The Pulse: Get an inside look at an ad fraud scheme that we exposed, advertising strategies for a post-cookie world, and more

June 30, 2021 | 2 minute read
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The Pulse provides a monthly roundup of resources and insights from Oracle Advertising. Check out some of our latest thinking and initiatives for our media industry clients and partners.

Featured content

Four considerations to future-proof your first-party data strategy; The Drum

Find out how advertisers are using first-party data to gain customer insights as they prepare for the end of third-party cookies. For details, read the article by Kelly Owens, senior director of client partnerships at Oracle Advertising.

Latest adtech insights

The post-cookie future is delayed, but the consumer-focused imperative is not; Blog
Despite Google’s announcement that it is delaying the end of third-party tracking, advertisers will still need to reach customers in a post-cookie world. Read how you can put your new customer activation and engagement strategy in place.

On the cutting edge of data science and careers in advertising with Audrey Rusch; Blog
Audrey Rusch, Oracle’s senior director of activation development, shares career tips for data scientists and highlights advances in advertising activation capabilities.

When ad fraud is also a brand safety nightmare: Mangago case study; Blog
To generate more ad revenue fraudently, see how Mangago tricked advertisers into thinking they were showing their ads on women’s fashion sites, but instead served their ads on pages with X-rated and violent manga content.

An inside look at Mangago’s ad fraud scheme; Blog
Ad fraud is becoming increasingly sophisticated, and Oracle Moat provides a step-by-step breakdown of Mangago’s invalid traffic (IVT) scheme to scam advertisers via domain misdirection and context spoofing.

How advertisers can tap into the “predictable unpredictability” of sports; Blog
Find out how advertisers are using Oracle Predicts to capitalize on fast-moving news trends in the world of sports this summer and beyond.

The changing “currency” of identity: TransUnion maps its path in adtech; Blog
Find out how data providers are helping advertisers address the loss of third-party cookies in our conversation with TransUnion VP of Partner Development Krista Panoff.

Ad spotlight: How consumers plan to celebrate Father’s Day this year; Blog
Find out how consumers are planning to celebrate Father’s Day and how advertisers are capitalizing on new shopping trends for the modern dad.



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