This month in data: Are baby boomers cutting the cord?

March 4, 2019 | 4 minute read
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In the latest issue of the Data Drop—our monthly data-drenched newsletter—we identify the unlikely traits of cord cutters, help you with your March Madness campaigns, and share some vital information about the upcoming TV Upfronts. Plus, we have all the latest news on DrainerBot—that nasty ad fraud operation we unearthed.


Slicing the data on cord cutters

Put the scissors away! We’re not being literal here. When we say cord cutters, we’re talking about people who are canceling their cable contracts in favor of other entertainment viewing options like digital streaming services Netflix and Hulu. When we dove into the vast Oracle Data Cloud repository of insights, we realized it’s not just the young folk who are saying “bye-bye” to basic cable:


Who else is cutting the cord? Find out here.        


TV Upfronts: Are your digital audiences ready?

Historically, TV advertising was limited to only age and gender demographics. But in the new age of smart TVs and various streaming options, now you can take your digital ads to the tube and more accurately reach your intended audiences.

• Here are 3 vital reasons why you need to have your digital audiences ready for TV in time for the Upfronts.
• The top 5 benefits of video advertising.
• Modernizing audience targeting: Tap into connected TV.


Launch a bracket-busting campaign

March Madness is a premier event in the sporting world. With 68 teams participating and a plethora of games airing, it’s a huge opportunity for advertisers. These numbers from 2018 show the NCAA college basketball tournament’s massive reach:

• 176 countries broadcast the games
• There are more than 755 million viewers
• $1/25 billion is spent by advertisers globally during March Madness


Now with the ability to more accurately reach your audience on TV and online viewing audiences on the rise, here are some contextual segments we recommend:

Sampling of contextual college basketball audiences:

• Predicts: Sports top stories
• Predicts: US sports
• Predicts: US sports – NBA/NCAA basketball|
• Predicts: Trending television


Sampling of Oracle college basketball audiences:

• M&E: Sporting events
• M&E: Sports teams – college sports (NCAA)
• M&E: Television – sports genres: NCAA
• DLX seasonal: Spring – NCAA basketball fans
• DLX seasonal: Spring – college basketball fans


Capitalize on the buying power of digital

With increased digital demand, we’ve upgraded our financial solutions to make reaching your customers easier and faster. To do so, we leveraged 95 premium data providers, including our premier data provider, TransUnion.

TransUnion has a unique time-series view of consumer behavior that can predict when consumers are likely to be in-market for financial services products. Also, TransUnion has rebuilt its in-market propensity audiences with updates to segment definitions, aggregation methods, and naming conventions. This gives you more context and control so you can select your most relevant audience and focus on consumers who are more likely to apply for a new credit card, mortgage, personal loan, or new auto loan within the next 90 days.

A sampling of TransUnion in-market audiences:

• TransUnion: Credit card in-market propensity
• TransUnion: Mortgage loan in-market propensity
• TransUnion: Home equity loan in-market propensity
• TransUnion: Personal loan in-market propensity
• TransUnion: Auto loan in-market propensity


Additional sampling of Oracle financial audiences available:

• Banking: Account holders – Wells Fargo account
• Banking: Channel preference – online banking
• Financial Planning: Credit reporting, tax planning, and preparation
• Loans: Auto loans, mortgages, personal loans, etc.
• Loans: In-market – auto refinancing and debt consolidation


Sampling of Oracle contextual audiences available:

• GS: Finance – banking, credit, insurance, loans, and more
• Predicts: Business and finance
• Predicts: Insurance
• Predicts: Buying a new house and mover
• Predicts: Do your own taxes


Don’t even think about it, DrainerBot

Have you heard about DrainerBot? Oracle Data Cloud exposed DrainerBot, a major mobile ad fraud operation distributed through millions of downloads of infected consumer apps. DrainerBot caused direct financial harm to consumers by affecting phone battery life and chewing through data. The malicious bot was discovered through the joint efforts of Oracle Data Cloud’s Moat technology, which offers viewability, invalid traffic (IVT), and brand safety solutions; and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s Dyn, which enables DNS and security capabilities.

Read more about the discovery here.


The roundup – digital marketing content to help you make smarter decisions

  • Do you know how to engage the connected consumer? Here are 4 new rules for finance marketing: Show me the money.

  • The benefits of video advertising are endless. But since you’re probably on a tight schedule, here are 5.

  • Why do shoppers purchase one item and not another? Why are they brand loyal, and is online really pitted against brick and mortar? We look at understanding consumer behavior and motivations.



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