This virtual trivia game is keeping our team connected while apart

April 10, 2020 | 2 minute read
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We take great pride in facilitating a welcoming and fun culture at Oracle Data Cloud. Our teams are always ready to enjoy each other’s presence whether it’s at monthly events, biweekly happy hours, group workouts, or weekly lunch meetups.

But due to a shift in how the world is currently working and our “new normal” of everything virtual, we are coming up with new and creative ways to connect with each other.

To maintain positivity during the challenges we are all facing, some teams have implemented video chat trivia happy hours. The trivia and light-hearted face time has given us the chance to interact with teammates and laugh, a great distraction from the stresses of life and work.


As this new tradition has been such a success for our teams, we’re sharing the instructions for game-play and examples of the types of questions we used. Hopefully it can be a resource for you to facilitate the same team fun!


How to Set Up

What you will need:

  • Video chat

  • Group messaging tool

  • A group of festive coworkers

Step 1: Select 2 hosts

  • 1 to read questions

  • 1 to field answers and keep track of the score

Step 2: Sort into teams based on the number of participants. (Recommend 3-4 people per team).

Here is a site to use for quick sorting.

Step 3: Teams start group chats to discuss and decide on trivia answers.

Step 4: Each team designates a team member to be the official answer submitter. During the game, the answer submitter will send final answers to the host in a private message.


Rules – How to Play

  1. Two rounds of 10 questions (we enjoy random pop culture!)
    • First round: 1 point per question
    • Second round: 2 points per question
  2. Teams get 30 seconds for deliberation and submitting answers. Only one submission per question.
  3. Timing starts after the question is read. (A handy timer)
  4. No Googling answers or other methods of cheating!!!
  5. In the event of a tiebreaker, hosts will select new random questions.
  6. Review answers and announce winners!


Create a list of questions

Lastly, build out a list of questions and create an answer key. The types of questions we asked were related to sports, entertainment, science, and history.


Play and have fun

We hope you enjoy the game! We truly believe it is so important to stay creative and collaborative and to bring positive energy during this time. Social interaction is valuable, as we are all in this together.

Da'Les Allen

Da’Les Allen is a Digital Content Specialist for Oracle Data Cloud. She creates content such as blog posts and videos for the organization and strategizes on ways to distribute the content. She enjoys creating content (obviously) and reading on the different marketing trends in the industry.

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