The Pulse: Digital advertising in a post-cookie world, restaurants driving customer loyalty; and more

October 29, 2021 | 1 minute read
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The Pulse provides a monthly roundup of resources and insights from Oracle Advertising. Check out some of our latest thinking for digital advertisers, publishers, and the adtech industry.

Our latest adtech insights

Agency spotlight: How Matterkind helps advertisers reach consumers amid dynamic adtech industry changes; Blog

See how Matterkind is taking bold steps to help brands in the adtech space engage with customers through “addressable activation.”

How restaurants are driving customer loyalty and reaching new audiences; Blog

According to Oracle’s Restaurant Scene 2021 Consumer Trends, the restaurant industry is heating up again after a long hiatus, and there are plenty of opportunities to heighten customer loyalty. Read more about how restaurants are reaching new audiences.

3 keys to driving better digital advertising outcomes in a cookie-constrained world; Blog

Do new cookie regulations have you wondering how you'll collect data? Don’t forget about the power of first-party data! Check out these recommendations for using first-party data to connect with your high-value customers and drive better business outcomes.

Adtech news

Oracle Moat's lightweight measurement tag system delivers rich insights without sacrificing site performance; Blog

Oracle Moat Measurement's new, lightweight measurement tag system gives publishers rich insights without adding unwanted weight to the page. Learn more about how it works with our proprietary header tag to help publishers grow revenue by improving website performance, page load times, and the overall visitor experience.

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