The Pulse: Finding brand suitable environments, 5 tips to unlock campaign measurement, and more

May 29, 2020 | 3 minute read
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Looking for more resources from Oracle Data Cloud? The Pulse is where to find them. To help you better understand what we’re all about and how we’re working to drive a more effective, data-driven media industry for our clients and partners, check out some of our most recent initiatives in the market.


Flagship Content

Bots & Bogus Impressions: Modern IVT and Safeguarding Spend; Digital While Distancing Webinar

Tune into Moat by Oracle Data Cloud’s IVT Product Principal, Sam Mansour, as he explores insights into the world of modern Invalid Traffic detection, one of digital’s fundamental and often misunderstood challenges.

Why Contextual Intelligence is Your Answer to Finding Brand Suitable Environments Right NowDigital While Distancing Webinar

In this webinar, Derek Wise, Oracle Data Cloud’s Chief Product Officer, discusses how advertisers can better identify brand suitable environments and why that exercise is more important than ever.


Thought Leadership

How Advertisers Should Adjust Strategies for the At-Home Audience; Adweek

With remote work accelerating, the stay-at-home societal shift creates implications for marketers. Hear from Derek Wise in Adweek on how advertisers should pivot to adjust to this new fragmented world of devices and distractions.

Five tips to unlock campaign measurement across TV and digital; Digiday

The holy grail of campaign measurement is people-based analysis across all channels. In this Digiday piece, Kevin Whitcher offers 5 tips to help you reach relevant audiences and gain that universal view of your customer from television to digital.

Playing to lose: How Moat uncovered an in-game advertising fraud scheme; Oracle Data Cloud

How did an ad fraud scheme leverage a popular game to cash in for its operator? Sam Mansour details how the Moat by Oracle Data Cloud team made the discovery through their work detecting invalid traffic. Hear about the compelling work Moat is doing to curb fraud and protect the industry from non-human traffic.

Q&A: A cookie-constrained future and what it means for marketers; Oracle Data Cloud

How will the industry adapt once 3rd party cookies are completely deprecated? Check out this informative Q&A and get intel on privacy trends, regulation, and walled platforms, as well as proposed solutions for a cookie-less future.

Contextual Targeting Emerging Quickly;

In the series, 'Navigating Accelerated Change,’ Beet.TV sits down with thought leaders across the industry to see how they are adapting to the rapidly changing world of marketing and media. Hear from Oracle Data Cloud’s Michelle Hulst as she dives into three ideas that marketers need to think about as we venture into a new normal.

Why brand suitability is important for publishers and advertisers; Digital Content Next

Brand safety has dominated the conversation in digital advertising for years, but what’s the difference when it comes to brand suitability? Digital Content Next paired up with our VP of Measurement, Chris Langel, to get the details on why brand suitability is critical for both publishers and advertisers.


Did You Hear?

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