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Collide Technologies to Change Your Business Universe

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The word collide conjures up in my mind the 1 billion particles that CERN collides every second at the large Hadron collider in Geneva.

A 27km ring of superconducting magnets that speeds up particles to near the speed of light and causes them to collide and hence discover new and amazing things about the universe. It's an example of the incredible ability of humans to strive to learn more about the world that we live in and find new ways to improve ourselves.

I loved this concept of colliding things together to try and create something new, as I looked across some of Oracle customers and the amazing things they were building. I noticed that many of the most innovate projects were created by colliding different technologies and business problems together to produce something new.

Most of our customers do not have a 27km particle collision machine for their experiments. However, they do have something just as revolutionary and previously unimaginable.They have access to Oracle’s hyper-scale, next-generation cloud platform. A platform that gives businesses access to power that was previously unobtainable and a set of technologies that can be switched on or off at will.

These technologies can be collided together to create results that transform the way that businesses operate. For example, what happens when you take Trust and collide it with technologies like Big-data, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and IoT?

Customers all over the world are struggling to understand whom to trust. Consumers are demanding that companies selling goods prove where their raw materials come from and that they comply with specific certifications. Leveraging IoT, suppliers and manufacturers are digitising their manufacturing processes and logistics operations; more data is captured about a product's journey than ever before.

Blockchain has created a way of storing and sharing this information to improve transparency, traceability and trust.

Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem, the Group Chairman and CEO of DP World, one of the most significant global logistics companies in the world, said "Supply chain intelligence, blockchain and artificial intelligence will make the global supply chain faster, cheaper and more productive."

Oracle is working with DP World to help them transform their industry and give theircustomers unprecedented transparency and trust. Blockchain is becoming a critical enabling technology for them.

Continuing with this theme of traceability, Oracle is working with some organic food producers who are using blockchain to record the movements of their produce through the supply chain so they can showcase  to end consumers where it has been and where it came from.

As well as trust, customers and fans  are also demanding better service. Many forward-thinking companies are looking to AI to help deliver on these demands. As an example, organisations like the Mutua Madrid Open are building chatbots in partnership with Oracle to help their fans get access to information.

The Mutua Madrid Open, one of the leading tennis tournaments in the world held in Madrid between May 4 and 13 this year, launched a chatbot equipped with Artificial Intelligence to speed up communication with tennis fans. The chatbot, a computer program that uses artificial intelligence to maintain natural conversations with users, offers information on the development of the event, players and results, as well as details on services, access and parking.

It is also a channel for the sale of tickets and gets discounts on merchandising products. The MatchBot, as the tournament has baptised it, is available in the mobile application of Mutua Madrid Open, as well as on the tournament website. It is also possible to exchange information through Facebook Messenger and Twitter with the direct message system.

This innovation makes the Mutua Madrid Open become the first ATP Masters 1000 or WTA Premier tournament to incorporate a chatbot, whose purpose is to enrich the user experience to facilitate at all times the information you are looking for, becoming a virtual assistant to answer all the questions of the fans.

Incredible things are happening today as customers take the technologies that we provide and collide them with the hardest problems that their businesses face, allowing them to innovate and access greater value.

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