The Pulse: How to untangle cross-platform performance, hot holiday shopping insights from Equifax, and more

October 29, 2020 | 4 minute read
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Looking for more resources from Oracle Data Cloud? The Pulse is where to find them. To help you better understand what we’re all about and how we’re working to drive a more effective, data-driven media industry for our clients and partners, check out some of our most recent initiatives in the market.

Flagship content

Pinpoint inefficient ads: Untangle cross-platform performance; Video

One of the biggest challenges in advertising is identifying waste, ranging from ads getting delivered to off-target audiences or ads hitting the same audiences too many times. In this video, learn more about how to better pinpoint inefficient ads by untangling cross-platform performance.

How viewability and attention differ across digital and TV; Infographic

In this infographic, get highlights on the different ways viewability and attention are measured across devices, and see recent industry metrics for both TV and digital with data from Moat by Oracle Data Cloud and TVision.

Thought leadership

Spotlight: How Pandora uses lift measurement to drive campaign ROI for their advertisers; Oracle Data Cloud blog

Oracle Data Cloud and Pandora recently teamed up to discuss recent advancements in lift measurement—a strategy of campaign measurement that empowers swift data-driven decision making rather than functioning as a post-campaign report card. Learn how Pandora uses Moat Outcomes to go beyond standard baseline metrics to drive campaign ROI and deliver their advertisers true digital impact.

Spotlight: The Trade Desk talks CTV, 2020, and transforming media for good; Oracle Data Cloud blog

In this Oracle Data Cloud spotlight series, hear from The Trade Desk’s Walker Linares, Director for TV, as he talks about the growing dominance of CTV in advertising and how the events of 2020 are playing into all parts of the industry.

Lights, camera, data! Five timely insights show how consumers are engaging with movie and entertainment content online; Oracle Data Cloud blog

Our data science team analyzed contextual data and content trends to extract insights relevant to advertisers, and to help understand the broader impact of recent shifts in consumer behavior on the entertainment industry. We identified five insights that can aid in the planning and execution of campaigns.

How does audience attention impact your cross-platform reach?; AdExchanger

Advertising only works if people are paying attention. And until that attention has been measured, it’s impossible to know which ads are working and which ads are not. To address this challenge, read how forward-thinkers in the industry are adopting new solutions that can deliver more granular measurement of their valuable cross-platform investments and starting to answer questions like, “Are people paying attention to my ads, or am I paying for my ads to play to an empty or unfocused room?”

Did you hear?

Introducing Candid Conversations: The Future of Adtech

In the spirit of facilitating a forum to uplift and inform all participants in the adtech space, we’re introducing a brand-new virtual series. Candid Conversations: The Future of Ad Tech will feature various industry leaders as they discuss and confront hot topics, share their experiences on the front lines, and give valuable insight into learnings from failures and tactics for success. Here is our current line-up:

  • [EMEA] How Brand Suitability Can Help Advertisers Navigate Through Uncertainty; Watch on-demand

  • [NA] Breaking Up with Blocklists: Shifting from Brand Safety to Suitability; Nov 5 @ noon EST; Register now

StackAdapt works with Moat to give advertisers the ability to determine if in-flight ads drove business outcomes

We’re excited to announce that StackAdapt is the first self-serve demand-side platform (DSP) to offer Moat Outcomes. Now, advertisers can receive fast, frequent in-flight lift measurement to optimize ad spend on a user and household level. In as little as 10 days, Moat Outcomes and StackAdapt can provide clients with the measurement data they need to understand campaign levers that deliver the most impact.

Dailymotion rolls out guaranteed viewability performance with Moat

Dailymotion has launched its premium video ad inventory marketplace, which has up to 100% viewability guaranteed! The Dailymotion Viewability Guaranteed Marketplace is powered by Moat by Oracle Data Cloud. It marks the first time Dailymotion’s global network of more than 7,000 premium publishers can offer a guarantee based on Moat-certified viewability metrics.

[NEW] The Premiere Data Provider Spotlight: Equifax



We’re excited to bring a new feature to The Pulse: The Premiere Data Provider Spotlight. Each month, we’ll highlight informative insights, seasonal segments, and other great content from one of our trusted data providers.

To ring in our inaugural spotlight, Equifax is sharing their enlightening infographic on 2020 Holiday Shopping and Discretionary Spending. Get the top holiday audience segments and learn how to best reach online shoppers in time for the holidays, which are just around the corner.

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