OCI Data Science introduces an easier way to get started with Notebook Sessions and Jobs

March 11, 2022 | 2 minute read
Wendy Yip
Data Scientist
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Have you tried creating a notebook session with internet access but ended up getting a connection error? Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Data Science is introducing a new feature, managed egress, that makes it easier for customers to configure their networking for their notebooks and jobs. This feature provides the option to have your networking resources managed by OCI Data Science.

Before this feature, if you want to launch a notebook session or create a Job, you had to set up a virtual cloud network (VCN) and subnet in your tenancy with the route rules and gateways to support your access to OCI services, customer resources, and the internet. For customers unfamiliar with cloud infrastructure, this process can be cumbersome. They might also require access to public internet but unintentionally choose the wrong networking configuration that doesn’t lead to connection.

With the introduction of this feature, we’ve modified the Oracle Cloud Console to allow you to let us manage the networking for you or set up your own networking. When you go to create a notebook session, you have two options for networking resources: Default networking and custom networking. Default networking is the option for customers who want our service to manage the networking for them. If you choose default networking, you don’t need to provide a VCN or subnet.

A screenshot of the Create Notebook Session page in the Oracle Cloud Console with default networking selected.

However, if you want control over your networking configuration, you can choose custom networking, which allows you to choose the VCN and subnet to use for networking.

A screenshot of the Create Notebook Session page with custom networking selected and the VCN and subnet filled in.

Similarly, if you want to create a Job in the Data Science platform, you have two options in the job creation user interface under Networking resources: Default and custom networking. Similar to notebook creation, default networking allows you to bypass the setup of VCN and subnet and let the Data Science service manage it for you. If you choose custom networking, you can use the VCN and subnet that you’ve configured.

A screenshot of the Create Job page with Fast Launch and default networking options selected.

This feature provides the flexibility for you to choose how to set up networking that best matches your use case. 

Stay tuned for other features released in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Science!

Wendy Yip

Data Scientist

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