Your essential ad targeting guide for the Tokyo games

May 25, 2021 | 4 minute read
Eric Amrine
Content Manager
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When COVID-19 forced the Tokyo games to be postponed, the world quietly accepted the outcome. Now, we get ready to celebrate the return of a global tradition that’s a favorite of new and old media alike.

This summer is poised to have consumers glued to their favorite screen(s) while rooting for their national teams and athletes from across the globe.

Games without frontiers

In one sense, not much will change as the events unfold, even if athletes must remain in a bubble for the duration of the games. Japan, however, has closed attendance to all but its own residents and may not include spectators at the games at all. Organizers are taking considerable measures to keep the public informed of new rules and regulations, and are stressing that they made science-based conclusions in the interest of keeping everyone safe. Game organizers will run a record 33 competitions, 339 events, and 42 venues.

Topping the list for Japan’s most popular events, the opening pageant and torch lighting ceremony together with the closing pageantry, followed by swimming, gymnastics, baseball, soccer, and tennis (according to Statista Research Department, Oct. 13, 2020). “As of September 2019, more than 40 percent of respondents in Japan were interested in watching the opening or closing ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Among the listed events, athletics had the most votes from the respondents during the surveyed period.”

As the world tunes

Consider that a November 2020 report published by David Lange revealed the 2016 summer games in Rio de Janeiro had global audience of approximately 3.2 billion. That’s a lot of potential customers to reach. And that doesn’t include data from consumers wedded to newer media such as Connected TV, HDTV, mobile technology, live web streams, and more. (NBC and its affiliate streaming channel Peacock handle official broadcasting for all televised events.)  

To gauge how consumers will respond if and when the games unfold this summer requires an assessment of societal behavioral shifts—and what seems to be an accelerated digital transformation. (According to SCORE, most consumers who have tried a new digital shopping method expect to continue those habits post-pandemic.) Marketers rely on data that accurately evaluates cross-generational shopping behaviors, which is especially critical now due to shifting behaviors during the past year in response to the pandemic.

Go for the ad targeting gold

What’s the best way digital advertisers can tune their targeting to connect to their customer segments effectively? Start with a new Oracle study, which analyzed consumer packaged goods (CPG) data from more than 75 million US households and almost $800 billion in consumer spending between February and December 2020 to reach for the gold medal of consumer intelligence.

New technology from Oracle Advertising and CX empowers advertisers to make more strategic and creative decisions for their ad campaigns when a parade like the Tokyo games comes into view. These games exude ancient romanticism and the triumph of diplomacy, far less sensational than the Big Game in American football. The 2021 games take on a new urgency as the planet searches for the optimism the games have promised since their ancient design.

Discover how publishers, agencies, and advertisers can benefit from Oracle Moat’s cross-platform verification solutions across mobile and televised environments. No matter who wins this summer in Tokyo, assuming the games go on, expect an overwhelming presence on social media, in preview ads, and the usual short lists about who’ll walk away with the most medals.

Start with relevant advertising to meet your KPIs, and deliver on your clients’ goals.

Oracle Audiences available for the Tokyo games

We suggest a close examination of Oracle Audience segments to help you reach the “New Consumer” in your upcoming summer sports campaigns.

People interested in the Olympics

  • Segment: Audiences by Oracle › Media and Entertainment › Sports and Recreational Activities › Interest (Affinity) › Olympics
  • CPM: $1.10

Die-hard Olympics fans—people who have been following trials, local events, etc.

  • Segment: Oracle DLX (Datalogix) › DLX Seasonal › Summer Seasonal › Summer Olympics Followers
  • CPM: $1.10

Summer sport interests

People interested in swimming

  • Segment: Audiences by Oracle › Media and Entertainment › Sports and Recreational Activities › Interest (Affinity) › Individual Sports › Swimming
  • CPM: $1.10

People interested in cycling

  • Segment: Audiences by Oracle › Media and Entertainment › Sports and Recreational Activities › Interest (Affinity) › Individual Sports › Cycling
  • CPM: $1.10

Connected TV audiences likely to be Olympic gymnastics enthusiasts

  • Segment: Branded Data › Comscore › CTV › Personas › Olympics Enthusiast › Gymnastics
  • CPM: $1.85

Oracle context segments available for the summer Tokyo games

Standard context segments

  • gs_event_olympics
  • gs_event_summer_fun
  • gs_sport_misc
  • gs_event_Paralympics

Predicts segments

Capitalize on trending content and topics surrounding the Tokyo games, international sports, sporting stories, and extreme sports

  • gs_predicts_olympics_moments
  • gs_predicts_internationalsports
  • gs_predicts_sportstopstories
  • gs_predicts_extremesports

Custom contextual

Target specific sporting events relevant to your audience, brand and campaign. Ask us how to get your segment set up.   

Want to learn how to apply contextual insights to your next campaign? Check out our guide.

Oracle Audiences empowers marketers to identify and reach their ideal audiences in key moments throughout their buyer journey––at scale. Contact our Data Hotline to activate purchase-based audiences today or use the suggested segments above.

Eric Amrine

Content Manager

Eric knows the value of robust copy. And short sentences. He wrote two bestselling travel guides about the wonders of the Pacific Northwest, and kept his day job in marketing communications penning blogs, landing pages, and C-suite biographies for premier organizations.

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