stack approach to enterprise generative AI. Oracle’s value starts at the top of the stack, not in silicon. By offering integrated generative AI across its Fusion SaaS applications, Oracle directly connects to customer business value. These apps are supported by autonomous databases with vector embeddings and run on high-performance infrastructure across OCI or on-prem with Dedicated Region. Together these offerings comprise a highly differentiated enterprise AI strategy, covering everything from out-of-the-box RAG to a broad range of fine-tuned models and AI infused throughout an integrated stack. Our research shows that 2023 was the year of AI experimentation. With capabilities such as this, our expectation is that 2024 will be the year of showing ROI in AI.”

-Dave Vellante, Chief Research Officer, Wikibon

“The new OCI Generative AI service from Oracle is seamlessly integrated up and down the entire stack from the hardware through the applications—making the massive “Rube Goldberg”-like effort of integrating generative AI into mission-critical workloads a thing of the past. Suppose you want to bake a cake; with other cloud providers you go to a grocery store, buy all the ingredients and they provide the mixing bowl, pan, and oven to bake it in. But they don’t even provide the recipe. In contrast, OCI provides you the entire gen AI cake—already baked."

-Marc Staimer, Senior Analyst, Wikibon

NAND Research

  “While every major cloud provider offers some AI-as-a-service capability, none provides an experience as broad and deep as Oracle’s. Microsoft comes closest with its various ‘co-pilot’ and Azure AI service offerings, but those are building blocks that still need to be assembled...Oracle has integrated generative AI into every layer of its stack, offering an end-to-end experience built on high-performing AI infrastructure that integrates generative AI capabilities into its extensive range of databases and cloud applications, including recent updates to Oracle Database 23c with AI Vector Search and MySQL HeatWave with Vector Store.”

-Steve McDowell, Chief Analyst and CEO, NAND Research



The release of these generative AI capabilities will accelerate organizations’ ability to not only rapidly adopt AI, but also create tangible business value. Both industry experts and customers are excited by these new capabilities and their potential to unlock enterprise AI. To learn more, see the following resources: 

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