The Pulse: "Weatherproofing" your contextual strategy, combating in-game ad fraud with Bidstack, and more

February 26, 2021 | 2 minute read
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Looking for more resources from Oracle Advertising? The Pulse is where to find them. To help you better understand what we’re all about and how we’re working to drive a more effective, data-driven media industry for our clients and partners, check out some of our most recent initiatives in the market.

Flagship content

A marketer’s guide to evolving to brand suitability with true context; Guide

Marketers are relying heavily on brand safety to run successful campaigns. Learn why brand suitability is essential, the challenges that come with keyword blocking, and more. Download our free guide now.

Thought leadership

[Infographic] How to maximize lift measurement in 3 steps; Blog

Measuring sales and visits lift is the key to correlating digital advertising with business outcomes, and when it’s done right, it provides a deep understanding of campaign performance—informing better strategy and smarter budget allocations. Find out how to maximize your lift measurement by focusing on three core areas.

5 ways to prepare for the upcoming changes to cookie targeting; Blog

Pursuing a more consumer-friendly ecosystem is a net positive for everyone involved. How should marketers prepare for this new internet and the digital marketing environment it supports? Here are some tips on how to get your data strategy ready.

5 ways to think about Contextual Intelligence for your digital campaigns; The Drum

Use this handy checklist as a guide to get your campaign rolling in the right direction with contextual intelligence.

What’s in store for adtech and martech in 2021? Here are 6 predictions and trends; The Drum

Capture the most value from your digital investments this year. Take a look at our predictions for the adtech industry to find new opportunities at hand.

How to “weatherproof” your context strategy as consumer sentiment evolves; The Drum

Seasons inevitably change, and so does consumer sentiment. How can your context strategy navigate an evolving digital landscape? Learn why marketers need to approach contextual advertising tactics like they’d prepare for the weather.

Oracle Data Cloud’s new tech leader aims to boost efficiency, align teams, and promote transparency; Blog

Meet Stevan Vlaovic, who recently joined our team as the new Senior Vice President of Technology for Oracle Advertising.

Did you hear?

Bidstack and Moat

We got in the game and helped Bidstack stop in-game ad fraud. Learn more about our exciting new integration and how we’re helping them create a trustworthy in-game advertising platform for brands, marketers, and game developers!

Oracle Data Cloud

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